Need Money to Buy a Business? Selling a Business? Conversation w/ Co-founder of Guidant Financial


Need Money to Buy a Small Business? Want to Sell Your Business? A Conversation w/ the Co-founder of Guidant Financial

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Step 1 - Determine your goals
Step 2 - Improve your branding
Step 3 - Implement successful and scalable turn-key marketing strategies
Step 4 - Implementing a tracking sheet so that you can track your progress
Step 5 - Improve your online branding / reputation

Define Your Goals
Launch the website
Create a 3-Legged Marketing Stool
Manage Your Online Reputation
Implement a Sustainable and Scalable Schedule
Create Checklists, Scalable Systems and Duplicable Processes
Implement the Group Interview System for Hiring, Inspiring, Training and Retaining
The Kirsten White Success Story | From Start Up to Success Story

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