Sabotage | Was the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Sabotaged?


"There will be no longer Nord Stream 2, we will bring end to it." - Biden

Journalist,"How will you do that exactly, since this project is in Germany's control?"

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20 Updates You Need to Know NOW:
Gas from Russia's Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Leaks Into Baltic Sea - WATCH -
Massive Refineries Are Burning NOW!!! + Fire at Tungis International Market, One of the Largest Wholesale Food Markets in the World, in Paris, France. - WATCH -
Bill Gates | "In Both Meetings If Asked Me If Vaccines Weren't a Bad Thing. Robert Kennedy Jr. Was Advising Him." - WATCH -
Dollar Collapse | Is America Ready to Get Hit with Gold BRICS? "The Bank of International Settlements In April of 2019 Quietly Classified Gold As the World's ONLY Other Tier 1 Reserve Asset." - Andy Schectman - WATCH -
Why Is the Bank of England Ending Paper Banknotes by September 30th and Transitioning to New Polymer Banknotes? - WATCH -
Doctor Robert Malone | Why Did DARPA Fund Vaccine Creation? What Is DARPA? "One of the Transformational Points In Time for This Technology Was When DARPA Decided to Issue a Large Contract, a Series of Contracts to Enable the Development of mRNA and Specifically mRNA Use for Vaccine Purposes." - WATCH -
Queen Elizabeth | Why Did Queen Elizabeth "Ignite Windsor Castle Jubilee" While Connecting the Triple Helix to a Tree of Trees? - WATCH -
Transhumanism | Joe Allen Explains Joe Biden's HORRIFYING Executive Order: Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy (READ the Executive Order In the Description) - WATCH -
Dr. Renee Wegrzyn Appointed as First Director of New Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) -
Medical Censorship | Did California Approve a Bill to Punish Doctors Who Spread 'Misinformation' About COVID? -
Joe Rogan | "The GREAT RESET, Why Do You Believe That They Openly Discuss it? He Wrote an F%#&n Book Called "The Great Reset." WATCH -
Two-State Solution | He Just Did It!!! Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid Calls for Two-State Israel Solution - WATCH -
Dr. Robert Malone | Why Did Robert Malone Invent the mRNA Vaccine Technology? (Highlights Include: Luciferase, mRNA Vaccines, Using Targeted Mutagenesis to Produce Gain-of-Function Mutations That Can Be Used for Vaccine Purposes) **Leave Your Comments - WATCH -
Biden Is Completely Detached from the Real Economy - WATCH - Watch: Rambling Biden Argues with TV Host Over Sky-High Inflation - WATCH -
Catherine Austin Fitts | Executive Order 14067 | How Do Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies Actually Work? -

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