J6 Attorney Declares Multiple Groups Operated Crowd to Create Insurrection Image | K. Good, B. Geyer


As inflation continues to increase the world economy begins to contract. Through the detrimental policies of an occupying Marxist regime in the branches of the U.S. government regular people begin to suffer financially. Taxpayers begin to lose more footing in their lives and the starvation that looms grows closer in time.

The world energy crisis begins to take its toll with the lack of crop production. Many rice and grain producing countries already warn of a shortfall in crops. California also plays a part in shortfall regarding rice in the U.S. Is the world about to enter into civil unrest and violence as starvation and property loss occurs?

With over 2 million illegal aliens numbered in 2022 to have invaded the country for settlement, Southern states have taken action to send some to leftist amnesty havens. Governor DeSantis sends a group to the wealthy Martha's Vineyard and the open border supporting community enters into divisive hysteria. Will their minds change or will more efforts be taken to make Conservative states suffer for their transgression?

With the revelations that Facebook participated in news suppression by FBI to alter an election in 2020 more groups emerge that seek to alter independent media. Through new programs and algorithms, Big Tech, establishment RINOs, and leftist groups will suppress Conservative independent media. Conservative podcasting has become their newest agenda to eradicate. Facebook already participates in monitoring direct messages and turning over dissidents to the FBI. Will the first amendment disappear soon?

As the dangerous issues continue to threaten countries worldwide Dustin Faulkner pushes the issues to the forefront for all to be informed before it's too late.

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