Special Report: In Nov of 2021, Globalist Group Drilled For Monkeypox Outbreak Occurring in May of 2022. How Did They Know? What You Need to Know!


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Brannon Howse: Good evening, and welcome to Lindell TV. It is Saturday night, May 21st, 8:01 p.m. Central Time. This is a special report tonight. We normally are not live on Saturday nights on Lindell TV. Karen Kingston and I have been working all day today, each independently of the other, building PowerPoint presentations and doing our own research on monkeypox. Well, we mentioned to you last night during Brannon Howse Live a report that was put out in November of 2021. In their report, and we'll show you the screenshot again tonight, declared a scenario, a fictional scenario, having monkeypox breaking out on May 15, 2022.

Well, my friends, it was indeed this last week that it started getting into the press reported monkeypox outbreaks around the globe. Two are now reported as of this broadcast that we know of in New York and Massachusetts here in the U.S. You'll remember that Lockstep report put out by the Rockefellers in October 2010. Lockstep put up by the Rockefellers, predicted a fictional scenario as well. They placed it in 2012, declaring that a virus would breakout out of Asia. People would be wearing masks. Businesses and schools shut down and closed down.

It sounded in reading much like what actually happened in 2020. But the Lockstep report by the Rockefellers was put out in 2010, ten years earlier. Then we know Event 201 was carried out as a tabletop exercise in October of 2019, just a few months before the global outbreak of the Coronavirus in 2020. These folks seem to have a knack for running tabletop exercises, and then what they ran the exercises on happens. Is that the case? How is it that we're hearing from the news that the Biden regime is now buying up millions in monkeypox vaccines? What?

What is this really all about? We're going to show you some PowerPoint presentations tonight and try to give you the context of what is happening. There's a lot of information out there. A lot of articles are being written. Tonight, we endeavor to show you what this group did and reported in their tabletop exercise. We'll show you the screenshots. We'll also give you some theories. Please understand right now; that we are working with limited information. So, this is a developing story, just like it was when we were all back at the beginning of 2020, trying to figure out what was going on with the Coronavirus.

We'll tell you when we know is fact and when we are simply telling you what we think or what is a theory. But be patient and listen and listen carefully. Very important that you hear what we're saying and understand what it is we're not saying. But this is a developing story, and we're bringing it to you in this television special on Lindell TV tonight. A special broadcast. Karen, welcome to the program. Thank you for joining us.

Karen Kingston: Thanks for having me, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Well, I know you and I both had better things to do today. I was certainly not going to spend my day on this. But I called you earlier today, several hours ago, and said, "I think we need to report on this." So, you began to build a PowerPoint. I began to build a PowerPoint. I'm going to go to mine first. Then we'll go to yours. This is the report put out by NTI. We'll tell you who they are. Look at the top of the page right there. November 2021. You see, the three names of the people that authored it we will get into who they are. But notice what we showed you very, very briefly last night in our news report.

Here is their scenario. There, again, is a fictional scenario. But notice they say an attack on May 15, 2022, a monkeypox outbreak, and they make up the name of a fictional country. That is scenario one. Then we see them move to January 10, 2023, and their fictional scenario has 83 countries affected with 70 million cases and 1.3 million deaths. They see the breakdown of the international supply chain challenges. On May 10, 2023, about a year after the fictional outbreak, they showed 480 million cases and 27 million deaths. December 1, 2023, 3.2 billion cases, 271 million deaths.

What is this really all about? Well, I immediately wanted to know who funded this. So, as I went through the report, I found, "We are grateful to Open Philanthropy. The exercise or report would not have been possible without their generous support." I'm like, "Well, who is that?" So I went, and I searched for it, and sure enough, I found out very quickly who it was. "Who We Are: Open Philanthropy identifies outstanding giving opportunities, makes grants, follows the results, and publishes our findings. Our main funders are Cari Tuna and Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook.”

I'm like, "What? Wait a minute. Wasn't it the Zuckerberg money, $400 million, wasn't that the number that was used to go to the Civic and Tech and all these drop boxes and ballots?" Oh, my. Wasn't the founder of Facebook involved in disrupting free and fair, and accurate elections in 2020? I think we've shown that. I believe that is the case. Are you telling me now here is another guy, a co-founder of Facebook, is going to be involved in this? Is this going to be the scenario that now drives everyone back to having to vote by ballots?

Does anyone notice what's going on here? I think you're going to notice a lot of the same players. Well, CNN reported that Dustin Moskovitz, who gave the money for this tabletop exercise, also gave $20 million to beat Trump. Yeah, $20 million to defeat Trump, and he also backed Hillary Clinton. We also found today he's supported Joe Biden as well. So, we also found out they wanted to “Thank their partners at the Munich Security Conference, who jointly hosted this exercise with NTI.” Well, I went to that page real quick today and found out there's an endorsement by none other than Joe Biden. I found out that it's a group of people that's been around for decades, and decades, The Munich Group.

It brings together an exclusive group of high-level participants to discuss current foreign and security policy challenges with particular emphasis on a specific regional context. Meetings take place once or twice a year in different capitals around the world. Well, that's interesting. So, they were involved in this. Then I found out that we have these three people involved in helping put out the report and notice what it says. They're talking about back in April of this year, a new mechanism, a UN, a United Nations mechanism for discerning the source of pandemics of unknown origins.

How interesting this is all occurring when tomorrow the W.H.O. event gets kicked off with amendments from the Biden regime that, if implemented, could take away the sovereignty of America and have Tedros, the head of the World Health Organization, which we really know is, I believe, dominated by China and who is their biggest funder? I think I've read it is Bill Gates. So basically, will Bill Gates, China, and the W.H.O. be making policy for America on emergency health crises? That's what many experts are saying. We find out that the three people that wrote this report, well, one of them, shucks, used to be a program officer at Open Philanthropy.

How convenient. She also worked at the U.S. Department of Defense. Also, with the Department of Health and Human Services. We see another one. He's an alumnus of the Emerging Leaders and Biosecurity Fellowship at Johns Hopkins. Remember, they were all big into the coronavirus map. Remember that? Remember, in early 2020, I did a report on Johns Hopkins and found out that one of the big four founders of that was one of the founders and really pushers and thought leaders behind eugenics. Well, their scenario says a global pandemic involving an unusual strain of monkeypox virus breaks out, spreading globally over 18 months, and you end up with 270 million fatalities worldwide.

