The United States Won't Eat But Xi Jinping Elon Saves Twitter Free Speech


Twitter has agreed to allow Elon Musk to buy it as he proclaims that he will return the platform to a free speech haven. Are Conservatives that celebrate this going to be romanced and fooled again? Dustin Faulkner discusses the other side of Elon and what might be going on.

For years the U.S. has spiraled into a prepared food crisis like nothing seen before - even in countries stolen by Communism. In the recent weeks Americans have been distracted and fooled into supporting a country in a war that is playing out to divert their attention of a country to be conquered. What will we face with the certain supply and food crisis?

Yuval Harari has been the driving force behind the Great Reset with Klaus Schwab. They are set to conquer the planet through economic collapse and transhumanism. Clay Clark joins Dustin to discuss this sinister plan and the actions of Yuval to drive it.

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