No More Playing Nice. When The Republicans Take Power Forget Hearings, It's Time For Prosecutions


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The Democrats Will Do Anything To Destroy President Trump

President Trump has been the most persecuted person in modern history. Even before he took residence in the White House the Democrats have been trying to get him on something. With that in mind, they have made up many things they thought they could lay blame on him without success.

The raid on his home is questionable. They may have thought this would be something to hurt him moving forward. It has not had that effect. People are now questioning what is happening in America. We are all wondering what is going on with our legal system.

Will shows a clip where we are told of the facts surrounding many of the things that Democrats have done by Judge Jeanine. She notes all of the things that have been falsely laid on President Trump. She makes it clear that instead of any hearings, once the Republicans take control after the election in 2022, that prosecutions should begin immediately.   

Will states that all that is currently happening is the fault of Republicans. It is their fault for not going after the Democrats for all they did starting during the time of Abraham Lincoln.

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