Karen Kingston and Dr. James Thorpe on Spike in Miscarriages in Women That Took Covid-19 Shot and Gov’t Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million In Secret Payments To Fauci, Collins, Others at NIH


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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, and Dr. James Thorpe, OB-GYN. Folks welcome to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us tonight.

Karen Kingston: Hi.

Brannon Howse: Hey, guys. Hey, Karen. Hey, Doc. Hey, I like your ball cap, Karen.

Karen Kingston: Sorry, I'm running a bit late.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, I didn't have time to do your hair tonight. I get it. All right. No problem. Hey, Dr. Thorpe, I wanted to have you on really quick with Karen because I'm seeing this Pfizer article. Pfizer talks about between 80% and 90% of pregnant women taking the shot are having miscarriages. But yet, I also see a lot on the media, on the news, or on the websites, you know, the Internet trying to debunk this. You're an ob-gyn.

What are you seeing as far as the death rate of women that get the COVID shot? Not the death of women, the death of their children, miscarriages? I know part of that comes to how you define miscarriage, right?

Dr. James Thorpe, OB-GYN: That's absolutely right. Ms. Karen, it's a pleasure to visit with you. Brannon, thank you for having me back on your terrific show.

Brannon Howse: Thank you.

Dr. James Thorpe, OB-GYN: So, yes, I've seen many losses and complications in the first trimester and the latter half of pregnancy. Pregnancy complications, malformations of the fetus, death of the fetus, severe pregnancy complications, and growth restriction. We've seen some very significant placental abnormalities. After birth, we've seen very significant complications in the first year of life, especially in the selected cases. The babies seem to have a problem with growing appropriately. They have an increased risk of failure to thrive or have an increased risk of autoimmune diseases in the children.

I don't know if this is permanent or temporary, and we have an increased risk of VIADS, Vaccine Induced Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. In terms of the pregnancy losses, as we talked about before the show, I lumped them together as a miscarriage and a fetal death because, technically, they're very different. The numerators and the denominators and the data enterers do not have the expertise to differentiate between those two. But having stated that, I think Miss Karen is absolutely right. The risk of miscarriage is sky-high.

If you look at the Shimabukuro article that really pushed the vaccine in pregnancy last year, they made a few fatal flaws. It's hard for me to believe that it was inadvertent. So, the problem is that they define miscarriage as a loss in the first trimester, but only just a few percent of those actually had the vaccine in the first trimester. So, if you adjust those denominators and numerators, Miss Karen is absolutely right. You are dealing with an extraordinarily unexpectedly high risk of miscarriage.

Brannon Howse: And would you put a number on it, 80%, 90%?

Dr. James Thorpe, OB-GYN: I think it's dangerous to put a number on it because even when I go back, and I study, the authors have done such an incredible job of hiding the appropriate information. But they did admit they erred. They didn't admit it was purposeful. I can't help but believe that it was purposeful. There are no data on pregnancy regarding safety. Zero, zilch, nada. If you look at the DMET data, the miscarriage rate and the fetal death rate were sky-high. Of course, the military then came back, as you well know, through Attorney Thomas Renz, and they scrubbed that data.

The only other data that I have available to me is the VAERS data. And I did send you that publication which was earlier this year. And again, we don't have a numerator and denominator on the VAERS data. So, what you have right there in front of you is the losses of the COVID 19 vaccine for only 12 months. Then you have all other vaccines for 362 months, and then you have the influenza vaccine, and then finally you have the pertussis vaccine. I chose those influenzas and pertussis because we use those commonly in pregnancy.

Then we're going to look at it and really adjust it per month, which is much more honest because we only have 12 months of data to go with. Now, here you go. I think this is to your point, Brannon, and Miss Karen. As you can see here, I mean, it's just a massive increase in pregnancy loss compared to all the other vaccines.

Brannon Howse: So, would you, I mean, 60%, you think? What do you think?

Dr. James Thorpe, OB-GYN: It's really impossible to determine because we don't have a numerator or a denominator in the VAERS, nor do we have that in the Pfizer. You know that Pfizer redacted all the important information. But I think to your point, to Karen's point, and by the way, I've had that Pfizer download. I got that from a whistleblower. I've had that for over a year. So, I've been studying that. I couldn't verify it until the federal judge ordered the court order to release it. When it was released, it was the identical document that had been leaked to me.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Dr. James Thorpe, OB-GYN: So, so I've been studying that data for a year. And there's no question that, you know, I think there are 274 pregnancies, and there's a huge proportion of those that they had, not even any outcome. And so, they lost the follow-up. What they did report, Brannon, and Miss Karen, that I think is extraordinarily important and should have been focused on is the serious complication rate of the 274 pregnancies.

