A Representative of the Pro-Life Group That Was Fire Bombed in Madison Wisconsin on The Spike in Death Threats and False Reporting of the Media


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Brannon Howse: Micah Pearce joins us right now. Micah is one of the staff at the Wisconsin Family Council, a pro-life group that was attacked by abortionists. I guess there's an investigation ongoing, but when you have something sprawled on your building, it kind of leaves a clue. But, hey, we want to let the investigation go forward. But he is with a family organization, a pro-life organization out of Madison, Wisconsin, that has made the news because I guess it was a Molotov cocktail that came through the building on Mother's Day. Micah, welcome to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

Micah Pearce: Hey, thanks for having me. Thrilled to be here today.

Brannon Howse: Glad to have you with us. Tell us the name of the organization.

Micah Pearce: Wisconsin Family Council. I'm the Executive Vice President for the Wisconsin Family Council here. Our offices are in Madison, Wisconsin.

Brannon Howse: Madison, Wisconsin. Well, I've been to Madison several times. That's kind of a tough town for conservatives and certainly pro-lifers.

Micah Pearce: You know, it's incredibly tough. It's incredibly tough to stand for life here. I actually live a couple of hours away, and I make it to Madison, you know, two, three, four this week, five days a week. You can tell that it's a different place, a different atmosphere. The people act differently, and it's a different environment. So here we are in maybe the most liberal city in the entire Midwest of the United States. And I think that's part of why this happened to us.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, well, tell us exactly what happened.

Micah Pearce: Yeah. So, for a little background, the Wisconsin Family Action is an organization that promotes God's plan for marriage and family life, which is the issue that brings us here today, and then religious liberty in the great State of Wisconsin. Right? That's what we do. We're a Judeo-Christian organization, and we're out there, and we've been known for a long time. So, everyone knows who we are, including the people that disagree with us, that don’t believe that the Christian worldview is the way to thrive here on Earth. Right? So that's the background. So early Sunday morning, Mother's Day, I got a text from our boss, our President, Julie Napoli, and she said, "Hey, there's been an incident at the office. We're going to go check it out."

And at that point, I had no idea of the scope of it. I thought, wow, did we get robbed? Because that would be really annoying. And she gets there, and she finds out not one, but two Molotov cocktails were tossed into the building, and I believe largely by God's grace didn’t, I mean it did destroy if you enter the room and you see the pictures on the internet. Then when you actually get in the room you see the shards of glass from wall to wall and the little flecks of what I believe is something violent. Something violent has happened in this room. That was the incident that brought the whole world to our doorstep. And we've had no peace since.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, I bet you haven't. I mean, I know you're getting a lot of interviews, which is positive for you to be able to get out your message and talk about the stance you're taking, even in the face of threats, deadly threats. But how is the elevation of your presence in town? Has it caused more threats to come in?

Micah Pearce: Tons. You know, an awful lot. It wasn't even the end of Mother's Day. So, on Mother's Day, I spent the beginning of the day with my mom as we sorted things to come on in. And as the day wore on, I realized I had to say, "Happy Mother's Day, Mom. But I’ve got to go back to my place, and I’ve got to work." Right? As I was there, as I was just trying to get a handle on it, figuring out what's happening, what we're going to do, I actually I got a call that night already, and I'll kind of leave out the details, but basically, the first thing he says is, "Next time the Molotov cocktail won't break, and you'll burn." He threw a few expletives in there, and that's exactly what he said.

I wasn't the only one. At this point, every single member of our organization has received a death threat to their personal cell phone. Several have received a few, and hundreds and hundreds of screenshots and emails and voicemails that have come to our office. Some are just mean, but some are really vicious, and some are downright threatening. And you better believe we're taking all of it seriously, and we're cataloging it because that's really important evidence.

Brannon Howse: What are the local authorities saying? Has the FBI shown up to investigate? Are they providing security? Is the FBI taking it seriously or not?

Micah Pearce: We're not being provided security. We've secured private security that's going to be in the office and around us where we go for a little while. But local Madison law enforcement was here. So was the FBI, and so was ATF, Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms. We're told that this has caught the very highest of attention in those federal agencies.

