Remains Found In Mariupol That Appear to Be Americans Murdered By Azov Battalion


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Americans Are Being Killed and Burned in Ukraine

Americans were killed and their bodies burned by Ukrainian Azov battalion soldiers on Ukraine soil. These soldiers are being referred to as "Joe Biden's ISIS" who carved swastikas into the bellies of the young girls they kill. There is proof that while the Russians were moving into the steel plant in Mariupol. A foreign journalist scoured the plant and the surrounding area after the battle. The journalist discovered that apparently, a Ukraine colonel ordered that no foreign, and specifically, US mercenaries are allowed to be left alive to be captured. This all comes from people who were there at the time. These were the mercenaries who were there to help Ukraine against Russia. Although some did survive, those that were killed, some in cold blood, were then burned and stuffed into fridges. The blood of these soldiers is on the hands of the mainstream media. We don't know just how many of these people made it there to fight, but, this is the fate of some of them. These soldiers went there to fight a war that we have no business being involved in or funding. This is a war that we have sent billions of dollars to fund without the express consent of Americans. All of this is because of propoganda-filled media. All of the lies are putting us on a path to WW3. All of this propaganda has good heated Americans head over there to fight their war.

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