There were 75 serious complications in pregnancy. That's like 27%. Then they had another 19% non-serious. So, you're looking at 124 out of 270 pregnant women that had complications. When you realize how dishonest the reporting is, a lot of that is cost-shifting between non-serious and serious. This is what I've learned from the downloads. They're experts at manipulating the data and making the product look good.

Brannon Howse: Karen, do you want to comment?

Karen Kingston: Yeah, I just wanted to comment on some of the data that Dr. Thorpe mentioned. Which is that the original analysis was biased and that they looked at pregnancies under 20 weeks, which isn't, you know, which think we considered, I'm not sure it's considered a miscarriage, but as I've always said, these are unintended consequences and the spike proteins bind to the A2 receptors, as we know in your heart, lungs, and kidneys. If you take a look at blood pressure medications that are used, ACE inhibitors and E2 inhibitors, they're pregnancy category D because specifically the risk of injury and death of the developing fetus.

I'm just going to read directly from captains. "So, use of a drug that acts on the renin-angiotensin system." So that's what the spike protein does. It binds to the renin-angiotensin system. That's the A2 receptors. "Use of these types of drugs during the second and third trimester of pregnancy reduces fetal renal function." So, it reduces the fetal development of kidneys. "It increases fetal and neonatal morbidity and death. It results in Oligohighdroma. Which is a reduction in the amniotic fluid and can be associated with fetal lung hyperplasia."

So, underdevelopment of the lungs of the fetus, the cells of their lungs, as well as skeletal inflammation. It is contraindicated black box D. Using a drug that targets, the ACE inhibitor, A2 system of your body, and that's what the spike protein does. These are intended consequences. They knew from day one that they should have been contraindicated in anyone that was pregnant. And specifically, the second and third trimester is where you see the most death and damage to the developing fetus. So, I just want to share that.

Brannon Howse: Dr. James?

Dr. James Thorpe, OB-GYN: Amen to exactly what Karen said. Everything that Ms. Karen said is absolutely accurate. She's absolutely correct. ACE 2 inhibitors are contraindicated in pregnancy. When we see somebody in the first trimester on an ACE2 inhibitor, we get pretty anxious. We stop it immediately and switch. She's right.

Brannon Howse: Karen, I'm going to show this. I know we're pressed for time. I have to get you back on to do more on this. But let's go through this real quick. I think Dr. Thorpe will find this interesting as well. Substack Investigation Fauci's Royalties and the $350 Million Royalty Payout Stream Hidden by NIH. That's kind of broke in the last 24 hours. Tell me about it.

Karen Kingston: Sure. So, Brannon, you and I broke this back in February. This was the GeoVax agreement that I showed everyone. So, actually, we showed that GeoVax is the holding company for all of the patents and all the licensing agreements, for all of the components for the COVID 19 vaccines for multiple nations around the globe. They were making royalty payments directly to employees of the NIH, and HHS, not only to the employees but also to those employees, such as Dr. Fauci, who may have offshore companies that are affiliated with the holding companies that they were making payments to.

So, I don't, actually, I mean, people can look up this article on their own. They talk about how the NIH scientists are getting kickbacks. Again, this is not how science is run. This is literally how organized crime is run. Now, they solicited the NIH for kickback payments that go through, I believe, 2020 to 2021. Point 2. The NIH used expensive taxpayer-funded litigation to slow walk, releasing their payments, the royalty payments that were given. So, they used our taxpayer dollars. Point 3, is important too. The NIH redacted the information that was subpoenaed under Judicial Watch. They erased the amount of the payment and who paid it.

This is an example of what you get when you subpoena documents from the NIH, CDC, and FDA. They're all redacted. I did this investigative research back in February of this year. GeoVax Labs is the holding company that has an agreement with the NIH. It's also the NIH, HHS, FDA, and CDC. They're all referred to as the IC. The IC has an agreement with GeoVax. The IC is our intelligence community. We broke this back in February, Brannon. It goes on to talk about how the HHS has the authority to go into this licensing agreement for royalty payments.

They talk about affiliates, so the payments can go directly to individuals employed by our government as well as their affiliates. This means that employees may have a 50% or greater stakeholder in another company. That could be an offshore company in the Caribbean or wherever. Their licensed patent rights mean that they can get a continuation of this application from all patents if they are a co-inventor. We've shown this before, but I don't know if anyone picked up what I was dropping down last time.

So, they actually go through a standard licensing royalty agreement. They define net sales, they define the practical application, they define the effective date, and they define an average price and first commercial sale. And they say you basically have 60 days to reconcile the payments to the individuals who are co-inventors.

I thought this was really important to point out that the payments are very clear. Again, their payments through the intelligence community are based on the US dollar on the New York Stock Exchange. They shall be mailed to the intelligence community at the address of the agreement noticed above. If the royalty payments are not received when due, they'll have fines that they have to pay and potential other ramifications.