Brannon Howse: Well, we'll see what happens. What was spray-painted on your building?

Micah Pearce: Yeah. So, in addition to the Molotov cocktails that came in, there were also two items that were spray-painted on the most prominent, the one most easily seen, and in surprisingly good spray paintwork, it said, "If abortions aren't safe, then you aren't safe either." It was written for all the world to see and that picture, of course, traveled the entire internet, and then there is on the wall that kind of turns so sort of like kitty-corner facing it had the A with a circle around it like the anarchy symbol, and then it said, "1312." Which is a numeric code for all cops, and you can fill in the rest,

Brannon Howse: Right.

Micah Pearce: So that's what we came up to. And at that point, no one was really taking credit. We didn't really know exactly what was happening, but we just knew that we'd been attacked because we're a pro-life organization.

Brannon Howse: Has anyone formally taken credit?

Micah Pearce: Yeah, they sure have. It's a group that I confess I hadn't heard of before, but I got confirmation from law enforcement today that they're an extant group. They exist. They are one that is around that has been around for a while in some form. But a lot of these groups, there's not really a head to the structure. It's like a loose amalgamation. But the name of this group is Jane's Revenge, and without knowing completely for sure, we're fairly certain that Jane is a reference to Jane Roe, famously of Roe v Wade, So, they're calling it Jane's Revenge.

Brannon Howse: Oh, by the way, I guess certainly they are to debase or stupid to know. I think she actually ended up becoming a Christian and getting baptized, and you can go and watch the baptismal online. It was videotaped. So apparently, they don't know that she was she's not on their side. She's passed away. But she spent the last few years of her life speaking out against this issue, did she not?

Micah Pearce: I think it's important to remember here that these are the sort of people that spend very little time absorbing pro-life culture. You know, it's a shame that a lot of these people will go all their life long, and they've never heard the pro-life argument. So, the fact that they wouldn't necessarily know exactly what they're saying and why they're saying it doesn't surprise me at all.

Brannon Howse: Now, with all the cameras around, there was not one camera footage of a car license plate? I mean, surely there are a lot of cameras in Madison. I mean, it's a pretty liberal police state, Wisconsin, at least part of Madison, I would think. The Capitol is not too far away. Are there not plenty of cameras?

Micah Pearce: There are. And the police, I know they're looking at digital evidence of all sorts. I know they're looking at the physical evidence. They hauled away a bunch of debris, anything they thought might be useful, they hauled away from the crime scene. So, we just don't know. Right. As far as we know, there's no individual or group of individuals that can be named that we can hold accountable for this one.

Brannon Howse: Well, come back and give us an update. We're thankful nobody was harmed. We're sorry this happened to you. I do hope you guys will continue to take your security seriously. These people are crazy, as you know. They're unhinged. I mean, these are the real domestic terrorists. But I guess you'll never find the folks in Washington saying that. But, you know, what the narrative is from many of them; you asked for it because you're the extremist. So, the narrative is completely flipped, as you know.

Micah Pearce: Well, and here's the narrative, right? And we're a pro-life organization. We're not something that we want to define as anti-really anything because we're pro. But the great lion's share of the coverage of these organizations they've said, “The anti-abortion organization,” or worse yet, they'll start there. Their headline, it'll say, “A suspicious fire at an anti-abortion organization.” Which isn't what happened. The correct headline is, “A pro-life organization in Wisconsin firebombed by anti-life activists.”

That's the headline that we should be seeing and largely, it's not. I even asked a reporter who came, and he was perfectly fair in his reporting and stuff. I said, you know, we prefer to be called pro-life. I gave them all the reasons that I made a case for life. He's not in charge of his headlines, though, so his story was totally fair and totally captured what we had to say. But the headline anti-abortion group said right in there. Yeah. So that's the sort of messaging battle that we're fighting across the entire media.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely, you are. Micah, thanks for being with us. We appreciate your time. And again, we'll be praying and ask our audience to pray for your safety and that the people who did this will be caught.

Micah Pearce: Appreciate it. Thanks so much for having us.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Micah. Appreciate it.


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