Hillary Clinton 2024?


Emerald Robinson: There's more to come from the Hunter Biden laptop, according to the man who helped get the emails out to the public in the first place and is seeking safety in Switzerland. He joins us today. The Clinton machine is gearing up again, with the media hinting at a possible 2024 run. And you got to love how triggered liberals are by Elon Musk's new stake in Twitter. Today is April 7th, and you're in on The Absolute Truth. The dam is finally broken since the establishment has decided Biden himself is too broken to be president much longer. Now, MSNBC, The Hill, and Yahoo are all reporting on the Biden's shady business deals after nearly two years of covering for the family. CBS reported Wednesday that U.S. banks flagged more than 150 transactions involving either Hunter Biden or his Uncle James Biden in their global business deals.

Video Clip: More than 150 transactions involving either Hunter or James Biden's global business affairs were flagged as concerning by U.S. banks for further review. Some of those concerns included large wire transfers.

Emerald Robinson: Not only did the media attempt to suppress the news about the laptop, but so did U.S. intelligence and federal law enforcement. One man who tried to get the word out to get the information to the public and is responsible for a lot of what we know about the Biden business deals and what is on that laptop is now afraid for his safety. Podcaster Jack Maxey was approached by Rudy Giuliani and Bernie Kerik in 2020 to help access the laptop. Maxey then gave a copy of the laptop to the Daily Mail, who independently verified its authenticity. Now, Maxey has fled to Switzerland, where he is working on making public another 450 gigabytes of deleted material. Jack Maxey joins us now from Switzerland. Welcome, Jack.


Jack Maxey: Thank you for having me.

Emerald Robinson: Jack, I want to get into what you're currently working on in a moment. But first off, just tell us what caused so much concern for you that you felt you had to flee the U.S. to Switzerland?

Jack Maxey: In February of last year, under advice from people who were very worried about my safety. I was told that I needed to release a certain amount of information to the Web so that the guys in the black Suburban’s would know that I could release it all. I've been able to release it all for over a year. I haven't done that because I want to protect the multiple female trafficked victims and some underage people on that laptop. So, we decided to put 8,000 emails onto drop boxes, one in New Zealand, two in the United States, and two in the United Kingdom. These are the same drop boxes that tell us child pornography is shared with impunity. None of those drop boxes lasted for more than 70 minutes. Some of them were down in almost seconds. These are all Five Eyes countries. That would be the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing agreement between New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. So, in desperation, a European colleague recommended that I try something called Swiss Transfer. I did, and I uploaded those files hundreds of times, giving me the opportunity to download about 25 or 30 each time I did it. I did that on Twitter, openly on social media, and towards the end of that operation, Twitter banned me for life after first sending me a letter saying that they heard I was going to commit suicide. And about 2 hours later, they banned me forever.

Emerald Robinson: Let me ask you, Jack. You approached lots of outlets and tried to offer this information, copies of the laptop - the drive - to multiple media outlets. But many of them didn't take you up on that, isn't that correct?

Jack Maxey: That's true. I sent emails to most of the major papers in America. I sent offers to Fox News on multiple occasions. I even tried Sky News. The first people to take it were Swedish television on January 7th of last year. I wanted them to have it because it was clear that Hunter had a spy inside the Swedish House, which houses the Swedish and Icelandic embassies and the Swedish ambassador's residence. So, they were the first media outlet I gave it to. Then I flew it out to the Daily Mail of London on March 3rd of last year. They did a forensic survey of it, which I think you had in your open. Then on June 16th, I gave it to the Washington Post in their boardroom. Present were Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten, the national editor. I put it in his hand. Later on, a few weeks later, I gave it to Chuck Grassley, and the minority members of the Judiciary Committee, on July 8th. I never heard back from them even one time. And those are really the only major news outlets that I was able to give it to because the others have denied a willingness to take it until the present day. I did dump several hundred documents to the New York Times in early February when I saw that they had a FOIA request out on Louis Freeh, Romania, and a guy named Askew in the State Department. Louis Freeh was up to his ears in that operation, which was to get a criminal compatriot of hundreds out of jail who had been put in there by a female prosecutor. A very good prosecutor in the spring of 2016. Your viewers should understand that is the same spring that the U.S. government, including Vice President Joe Biden, was threatening the Ukrainian government. Telling them, they had to fire the prosecutor who was going after Hunter's other corrupt partner in Ukraine, Zelensky, the chairman of Burisma. I sent the New York Times multiple documents. I wanted them to be up to speed. They did respond. They asked me to keep sending them, but I never actually heard back from anyone other than by text.