So, I started searching around for video footage. I actually found a one-hour video. I'm just going to play 2 minutes of it that we have compiled together on this. Then we're going to go to Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee. Karen Kingston, I think you'll find this very interesting. This little 2 minutes from NTI, who put out this report in November of 2021 predicting monkeypox breaking out in specifically May 15, 2022. Well, it's actually what was in the news all last week. Watch this. (Video Clip Playing)

NTI Clip: I'm Peggy Hamburg. I serve as the interim vice president for Global Biological Policy and Programs at the Nuclear Threat Initiative. I'm very pleased to be able to kick off this session first by sharing a brief video excerpt from this exercise, which provides a short preview of the fictional scenario that we discussed. Thank you. (This is a fictional scenario).

NTI Clip: There are growing questions today around a new and deadly outbreak. Scientists determined that this monkeypox virus was engineered with limited antiviral drugs and no known effective treatments. Countries around the world are struggling to control another pandemic with already devastating effects. Seeing far fewer cases in countries with governments that took early and decisive action. Some international experts are urging the W.H.O. to adopt a phased approach to warnings.

Brannon Howse: Wow. How interesting, again, that this is all happening as literally tomorrow the meeting with the W.H.O. starts with these amendments from the Biden regime that could turn our national sovereignty over to the W.H.O., which I think really means China and Bill Gates. Joining me now is a former Pfizer employee and expert on so many issues related to pharmaceuticals and trials and treatments, Karen Kingston. Karen, welcome back to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us on this Saturday night.

Karen Kingston: Thank you for having me back on Brannon. There's a great breadth and depth of information and incidences in this history that really needs to be covered. We only have a limited amount of time. One of the things that you did bring up was that NTI "rehearsal" where they said there would be a conspiracy theory that this came from a lab. I also sent, Dr. Gao, who is also on the committee for NTI for the monkeypox outbreak scenario, where he says, "It's of utmost importance to train health care workers, to train the general population that viruses are not made in labs.

That it's a myth that Ebola was made in a lab or that any viruses are made in labs." And yet we have billions and billions and billions of dollars on our NIH.gov database showing exactly how viruses are made in labs. We have the EcoHealth Alliance proposals to DARPA explaining exactly how they take viruses from animals and other species and stick them in the backbone of human viruses. So, I don't know if you want to show that clip as well.

Brannon Howse: Let's do that.

Karen Kingston: Okay. Let's roll the Twitter clip. Let's just show this because Dr. Gao is currently active with the NTI and advising on the global response to what they're calling monkeypox. (Video Clip Playing)

Twitter Video Clip: You know, we have more cases in China, and also death cases reported. Also, my staff told me, that folks, there's misinformation. There are some beliefs, people believe, you know, this is man-made, some pharmaceutical company made the virus. So, there are some violations, and even deaths because of this misinformation from like the CDC. I don't know, Steve, you agree with me when you are doing the fieldwork, and you would like to do some so-called “ToT,” training of trainers. So, we really need to train the health workers, which are the health care workers. They are accessible to the patients to the public. So, make sure they get the right information. So not necessarily, you know, sometimes the health care workers, they know something, but if they are not well trained, they might give the wrong information. Also, they might say something, so, I don't know, even I don't know, that could hurt someone. So, what I remember is that is such a sensitive issue. It reminds me of when I was in Sierra Leone, and I was interviewed by The National Radio, I was asked by one audience to say, “Okay, we believe the Ebola was man-made, is transported from somewhere.” So, this is I think this is very important. We do the ToT, to make sure the healthcare workers have the right information. Okay. Thank you.

Brannon Howse: So, to make sure the health care workers are told this did not come out of a lab.

Karen Kingston: Yeah, his accent is a little bit difficult to understand, but at the beginning, he is talking about the monkeypox outbreak that's occurring in China. He is talking about monkeypox, and he's saying how there are going to be rumors that this was made by pharmaceutical companies. We also know it's made by government grants to the Health and Human Services and NIAID. Sitting next to him is Avril Haines, the head of our intelligence community for the entire United States, overseeing 16 agencies. So, she's in charge of it as well.

Brannon Howse: Let me just show you who participated in this and have you respond, because this is going to blow people's minds. The participants in this tabletop, according to their own PDF, included someone from the U.S National Security Council. Now I think she's actually moved on somewhere else, but she was involved in Joe Biden's U.S. National Security Council in the White House. Okay? Again, you have Biden people all over this. Then we see Johnson and Johnson Global Public Health R&D. Well, that makes you feel comfortable doesn’t it knowing the pharmaceutical companies are involved in this?

Karen Kingston: The head of J&J, who, remember that they use the adenovirus vector in the coronavirus vaccines, which is derived from chimpanzee DNA.

Brannon Howse: Then you have the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation represented again. Are you guys noticing a common theme here? Then we have the former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. I think this is the lady we just saw a while ago introducing that video. What's so interesting about this is the revolving door between the government and the private sector. It's just a constant revolving door. Here we have someone from the United Nations that was involved in this. Of course, we know the W.H.O. and the United Nations are connected.

Here we have former Senator Sam Nunn. I didn't know the guy was still alive. He's got to be as old as Moses. I guess he was involved. Then we have the executive director of W.H.O Health emergencies program involved. So again, this is all very interesting because they go on to a mention, as we'll get into here now, Karen, giving more and more and more power to the W.H.O. when this report and this tabletop was done in November of 2021.

Here we are tonight and tomorrow, their W.H.O. conference starts to give these amendments to them from the Biden regime that would have a surrendering authority to the W.H.O. Would you agree that the W.H.O., one of their biggest funders, if not the biggest funder of them, is Bill Gates, He’s number one or number two. Would you agree the W.H.O is closely controlled by China as well, and that's who we'd be giving our sovereignty to as a nation?

Karen Kingston: Yes. I want to add to that in regard to the CCP's influence on the World Health Organization and to the development of multi-species, weaponized viruses. Another woman that's listed on that list of advisors at that meeting, her name is Emily Leproust. She is the president and founder of a company called Twist Bioscience. Twist has the fastest next-generation sequencing technology available to man. They can sequence an entire human genome in less than a second.

