Zalenksy Displays the Workings of Puppet Masters Fooling the World Again


The media continues to confuse the world on the events occurring in Ukraine with Russia. Conservative pundits have joined this cause just the same as they have with Covid-19. As the world is set on fire and the emotions of an already frail, at-wits-end citizenry are stoked, the stage is being set for the next attack upon America. Their frontline hero is no longer a nurse or doctor. Fauci has taken a backseat and disappeared. Instead, it's a comedian elevated to power after the leftist dominion in Ukraine has tightened its grip. What is really occurring? Are we being groomed for the next blow that will finally destroy Capitalism, freedom, liberty and the wounded United States? Dustin has a citizen journalist with a perspective not listened to by many. Joining is Soslan Temanson who says he has sources from Russia and Dustin digs into what he presents. Is what Soslan delivers a version of the story not being told?

Hope, Health & Freedom returns again with Dr. Mark Sherwood. What is good for Americans' health as the food shortages increase? The time to return to a forgotten normalcy has come. Is this crisis the best time to return to the roots which kept Americans vibrant and healthy? Tyranny looms and Dr. Sherwood delivers exhortation on tonight's #FrontlineLive.

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