Emerald Robinson: Now, let me ask you just to clarify the story for our viewers. You came to be in possession of the laptop because you were asked by Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik to help them get into the laptop. Is that correct? They weren't able to access it, though they had it.

Jack Maxey: That is correct. They offered a copy to Steve Bannon and I. Steve said, look if you want someone to look at it, have my guy Maxie look at it. I did. The first person I called down to help me verify was Sam Faddis, a very well renowned CIA operator. I looked at it first, and it was clear that it was real. I found multiple criminal actions inside the broker-dealer at Rosemont Seneca. Later we found more and more and more. Sam also agreed with me and said that it was real. Now, this was on or about October 15th, 2020. Two days later, we had two articles in the New York Post on the 17th and 18th. On the morning of the 19th, Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Panetta, and 46 other intel professionals wrote a letter through Politico declaring that, in their judgment, this was a fabrication of Russian intelligence. For your listeners who are wondering about election interference, stop wasting your time on the recount. The election interference came from our own intelligence services.

Emerald Robinson: Speaking of those intelligence services, I mean, you are in Switzerland now, but you mentioned the Five Eyes. The Five Eyes, countries that clearly coordinated to take this information down to make sure that it didn't see the light of day. They're very powerful. Do you feel safe right now in Switzerland?

Jack Maxey: Well, I have my faith, and that keeps me from being too afraid of anything. So, I'm willing to put my life on the line for this country. I've already given the oath to defend it against all enemies, the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That oath still stands. And if it so happens that those enemies are inside the FBI, CIA, DIA, or the DOJ, it doesn't matter to me.

Emerald Robinson: And in talking about your choice to go to Switzerland. You're working on accessing more information. I believe 80,000 more files had been deleted on that laptop, and you're more easily able to do that in Switzerland. Will you tell us exactly what you're working on there?

Jack Maxey: Well, I came here originally with the intent, and all of these organizations were warned about it before I left. I briefed several people. I briefed The Washington Post. I told The New York Times where I was going. The purpose originally was to take the original 320 gigabytes, and organize the 100,000 emails - 120,000 emails out of 128, so that they could be searchable. My intent was to make copies of all of this and give it to the United States Senate, Congress, state attorney general, and sheriffs on down so that local law enforcement could prosecute these people because the feds clearly have no interest. When I arrived here, we were able to accomplish that fairly quickly, but one of my guys was very concerned that there may be erased material on there. And I said, okay, go for it. He began looking. It was ten gigabytes here, 50 gigabytes there, five, six, eight, until we found 450 gigabytes of erased material. This means another, say, 150,000 new emails that we've never seen, 80,000 images above and beyond the original 28,000 that he had deleted, including videos. I have not looked at those. We looked at about ten of them to see that we had downloaded them properly, and they were highly inappropriate pictures of young girls that were being sent to one Hunter. Now, they were clothed, but their behavior was clearly something their parents would not appreciate. So, we decided to stop looking at those. My hope is that I can engage European law enforcement in more than one country to look through those images so that we can prosecute Hunter. That's the purpose because child pornography is illegal in every single country in the world, save perhaps China. I intend to see justice no matter what it takes.

Emerald Robinson: Are you going to make this new information public, or are you going to be able to put this information up so that Americans can go and sift through it for themselves? Since the media and our government have dropped the ball so much.