They have the technology to combine genetic codons from various species, any species, human, animal, reptilian, non-human species, things that are even in organic metals, graphene oxide, things like that. They're able to sequence genetic sequences to actually create a new species using their NGS technology, the fastest known technology in the world. You can order, slice and dice your new species online at Twist Bioscience. I believe it's Twist.com. They're a publicly traded company. Their largest customer is China and therefore the CCP.

It is the universities out of China. Their largest manufacturing facility is in Beijing, China. Again, you can go to their website, and you can see how you can order, mix and match and make new genetic sequences for whatever you want. Whatever viruses you want, whatever bacteria you want, whatever species you want, whatever non-species you want. They have huge R&D facilities throughout China and in Beijing. They also have facilities that are in the air and kind of in outer space. And again, his name is Emily Leproust, and they're based out of Beijing, China.

They are owned 10% by Aluminia. Aluminia is also in biotech space. Many of the top and the elite people from Thermo Fisher Pharmaceuticals or Thermo Fisher Biotech went to Aluminia. Of course, Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA commissioner under President Trump, is on the board of Aluminia as well as Pfizer. They're very well entrenched in China. They have the technology to combine different viruses. Why this is important is because we're being told that this is monkeypox. All I can say is that I am confident that this is not a pure monkeypox virus. I can say with 100% confidence that it didn’t naturally jump from a monkey to a human because that's not how it happens.

If you've got Emily Leproust on your board, who can combine genetic materials from graphene oxide, snails, lizards, reptiles, humans, mice, and God knows what else, bats, in less than a second and give you that sequence. This was not a virus that just came from a monkey. Now, we do know that the "coronavirus vaccine" we were told that the Coronavirus was a respiratory virus similar to SARS-CoV-2. But the doctors out of Pittsburgh who received samples from northern Europe when they sequenced those who had mild to moderate COVID, they found the sequence of what was the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus, for the most part. But people who became severely ill, it looked like they were infected or poisoned with a toxin.

And that's when they found the peptide sequences from synthetically recreated peptides, from snake venoms, aggressive bacteria, rabies virus, and glycoprotein 120. So, here's the thing about monkeypox. What happened, I would say, throughout the last several months, and I've gotten images from several doctors saying, "Hey, this person, after they got their booster shot, came down with a severe case of shingles, which looks like a herpetic pox virus, a severe case of chickenpox or measles, but maybe a little bit bigger or smaller." And they're like, "But it's not responding to Acyclovir. It's not responding to Valtrex."

Well, what looks similar to shingles? Well, monkeypox does. But what else looks similar to shingles or monkeypox? Something that's called Kaposi sarcoma, which is a rare form of cancer that has herpetic-like lesions that show up in people who have advanced AIDS from HIV.

Brannon Howse: Let me show this real quick and give a shout-out and credit to the Brown Institute. I think they were probably one of the first organizations to write on this and include a link to that PDF that we've been going through. So, I want to give credit where credit is due.

Karen Kingston: I don't know if you remember this, but I was on your show last year with Dr. Judy Markovich, and my plea to the world and my warning to doctors and health care professionals was that there is going to be an onslaught of illnesses like they have never seen before. People are going to present with symptoms, and they are going to misdiagnose those symptoms, thinking that they're caused by what we have normally seen in society due to age, due to normal infections that we see, or normal stress-derived induced diseases. That needs to be basically thrown out the door, blown out the window.

Many doctors have been seeing shingles, and now they're being told it's monkeypox. But if you're being told it's monkeypox, it also looks like Kaposi sarcoma, which is caused by AIDS, and we know HIV glycoprotein is in the vaccine. How do you know what you're treating? Because if you're treating just based on the presentation of those symptoms, without sequencing the viruses that these people have or trying a multitude of different treatments to see what they respond to, you could be harming or even accelerating the disease and death of your patient.

Brannon Howse: Several weeks ago, you came on here with a study from 2013 that was linked back to the NIH 2013 study showing that the quickest way to get people to willingly give up their liberties and freedoms to an authoritarian central government was two ways a pathogen or famine. We're looking at both. Not to mention again, I'm going to go back to what I opened with. Isn't it interesting that the people funding this were big for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden? One of the groups involved in this is a bunch of globalists from all over the world, and Joe Biden's praising the group.

You've got some of Joe Biden's people involved in this, some of them who came out of his White House. You got the co-founder of Facebook funding the report. We know what Zuckerberg did with his $400 million with The Center for Tech and Life. So, to me, this seems like perfect timing. When Nancy Pelosi was sitting there a few months ago laughing that she was going nowhere, that the Democrats are going nowhere. Are they planning the steal 2.0 again? This is the next thing, lock everybody down, drop boxes, and massive voter fraud. I mean, it's going to be, as Yogi Berra said, "Deja Vu all over again."

Karen Kingston: Yes. It is, and it's going to be mass confusion.

Brannon Howse: This time, we have a couple of things going against us. One, Trump is not in the White House, and he was, the first time this happened. Now we have a dictator. Two, our military has been purged. Three, we have a just-in-time inventory that is collapsed. We have an economy that is collapsing. I mean, this is pushing us right on the edge to go over, and then you add the fact you have millions and millions of people that have gotten 1, 2, 3 shots.

What I'm reading today, I'm not a doctor, but I'm reading today and talking with doctors and people like you and reading from Dr. Peter McCullough and others that if you got that shot, particularly if you've gotten two or three of them, you've degraded your immune system. So good luck fighting this thing off after you've degraded and destroyed your immune system. Want to comment before going to the slides?

Karen Kingston: If it is a pox disease. Right. So, this is the thing. If you've wiped out your innate immune system through HIV Glycoprotein 120, you're very vulnerable to a herpetic-like infection because your TH1 pathway has been wiped out. Your interferon beta and interferon gamma have been wiped out so you can't fight off a pox disease.

Furthermore, though, if you got the booster and your immune system is so wiped out, and the HIV Glycoprotein 120 has the sequence for Kaposi sarcoma, then you're developing these lesions that look like herpetic lesions, but in fact, they're cancers, and they're not contagious. So again, evil demonic intentions. Their intention is chaos.

