Mike Lindell Speaks at Save America Rally in Selma, NC - 04-09-2022


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Lindell Takes the Stage to Save America!

On April 9th, Trump hosted his Save America rally in Selma, North Carolina. Mike Lindell got the honor to speak at the president’s event. The CEO of My Pillow walked onto the stage with applause as he threw Make America Great hats into the crowd.

“2020 will go down in history as the most important election ever and I am going to tell you why!”

Without a doubt, the 2020 election is still a sore spot in the hearts of many Americans. During the speech, Lindell uses his life struggles with My Pillow as an anecdote to parallel the 2020 election. Corruption, betrayal, but also hope. The 2020 election should be seen in the same light. This moment in election fraud should be used to strive for a better future, especially knowing what has occurred.

Lindell equates the 2020 election results as a blessing. As a result of people refusing to overturn or recount ballots, the corruption within many ranks of the government and businesses was exposed. Lindell began to discuss the censorship of many Americans on social media sites as they tried to steal away people’s voices.

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