Jack Maxey: My intention is to make all of the emails searchable so that people can go through them. We also have another couple of hundred thousand text messages that he erased—looking through some of them that were very sad and sickening, particularly when they involved children. I have to make a moral judgment and a legal judgment as to whether or not I can release those. But I can tell you I offered to provide all of this evidence to David Weiss, the U.S. attorney in Delaware, on two occasions, last Friday and the Friday prior. On about day four of this, we found what appeared to be DOD root certificates that gave Hunter access to the Department of Defense's communications system. I immediately called the following morning to the embassy in Bern, seeking a face-to-face with the regional security officer. I identified myself as an American citizen, and I told them I didn't want to speak about it in an open line. But it appeared that I had evidence that the Department of Defense's communications systems had been breached. They never called me back.

Emerald Robinson: So, you're saying Hunter Biden, a crack addict, had access to the DOD communication system? Why would that be? How could that even happen?

Jack Maxey: Well, that's a good question because those access points should not be on personal computers, period. Let alone one outside of the Department of Defense or secure facility. Now, I'm not an expert on this, but I finally reached a two-star on Friday through some connections and through the back door. I was told the following morning, thank you, and all of those certificates had been removed from their system. So, you will have to ask somebody in the Department of Defense about it. I'm just trying to do my duty as an American citizen.

Emerald Robinson: I have a feeling that they probably won't comment. You're saying that another country could possibly step in and help out? Clearly, you keep running up against walls in the U.S. government. What country do you think would possibly jump in and prosecute the current President's son?

Jack Maxey: They don't have to prosecute. They just take out an Interpol warrant. That means he can never be in international airspace ever again, and that's a start. Hunter had his laptop in his possession in several European countries over the period of time. So, they all should have an interest—particularly Sweden, where Hunter had an office inside their embassy complex. So, if he had his laptop in there, which he did, he also potentially had images that would be illegal to possess inside that embassy complex. It's sovereign territory, so I'm hopeful that if the Swedes are listening. You guys will reach back out to me, and we can get justice here.

Emerald Robinson: So, when do you expect to be able to get through this information? How long do you think it's going to take you to make it searchable?

Jack Maxey: I think early next week, we'll have all of the emails on a server that will be searchable for the world to look at. For example, all of this is breaking now because they all know what I'm up to. Also, last Saturday, it was I who released 253 emails to Planet Earth concerning Metabiota in time for breakfast in Warsaw. We're not playing checkers here. It's been something that's been in the works for a long, long time. We've got to protect people. We've got to protect sources, and most of all, we've got to protect the American people and the world. One of my primary motivations in all of this is to save lives. As we've seen over and over again, our government is not only willing to drag the American people into wars to cover up their ineptitude and lies. They're willing to drag their European allies into those debacles as well. One of the most frightening things that have occurred over the last several weeks is that Switzerland abandoned its neutrality over Ukraine. This has never happened before. Not in World War I, II, Korea, Mali, Suez, Vietnam, all of the Middle Eastern wars. They've never done it, but they did it this time. I believe it's because the U.S. government was threatening them, and I hope to prove that, too.

Emerald Robinson: Switzerland has typically been a place where you could go and negotiate treaties.

Jack Maxey: I want to say their neutrality is very important because this is where the Red Cross exists. What would make Putin want to allow access to Ukrainian POWs from a non-neutral location? If you are an American intelligence asset, who gets himself in a sticky situation anywhere from Iran to communist China. Those prisoner exchanges are going to occur inside Switzerland. There are many, many people inside Western intelligence who are heartbroken to have seen this come to pass because that means that their one potential place to get to safety has been removed.

Emerald Robinson: Now, there's been so much speculation that the reason the New York Times and Washington Post are covering this now is that Democrats are fed up with Biden. He is almost beyond being able to perform the job of President, and they're owning up to it. But you're saying it's because these outlets knew that you were about to drop this information, and they had to get ahead of the story and try to cover their tracks. Is that correct?