Brannon Howse: Let me just throw out the disclaimer again and correct me if you disagree. If I'm wrong. The problem is we don't really know what we're dealing with here. Do we?

Karen Kingston: No, we don't. And just because the CDC or W.H.O. says this is monkeypox doesn't mean that in every case, it's monkeypox. Some people may have latent herpes or a latent shingles outbreak. Some people may have had a bioweapon attack of monkeypox. Some people may be suffering from what's called Kaposi sarcoma because their immune system has been so annihilated that they are starting to get the symptoms of more advanced AIDS.

Brannon Howse: Wouldn't the monkeypox be a good cover then for the consequences of the "vaccine?"

Karen Kingston: It would be the perfect cover for both latent herpes, and shingles, as well as the perfect cover for Kaposi sarcoma.

Brannon Howse: Okay. I want to make sure our audience understands what we're saying here. Monkeypox could be the perfect cover, so the global population doesn't realize that these things that are occurring to them are the result of the "vaccine" for COVID 19.

Karen Kingston: Vaccine Associated Induced Disease Syndrome, VAIDS. So, they don't realize that they have VAIDS, which is similar to, unfortunately, the 1980s and 1990s AIDS. So monkeypox would be the perfect cover. Releasing the bioweapon of monkeypox in small communities throughout where it can actually be diagnosed as monkeypox and then if there's a world outbreak, that world outbreak is actually people's natural immune system simply collapsing on themselves and producing either latent herpetic-like viruses or producing Kaposi sarcoma cancer.

Brannon Howse: Wow. All right. Let's go to your slides. Tell me what we're looking at here.

Karen Kingston: Okay. This first slide I did actually back in June of last year. This was done in October of 2004. It's the gain of function research published in the Journal of Virology. I believe Dr. Shi Jing Li is in on this study. Let me just read the title: Retroviruses Pseudotyped with the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Spike Protein Efficiently Infects Cells Expressing ACE2, Enzyme 2. So. I'm just going to summarize what it says.

What they said is, "Look, we took SARS-CoV virus, and what we did was we put it in the backbone of human immunodeficiency virus, HIV, we put it in the backbone of Simian, which is monkey HIV. We also played around with some mice and leukemia. What we found was that using the human HIV was the best way to get it to bind to the a2 receptors, but also using the monkey HIV didn't contribute to the infection of the Coronavirus, but it had this cytoplasmic tail which allowed it to actually build out a matrix that they could then add other viruses to." So that's kind of what this went into in 2004.

This was just the study out of India back in January 2020. They showed the three insertions of Glycoprotein 120 from HIV, the HIV envelope, and they showed a gag polyprotein. The gag is the operating system of HIV. It tells the virus where to attack, who to attack, what to wipe out when to wipe it out etc., etc. The HIV envelope allows penetration into the nucleus, and then the gag gives some of the programming for the replication and then the orders of annihilation if you will. Remember, I was on the phone with you, and I went, "Holy cow, why would there even be a study called this published in 2020, in this year?" Interaction Interface of Mason-Pfizer Monkey Virus Matrix and Envelope Proteins.

So long story short, they're playing around with HIV one from humans, simian monkey HIV, and they're trying to figure out how to make basically a matrix that Trinoma, I think it's called, which is similar to the spike protein to create a bioweapon virus. So, I don't know if anyone remembers from watching Joe Rogan. Dr. Malone went on Joe Rogan, and he laughed about his days in the Salk Institute. He's like, “Yeah, we had these monkeys who had like HIV and AIDS.” He's like, “Let's put that in the mRNA platform and see what happens.”

Well, this is what happened, I guess, 40 years later. Is that when they combine the human HIV with the monkey HIV, the cytoplasmic tail, what they explained as they're able to make basically this kind of matrix where they could then integrate other viruses, including having the gag polyprotein, which is the operating system that they could then give orders on how to replicate and or annihilate cells. They talk about specifically using different types of retroviruses, which are the double sequence viruses that are much more stable and much more likely to replicate in the body and do damage, and this was published just in 2020 and patented.

So again, this is related. They're calling it the Pfizer Monkey Virus. Is this currently in the vaccines? I don't know. But Pfizer published this in 2020, and I assume they patented and it's combining human HIV with monkey HIV, and we know that was part of the original research done in 2004 for the development of the humanized Coronavirus. These are images of Kaposi sarcoma. This is a form of skin cancer that is associated with herpes. It can also be found in the mouth as large lesions. But you can see it kind of looks like shingles, or these darker circles kind of look like some of those darker what you call SBC squamous basal cell carcinomas.

So, it can look both like kind of the shingles or kind of like an SBC. You can Google and see different types of images. Some of them are more pox-like. This is monkeypox, so you can see some of it looks pox-like, and to the right, you can see some of it's more of that dark purple lesion. How do you tell the difference? How do you tell the difference between shingles, Monkeypox, and Kaposi sarcoma? I mean, these look like eczema. So, it's the perfect cover-up. I mean, is any of this kind of resonating, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: Yeah, and when we have seen such confusion in the medical industry over Coronavirus, how are we going to trust medical doctors to know what it is they're looking at?

Karen Kingston: Yeah. I have photos of a patient where, you know, what they said it was shingles and there are these giant lesions on this woman's hands and wrists. And I'm like, "That ain't no shingles." I don't know if it's Monkeypox or Kaposi sarcoma.

Brannon Howse: I do know of a friend of mine whose wife she's passed away, sadly. But I have a friend of mine whose wife got a horrible kind of cancer. I mean, all cancers, I guess, are horrible, of course, but a horrible kind of cancer. He sent me pictures, and I still have them. He texts me pictures. Cancer ended up coming up on his wife's skin with these open sores all over the place. Very, very painful. I don't remember the kind of cancer it was, but it was a very specific and unique, I guess, and rare kind of cancer. But again, these open sores would pop up all over her skin and be very painful. Just horrific. So, I know that there's cancer like this because my friend's wife died from it.

Karen Kingston: Yeah, well, I did a search last week for KS images. The images I got today weren't as good as the one's last week. They also showed the open sores in the mouth. So, these giant open sores inside of your mouth are KS lesions as well, and that can be misdiagnosed as herpes, or maybe it's misdiagnosed as a type of measles or smallpox or monkeypox. So, I think the takeaway from this message is that don't be so quick to diagnose someone with monkeypox if they'd had two or three or four shots. What are their CD4 and CD8 count?