Again, this isn't how science should be run. This is how organized crime is run. These payments are taxpayer dollars going to research at the NIH. The NIH is then developing products with big pharma. Individuals like Fauci are putting their names on it. Then as we pay for those products such as these, "vaccines." Fauci is getting kickbacks that are being put into his bank account or offshore bank accounts. There's also an additional coronavirus spike, protein bonus, and licensing agreement.

As I said before, there are two spike proteins in these vaccines, the one that's produced by the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA sequence that's naturally or unnaturally produced. The other one then is created in ex vivo transfected cells and weaponized, and that would go to Barney Graham, Jason McLellan, and Andrew Ward. So, there is a separate agreement and royalty payments for any one of these seven spike proteins, which could show up in addition to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that is produced by the mRNA sequence. Again, this is organized crime, as far as I'm concerned. The spike protein there are seven variations, and it can show up in any one of these vaccines.

You can see the 2P prolongation, which is done ex vivo in a lab, in addition to the mRNA that is found in Pfizer, JNJ, Novavax, CureVac, and Moderna. I just want to show you guys, that this is the patent application for that separate patent for the spike protein separate from the mRNA sequence. This is, again, between HHS and the intelligence community who are involved in developing these agreements. These are all the other patents in addition to that spike protein.

Notice the territories; these are worldwide. It's just not the United States. It's the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, South Africa, and China. So, our intelligence community, HHS, NIH, and Fauci are making money off of the sale of these vaccines around the globe, as is Francis Collins. Look, this is the global sale of this. So again, this is the calculation. Now, this is an important slide.

Karen Kingston: So, they did a hypothetical calculation of sales with a hypothetical 8% royalty due. The sales were $153,000. We would know that is more like $153 billion. So, the amount of royalties paid out, it's kind of cut off at the bottom, would be about $1.5 billion in royalties that are paid as a kickback to Fauci, Barney Graham, Francis Collins, Jason McClellan, and others.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Karen Kingston: There is a $1.5 billion kickback scheme in the COVID 19 vaccines. Here's the information for where to make payments and banking and whatnot. I understand Judicial Watch subpoenaed this from the NIH. He can go straight to Mr. David Dow, the CEO of GeoVax, and he can get copies of all the royalty payments, all the banking information, and all the routing information of everyone that made money in a kickback scheme for what they're calling these COVID 19 vaccines. You can see how much money is in those bank accounts.

Once you get the routing numbers that go to those bank accounts, he can then search those bank accounts. Judicial Watch again searches those bank accounts to see if there are payments coming in from other nations such as China or Germany into or from the World Health Organization or Bill Melinda Gates Foundation into offshore accounts or U.S. Bank accounts that are in the names of NIH employees such as Fauci, Collins and Barney Graham.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Okay.

Karen Kingston: We'll talk about more crime next week.

Brannon Howse: Okay. But Thorpe, 15 seconds. What do you think of her? Pretty impressive, isn't it?

Dr. James Thorpe, OB-GYN: It's extraordinarily impressive. This is unprecedented in the history of obstetrics. At the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, I'm attacking them vigorously that they could have the audacity to kill all these fetuses and the damage that has been incurred. All this is a horrible outcome. And they knew it. Just like Miss Karen said, "They knew it." I am holding them accountable. You may also know that the COVID 19 Coalition Corps came out in April. This is a massive amount of your tax dollars, a massive amount, billions that were given to churches, given to the American boards, given to the Federation of State Medical Boards, and given to all the infrastructure of cities to push the vaccine. Social media, all these social media.

All the mainstream media. It's right there. There are 275 founding members, and the American College of OB-GYN was one of the founding members. There's no doubt in my mind that it was no coincidence that within four weeks of time, all those 200 medical organizations threatened me and every physician and nurse in the United States of America. If you misinform regarding COVID, that is, if you try to talk patients out of the vaccine, we will destroy you personally.

Brannon Howse: Karenkingston.net. Dr. Thorpe, you're what's your website?

Dr. James Thorpe, OB-GYN: I don't have one. I'm too busy seeing pregnant moms.

Brannon Howse: Okay. Karenkingston.net. Thanks to both of you. Karen, I know we got a lot more to get to, so I'll get you back on as soon as you're available to go through more. I could have Karen on every night. There's so much that we can talk about. Thank you to both of you. Great Americans, both of them right there. Thank you, guys.

Karen Kingston: Thank you.

Dr. James Thorpe, OB-GYN: Thank You.

Brannon Howse: Thank you so much for watching tonight. We really appreciate it. Tell your friends about the broadcast, won't you? Until next time, I'm Brandon House. Take care.


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