Powers in United States Prepare to Wipe Out Dissidents Globally


As the borders are preparing to be leveled in the United States, the regime at the capitol orchestrates further destruction abroad. Linked through all dealings regarding Russia and Ukraine the American public is wrangled into a false sense of patriotism by supporting the very people who seek to subjugate them. Title 42 will be lifted. The economy is set to collapse as it receives a floodgate of infiltrators that it cannot contain.

What can those who lift up their voices against tyranny do to move forward? Human Events Managing Editor Brent Hamachek joins to discuss what it means to be a dissident in the 21st century. From January 6th to present what has been shown to finally occur? Those who seek to prevent it must be ready and act accordingly.

Dr. Mark Sherwood returns to Hope, Health & Freedom discussing the newly signed abortion law by incumbent Governor Stitt. Is this really the strongest law in the nation regarding abortion? As illegal immigrants flood the border what should neighboring states do to help? Sherwood delivers his solutions.

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