Could you be looking at a type of cancer that they're actually suffering from? Or could you be looking at a latent herpetic virus? They could have chickenpox. They could have shingles and whatnot. So, the question is, how vulnerable are those of us who still have an intact immune system versus those who have unfortunately had an immune system that not only was harmed and weakened but then was also injected with disease. Synthetically recreated disease.

Brannon Howse: Why do these people like to telegraph what they're doing? I can give you, my opinion.

Karen Kingston: I think they lie because they're creating chaos.

Brannon Howse: Yes.

Karen Kingston: Number one, there's a monkeypox outbreak. There are going to be rumors.

Brannon Howse: This is a psychological operation like we were saying all through last night's programming about this. This is a gigantic PSYOP. Would you agree?

Karen Kingston: Yeah, it's a gigantic psychological operation.

Brannon Howse: Here's the report itself. Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High Consequence Biological Threats. We see the people that wrote it. We see: Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High Consequence Biological Threats. Results from the 2020 tabletop exercise conducted in partnership with the Munich Security Conference. It lists these people, and I told you who some of them were. Again, this is so ironic because, again, tomorrow, the World Health Organization treaty starts, which, if those amendments are put in, kiss our sovereignty goodbye. Do you want to comment?

Karen Kingston: They’re saying there needs to be an international community that has robust detection, evaluation, and early warning. There are gaps in national preparedness. So internationally, governments need to help each other out and to determine what the triggers are. And there has to be a no-regrets basis on whether or not you're deploying help or at all cost measures to stop a pandemic.

Brannon Howse: They even admit in the report that we're going to have some false alarms, but, hey, that just goes with it. I mean, so we're going to destroy your economy, shut down your business, destroy your kids' psychological well-being, shut down your church because it turned out it was nothing. But so be it. Good luck. Get your business going again. Are you kidding me?

Karen Kingston: Yeah. Your business, your life, your sanity, your community. So, what they proposed in this practice scenario is exactly what the amendments are to the international health regulations.

Brannon Howse: That's right.

Karen Kingston: That is going to be passed by the WHO this week. They talk about systems for pandemic risk assessment and warning investigation, the WHO should establish a graded, transparent international public health alert system. Again, this is going to be established by the WHO period. There's no collaboration. The nation-states that are experiencing outbreaks have no say in the responses. They're going to develop institutional and national-level triggers for a proactive response.

Again, they determine there's an outbreak in the U.S. We have no say in saying, "We don't need your help." Develop a catalytic global health security fund. So, money from Bill Gates, of course, and I guess Yuval Noah Harari’s buddy Klaus Schwab and the billionaires who are going to fund the global takeover of the enslavement, experimentation, and execution of human beings because that's what this is. Keep in mind that this is not for our safety. This is to enslave us, experiment on us, and execute us, including our children and our grandchildren.

Brannon Howse: Just to remind our audience what you're looking at, this is the actual document from this NTI group that ran the tabletop exercise in November 2021 with their fictional country, and fictional scenario of an outbreak of monkeypox that would come on the scene May 15, 2022. We showed you that slide. We'll show you again before it's over. They give you the date that this fictional outbreak occurs. Who helped fund it, according to them, one of the founders of Facebook. Then we see a bunch of Biden people, W.H.O. people, United Nations people, pharmaceutical people, and Bill and Melinda Gates people are all involved.

Karen Kingston: Yep. Bullet five: Establishes a Supply Chain to Provide Public Health Supplies. This is the April 18, 2022, declaration, if you will, from the White House, from Biden and Anthony Blinken, promising to vaccinate 100% of the globe. That is Dr. Gao sitting next to him again is Avril Haines. Know her name, Avril Haines. She's the head of the intelligence community for the entire United States, for our 16 intelligence community centers across all of our military, CIA, and FBI. She served under Obama in the CIA. This just shows the first outbreak.

This is the international health regulations where the United Kingdom, per the World Health Organization, is reporting on its first outbreak of monkeypox. Notice the date was May 7, 2022. They were a week ahead of schedule per the plan, which was May 15, 2022. So, this is the first report from IHR to the World Health Organization. If you want to know how much funding, you can simply go to reporter.NIH.gov. I looked up monkeypox research from 2017 to the current. I hit export in the current on the upper column. You can actually run an Excel sheet.

Brannon Howse: Let me just take a quick break here and tell you again. It is Saturday night. It is May 21, 2022, at 8:46 p.m. I did not plan on spending my Saturday building PowerPoint slides as I did, and I know Karen didn't plan on spending her Saturday building PowerPoint slides as she did. Then we combined our two presentations for this show. I called her this morning. We talked about this stuff last night after we broadcast some of this briefly and very quickly last night. I called her this morning and said, “You've got to go through this report with me. We've got to do a show tonight, an emergency broadcast to many people wanting to know what's going on here.”

Karen Kingston: The amount of money in the last five years, about $45 million, was put towards weaponizing monkeypox. I just pulled two examples. There are dozens. But again, what this is entitled: Fox Virus Immune Evasion Mechanism. So, what they talk about is how can we take the monkeypox virus, combine it with a standard varicella virus-like herpes or smallpox or chickenpox virus, and override the innate immune system, that strong immune response that most of us have and that children have. Right?

The best way to do that, as Dr. Fauci has found and patented, is through HIV glycoprotein. So that's not what they found in this study. They found another way to suppress that innate immune system so that the monkeypox virus could get into the immune system and replicate. So, this is just one example of how they're weaponizing it. Another one is the advancement of poxvirus inhibitors. So again, they're looking for ways that your body naturally would inhibit the replication so that they can stop that from happening.

This research is not done for our wellness or our health. It is done for experimentation and execution. That's essentially what it is. Honestly, it was more challenging for me to win at the game of Clue when I was eight years old than to figure out that these viruses are coming from labs that are being funded by the NIH, HHS, DOD, and the intelligence community and the international globalists. If you search through these databases, not only can you find the labs where the research is being done, you can find the individuals who did it. Then you can go to the patents, and you can find their names on the patents.

