U.S. Ignores Coming Starvation as Supreme Court Distracts with Roe v Wade Leak | Starving for Unborn Killing


This week the news has been filled with the leaking of a possible overturn of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court. Antifa takes to the streets again in defiance of what is a huge distraction from the coming crisis worldwide once again.

As the Disinformation Governance Board has been formed and backlash has occurred from the right we see more of what the Biden administration is told to do regarding American constitutional rights. In preparation for the coming days of a new attack and lockdown that will ensue, the midterms are under threat of stealing again. Does the nation that is pressured from all angles understand what is happening?

Rose Carrion of Truth from the Frontline joins #FrontlineLive to discuss her new work and podcast launch. What is the purpose for understanding medical tyranny and research regarding it? How important is this when a Ministry of Truth has been formed?

Dr. Mark Sherwood returns to Hope, Health & Freedom and will discuss the Roe v Wade issue. Also, he has organized an event for May 7th with Sheriff Mack. What will be happening here? Don't miss this important show.

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