Is The A Larger Plot Involving The Left Tampering With Immigration Records To Allow Illegal Aliens To Vote or Hold Office


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Tampering With Elections

On Live Up to Freedom, Aynaz Anni Cyrus interviews AJ Kern about the Left tampering with immigration records to allow voting. According to Kern, Minnesota does not check for citizenship when people register to vote. As a result, anyone can walk in and register to vote. With a large number of migrants coming to the United States, it is easy to see how the left can manipulate the vote through sheer number. 

At this point and time, you cannot ask someone their citizenship status when they are registering to vote in Minnesota. This is going hard on the honor system, which doesn't prevent non-citizens from voting. After all, the entire Minnesota system is based on trust that the individual is telling the truth. The legislator needs to act to protect voter integrity. However, since the Constitution already states that citizens can only vote, Minnesota laws are breaking federal law at this point. 

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