Then you can go through SEC filings and find out who's getting paid to experiment on and execute the human population. So, I am just baffled, Brannon. Baffled as to why people have not been arrested and charged yet. This is not nearly as difficult as it may seem to be. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are medical writers and scientists that work for the HHS, NIH, FDA, work for big pharma and work for the DOD, and work in research and work for universities that can figure this stuff out. I am not that special. I don't even have a darn Ph.D., and I can figure this out.

Brannon Howse: Yeah.

Karen Kingston: I mean, it's what I've been doing for a living for 25 years, you know, but there are hundreds of thousands of people that can figure this out. With just a few million dollars, you could put together an A-team of 15, 20 people that in 72 hours could crack the code on most of this stuff.

Brannon Howse: Can you see the text I just sent you? Take a look at that. Dr. Lee Merritt just sent me that image and that information. While you look at that and want to respond, let me go to this slide here. Again, from this report, “Government should improve preparedness by developing a national level pandemic response and build plans upon a coherent system of ‘triggers’ that prompt anticipatory action on a no regret basis.” So, in other words, if we make a big mistake and destroy your business and you can't open back up, or you lost so much money that you now can't pay your rent this month and keep your business open and you're going under, or we destroy the supply chain, and you can't get products.

Oops, I'm sorry, but we're going to have no regrets. We destroyed your life and business. Maybe you now know why the World Economic Forum says you'll own nothing and be happy. But look what it says over there. Exercise participants said, "It will be chaotic and frightening, but you can't wait until you have certainty. You have to act with no regrets." These are all bureaucrats that sit and get a government checks no matter what. Right? So, they stress that national-level decision-makers must build trigger-based plans that emphasize no regrets. Although there is inevitably a risk of false alarm responses. But again, no regrets. We destroyed your life, folks. Do you want to comment on what I just sent you or not?

Karen Kingston: From the adenovirus vector being from a chimpanzee, is that related to the monkey virus?

Brannon Howse: Yeah. The pharmacist sent her what was in the shot. Did you see that underlined?

Karen Kingston: Yeah. So, I mean, the challenge is that, in theory, that's an option. Yeah. You can't rule that out.

Brannon Howse: You want to explain to the audience what we're talking about. Explain to the audience what it is I sent you. What we're talking about. There was a form.

Karen Kingston: Johnson and Johnson, instead of using the mRNA technology, used an adenovirus vector. Allegedly, they used what's called an adenovirus vector, which is kind of what's found in the common cold. They use the one from the cold that's found in chimpanzees. So, the question is, could that adenovirus vector that was in the J&J vaccine also carry monkeypox? In theory, it's not supposed to. Right? In theory, it would be in the sequence of the virus that was delivered. But it could. It's my understanding that doctors are seeing people show up with these herpetic-like lesions that look like shingles or monkeypox, or now potentially, let's say they're Kaposi sarcoma.

It's in people who are getting booster shots. So, they're getting either the Pfizer or the Moderna booster shots. So that would mean that potentially those viral sequences are in the shots or as what many researchers, doctors, and scientists are saying, which is that your innate immune system is being so wiped out, your CD4 and CD8 cells are being annihilated to such a point that there are latent viruses, chickenpox, herpes, shingles that are coming to surface. Now, if they did use Glycoprotein 120 and the gag polyprotein from HIV and other HIV sequences, then yes, you would start seeing symptoms of AIDS that you saw from HIV one in the 80s and 90s. So, if they're using the HIV one virus as a sequence in the mRNA, then you would present with this very rare form of cancer called Kaposi sarcoma.

Karen Kingston: People may end up presenting with rare forms of pneumonia known as MAC. Mycobacterium Avium complex, which is a bacterial complex which typically comes from infection, from dirt and birds from earthworms. So, if they're using the more of the HIV sequence and just the glycoprotein 120, which maybe it appears that they are doing in the booster shots that could explain these lesions, or maybe they're adding monkeypox, or maybe there are bioweapon attacks in communities with the monkeypox being spread via a surface. Right? So, they could spray down papers.

They could spray down surfaces in schools or in hospitals, or in grocery stores, and that skin-to-skin contact is the most common way to transmit or skin to fabric contact or skin-to-paper or surface contact is the way to transmit a poxvirus. That's why kids get chickenpox. When we were little, it spread like wildfire because they were all crawling all over each other. That's why it spreads throughout households because in that family bathroom, you're all using that same hand towel to dry your hands. That's a way to spread these pox-like viruses when the lesions are apparent. When they're presenting with the lesions, that's when they're infectious.

Brannon Howse: Remember, back in 2016, 2017, I specifically was reporting on a mainstream publication that was talking about North Korea spreading this kind of thing by posing as janitors or even as pest control guys that wear backpacks and spray stuff. They could actually come over here, slip in with our porous border, be spraying stuff, be dressed like their pest control guys or yard guy spraying stuff at major corporations and companies and schools. But really, what they're doing is infecting, and this was reported in 2016 or 2017. I reported on it then.

Karen Kingston: Yeah, but Brandon, I go back to my question. Okay. Bill Gates just announced that they put billions of dollars into building this germ team. Right? That's going to basically deploy the tyrannical authoritarian governance of every town, community, state, and country of this world. Right? He spent $1,000,000,000 to hire about 2,000 or 3,000 people. So, no one. I mean, literally. I mean, I can't even tell you. Everyone loves my research, but I mean, nobody has two nickels to rub together to put together a team, an actual team, an organized team, to fight this. Again, you could put it together I mean, I had a team of ten people at my agency.

They thought there were 50 of us there. You could put together a team of 30, 40 people. If it was organized in 72 hours, we could start taking the stuff, tearing it apart, wiping it down so quickly, and giving our military and the good guys and the attorneys everything that they need to fight with. You know, you need a building, you need people. You need a secure server, and you need organization. Yet Bill Gates is throwing out billions of dollars. We know the CCP is paying engineers who would make $200,000 in the United States.

The CCP is paying them $1,000,000 a year to work for them. So, I'm not saying that needs to happen. But there are, as far as I can tell, there are no funds going towards really fighting this in an organized method. You know, when I ran my agency, it didn't cost $10,000 a month to run an agency with PhDs, MBAs, engineers, program developers, editors, and staff. It costs a little bit more than that. I'm just saying, why is there not a person, an entrepreneur out there? I mean, Elon Musk just bought Twitter. Thank you for $44 billion. That's great. We can now tweet with freedom after we're in our COVID 19 camps and being experimented on.

Brannon Howse: Of course, that's been put on hold.

Karen Kingston: I can Tweet with freedom while I'm being injected and my child is being experimented on, or even worse, maybe my child or maybe your grandchild is in a camp, and they're going to be used for organ harvesting. But you can tweet with freedom.

Brannon Howse: Yeah.

Karen Kingston: That's where the money's going. Where are our priorities as Americans and Christians, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: I agree. Of course, I think that Twitter purchase has been put on hold because he's found out that about 75% of the followers on Twitter are bots, which is why I never invested time building an audience over there.

Karen Kingston: I'm not saying that. He's obviously a businessman.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, but he could maybe fund something like what you're talking about, right?

Karen Kingston: Well, yeah, Bill Gates can throw money to take out humanity. There's not one billionaire that's like, "Hey, why don't we build a team to fight for humanity and to actually pull up all this evidence that is irrefutable and put together an actual team." Everyone in the Patriot Movement we have to be volunteers. That's honestly, and I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that's been what I've been told since day one. Oh, no, nobody can get paid. We all need to be volunteers. And I worked my ass off to try to save this country, and I don't mind doing it, but most people aren't programmed like me at all.

Brannon Howse: Right.

Karen Kingston: At all.

Brannon Howse: No, you're absolutely right. Well, I got feedback here on the website. One person says, "My brother-in-law got the shot and got shingles really bad after he was jabbed."

Karen Kingston: Yeah, he might have had latent shingles, but, you know, it could also be another pox disease. If it doesn't go away, if it's not resolving with Valtrex or Acyclovir, if it's not resolving, then it's not a pox disease.

Brannon Howse: People want to know, "Is there anything that will work on this? Is there Zinc or Quercetin? Is there anything that will work on this?"

Karen Kingston: On smallpox or monkeypox? Yeah, there's. It's typically Aciclovir right? Or Valtrex will typically work on it. Then there's an herbal supplement. Let me see what it's called. There's an herbal supplement that's called, and it's from India, it's called sarracenia. So that's supposed to help with pox diseases, but with Kaposi sarcoma, you simply have an annihilated immune system, right? So, your CD4 and CD8 cells are down, so, you know, it can't be treated with chemotherapy.

You would want something like mesenchymal stem cell therapies, exosome therapies, and those are therapies that are in phase three development at the FDA, you know, to restore your innate immune system. That's what would work. But until America recognizes that they're harmed, until people are held accountable and, you know, and charged with crimes. I don't know what to do. I watched that Who's on first? What's on second? I don't know is on third. I was like, “Who is in the executive branch. WS is what's in Congress, and I don't know who's in charge of the military.”

Brannon Howse: Exactly. Yep. All right. Let's just review real quick in closing. Okay, 2021 report comes out, run by Bill and Melinda Gates’ people, the UNs got people there, the WHOs got people there, Bidens got people there, pharmaceutical companies are there, former FDA leaders are there, and they run a scenario and write a report. We've seen it tonight, November 2021, that outcomes monkeypox. We'll show you again this timeline because it's hard to believe that they, you know, put it up there, but they did. This is what everyone's talking about this weekend, I'm sure. They put up there that this was going to break out on May 15, 2022, and sure enough, it did.

Karen Kingston: Sure enough, monkeypox is a great cover-up for a depleted immune system. If you are injected with a bioweapon that wipes out your innate immune system causing herpetic-like diseases or Kaposi sarcoma. So monkeypox would be a great cover-up for that.

Brannon Howse: That's another one of the points you wanted to make. So, is this a bioweapon? Is this something that's been fooled around with? Is this that plus a combination of the consequences of the vaccine? This is a great cover. This has also got one of the guys who's funded it. We saw the screenshot Open Philanthropy was funded by the guy that co-founded Facebook. Wow. Again, we're going to go through the same scenario, lock us down, vote by mail, drop boxes, another steal. I mean, again, Deja vu all over again.

But here's the thing they're talking about in their fictional scenario, by December 1, 2023, they're talking about 3.2 billion cases and 271 million dead. So, are they do they really believe that, or do they believe that's how many people by then are going to have an adverse reaction to the death shots? Do they think between now and December 1, 2023, we're going to see that many dead globally from the COVID death shots that they'll use this as the cover for it? I mean, that in itself is chilling.

Karen Kingston: That's exactly what it is, Brannon. That's exactly what it is. They're predicting that 3.2 billion people will die.

Brannon Howse: No 3.2 billion cases and 271 million dead.

Karen Kingston: Okay, 271 million deaths. Yeah, that's a cover-up for the vaccine deaths.

Brannon Howse: And then we haven't even talked about weaponizing the bird flu.

Karen Kingston: Yeah, I know. That's another part. It's on the WHO, too. So, it's on the IHR section there too. Weaponizing the bird flu is on there.

Brannon Howse: We also still have the threat of a hemorrhagic fever of some kind. I mean, it could be voila, you know, the soup.

Karen Kingston: Yeah. I mean, if you have a healthy immune system and you weren't injected, you're on much higher ground than others. So that's the good news. The good news is there are restorative treatments for some people who maybe got one or two shots. I'm not sure about three or four. But America has to recognize that they're harmed. I don't want to be emotional. I'm not trying to instigate anything. Everyone's like, you know, talking about Putin. Putin invaded Ukraine. Right? Because he fired the first shot. Right? Then you're always the one that's guilty. That's held accountable. It's like, well, you know, we've already been shot at.

I mean, we've already had 200 million shots stuck in the arms of adults and children, American citizens of a bioweapon. I don't know what it takes to organize this country to either bring justice forward in an organized, rational way with irrefutable evidence that's available on government databases and video versus organizing, taking our country back and taking people into custody and holding them to account. I don't know what it takes, but I know Bill Gates is willing to spend billions and billions of dollars. I know there ain't no rest for the wicked. They're going to 24/7 to take us out. Christians who are praying in a corner saying, "God wins." I don't see in the Bible where it says to pray in a corner quietly while Satan's plan unravels to kill God's children.

Brannon Howse: We're called to occupy and do what is good and just and righteous. Absolutely. In closing, I'll simply say this, Karen, we're at war. Our government has declared war on us. They've labeled us as domestic terrorists. They've labeled us as white supremacists. They've labeled us as racist. They've labeled us everything they can. They've dehumanized us. You marginalize, you characterize, you terrorize, and then you legalize the terrorizing of your political enemies as they see us. Now what people maybe are coming to understand, whether it's Dr. Naomi Wolf who admitted last week was on my show, she's from the left.

Whether it's the gentleman I had on the other night, Steve Kirsch, he admits he's from the left. You know, we've got Robert F Kennedy Jr. He's from the left. We're starting to see some people wake up. But here's the common theme some of them are saying they don't care if you call yourself a Democrat. You're not safe because you're a Democrat. They see us all as a blight, and only the elite are to survive this. They want to depopulate. They believe themselves to be the elite. They've been entertained a thought we can't handle. They're better than us. So those out there watching tonight that think that you're safe because you're a leftist or a progressive or a Democrat. No. Dr. Naomi Wolf said it perfectly the other night, "You're not safe. That's foolish. They've declared war on all of us." Karen, closing comment?

Karen Kingston: Yeah, I agree. You are not safe. You know whether or not you're in the group, you're not in the group just because you're a Democrat. It's not just you who's not safe, your children aren't safe, and your grandchildren aren't safe. Your future grandchildren or great-grandchildren, what I say by being not safe, if they end up in a camp and they will eventually end up in a camp, it's not that they're just going to be in a miserable work camp. They're going to be experimented on. They may even be used for organ harvesting or for artificial intelligence.

Brannon Howse: Which China is already organ harvesting people. I will have guests on this next week. This is the same people that were taking beagles, de-barking them to put their heads in bags to be eaten alive by fleas or mosquitoes or whatever it was. Then these are the ones taking aborted babies and putting their scalps on rodents to grow hair. These are the people that want to kill babies 28 days outside the womb in California. Do you think these people won't pull Doctor Mengele-type stunts that the Nazi doctor was doing?

They will. When the W.H.O. pulls up to separate you and your family and put you in different camps, do you think your local sheriff and the local police department are going to save you and stand between you? You're nuts. Because this week I found out, and I reported on it, and now I saw it was a headline today on a major international website, but we covered it earlier in the week. A 15-year-old girl was taken out of a bathroom at a Mavericks game in Dallas, and the father couldn't get the police to take it seriously. They wouldn't take the report. At the end of the day, they got the report on April 9. They finally put out a bulletin on her on April 11.

It took him and a non-profit to put her picture into software connected to the Internet. I'm sure the dark web with facial recognition to find out that that 15-year-old had been taken out of that bathroom at a Dallas Mavericks game and moved 200 miles up into Oklahoma. They found naked pictures of her online already being sold, and it took a non-profit and the dad to do it because the police were too busy. I don't know, doing what. So, if you think your police are going to protect you from these neo-Nazis, they're going to show up from the WHO to separate you and your family and haul you off.

Think again. We have no one but ourselves because they have lowered the standard of what it takes to be a cop. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel to be a cop because they pay them nothing while they spend millions of dollars on parks and $100 million on schools. High schools that look like something from a professional football team, and they pay your cops nothing, and you get what you pay for. We are not teaching them their oath to the Constitution.

So, if you think your police and sheriffs are going to get between you and these global Nazis, there are very few that will. There may be a few, but there are very few because they got a paycheck and a pension to think of. So, at the end of the day, you better be taking your Second Amendment seriously because they have declared war on us. I'm going to have to quit before I get mad.

Karen Kingston: I know. Thank you, Brannon. I can't agree with you enough. This is already going on with the leader camps in China, including among Christians. These are young men and women and children. The amount of organ harvesting going on is astronomical. Do you really think there are that many people around the globe that have failing hearts, lungs, and kidneys? Or is this part of the AI movement, the creation of the new species? I mean, think about it.

Brannon Howse: Karenkingston.net Do you have a donate button on your website, Karen?

Karen Kingston: No. But if they want, they can go to givesendgo/mifight.com. Hopefully, we'll find someone who wants to fund and set up a team, and maybe I could be part of that team to at least take some people down, take them to task. Who knows?

Brannon Howse: Well, as always appreciate you working with us on a Saturday; Karen, thank you.

Karen Kingston: Thank you and Logan. God bless America.

Brannon Howse: And you're thanking me. And Logan, she didn't call me Logan. She's also thanking Logan, who came in on a Saturday as well. Folks, he came in on a Saturday as well. She worked all day today. I worked all today. She built PowerPoint. I built PowerPoint. We put it together. We brought you this tonight. We could be out to dinner. We could be at a movie. We could just be relaxing. Logan didn't have to come in, but he did. The point is, folks, this is what we do here, 24/7. When there's breaking news, we're going to break in.

Hopefully, you have joined our push alert notification system by getting the FrankSpeech App because if you did, you got a notification. Otherwise, you're probably watching this as a replay. But again, if you appreciate what we're doing, we need your support. That's just all there is to it. This has been a very special broadcast here on this Saturday night, May 21, 2022. Breaking news as we see a report put out in November of 2021 predicting an outbreak in their fictional story of the monkey virus on May 15, 2022. What are we seeing? Indeed, that was the headline all over the place yesterday. What starts tomorrow in a few hours?

The World Health Organization's global meeting with the Biden regime's amendments that, if they're put in there and passed and ratified by these nations, becomes the supreme law of the land. Now the W.H.O. gets sovereignty over emergency health crises, which they could declare as a mental health crisis of conservatives, that we have a mental health crisis of white privilege, of toxic masculinity. They could declare a handgun crisis, a firearm crisis, and start to undermine our Second Amendment. Who knows what they'll do, folks?

But you better wake up. You better be aware, and you better be studying not only your Bible, but I would say you also better read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution because if this continues, you not only have the right, you have an obligation to resist this. If you are apathetic and you're passive, they will enslave you. Again. A special report from Lindell TV on Brannon Howse. Thanks for watching. Take care.


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