Jack Maxey: Well, I think there's no coincidence that The Washington Post published two days after I arrived. I know they'd been working on that story for a long time. I think there's no coincidence that The New York Times came out and said that it was real a few weeks ago, too. Now, we're watching all of the mainstream media get on board and declare their outrage about this. I don't think that's a coincidence either. The Daily Mail, who I've been cooperating with since March of last year, sent a film team to Switzerland here. We did an interview, and I gave them a lot of information. I'm continuing to feed them information, but I'm getting calls from everyone from CBS to Mike Isikoff at Yahoo to the New York Post. I'm doing another interview later today with another major news outlet. So, for the first time in 18 months, these people seem to want to ask me questions, but everything I'm saying now, I've been saying for almost that entire period of time, and it's high time that the American people have a full hearing. One thing that I think is very important for everyone to understand, Chuck Grassley and all those heroes on the Judiciary Committee sat on this. If they had just simply raised their hand and said, we've got what we believe is Hunter Biden's laptop. I believe there would be 13 Americans who died on the wall in Afghanistan who would still be alive. I think we wouldn't have been flooded by a couple of hundred thousand Afghani refugees. I don't think that Blinken and the clown show at the Department of State would have tried to push the borders of Naito to Putin's back door last fall. We wouldn't have had Kazakhstan, and we wouldn't have had Ukraine, so all of these things that are happening, all this chaos that the world is suffering. In my opinion, there was a concerted effort to cover up the crimes of the U.S. intelligence services, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, who was running those bio labs in Ukraine and elsewhere. Including Wuhan, I might add, Metabiota in there too. So, this is a scandal of incredible proportions. I can't find even a parallel in the ancient world.

Emerald Robinson: So, you feel that Senator Chuck Grassley, who has been billed as sort of a white-hot by Republicans and even in conservative media in regards to the laptop and the Biden business deals, helped to cover it up because he wanted to cover up what U.S. intelligence and U.S. government have been doing. Is that what you're saying?

Jack Maxey: Well, I don't know his motivations, but if he had honor, he would have moved on this immediately. To hear the House Republicans and the Senate Republicans tell us one more time that they're going to do something after the elections is just obscene to me. They've got to do something right now. National security is at risk, and it can't wait till November, gentlemen, and ladies.

Emerald Robinson: One final question. Your name is now being mentioned with the likes of Julian Assange, Eric Snowden, and other people who have highlighted what our government does and how the intelligence services abuse their power. Those people have not been able to return to their normal lives. Do you think you'll be able to come back to this country and live a normal life? You have family here.

Jack Maxey: I think there's a fundamental difference between myself and Assange or Snowden. Number one, Snowden was working for NSA, he betrayed his contract, and he betrayed his oath there. Number two, Julian Assange received his information, and it was stolen. From day one, my objective has been to save lives. In my opinion, Assange got people killed. So, I refute any comparison to my patriotic and legal behavior with what they did, despite the fact that some people may applaud their efforts. If it comes to getting back to the United States, yes, that's my hope. But I'll tell you something that was quite frightening. That same two-star general wrote me two messages after I briefed him a few hours later after they'd realized it was a real concern. He said, Number one, Jack, we can't be the bright, shining city on the hill if everyone knows we're corrupt. Number two, you need to get your family safe because these monsters will stop at nothing to destroy you. That's a very frightening statement coming from a flag rank officer in the context of what my own government would do to me for simply keeping my oath.

Emerald Robinson: That is extremely scary and extremely discouraging. We applaud your efforts, and we thank you. I know you've been trying to get this out there. A lot of what we do know about the Biden corruption is based on your efforts. We wish you the best, and we will talk to you soon. We'll watch as you are able to put out more information. Thank you so much, Jack, for joining us, and please stay safe.

Jack Maxey: Thank you very much, and in Holy Week, keep my family and me in your prayers. Thanks so much.

Emerald Robinson: We absolutely will. We'll be praying for you here at The Absolute Truth. Now, coming up, the corporate press has long protected corrupt officials. That's nothing new, but maybe none more so than the Clintons. And they're doing it again as Hillary weighs yet another run at President. We'll talk to the woman who has been sounding the alarm on the Clintons for decades. Juanita Broderick joins us next.

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Emerald Robinson: With the implosion of the Biden regime, Bill and Hillary Clinton are once more back in the news with the relaunch of their influence-peddling scheme, the Clinton Global Initiative. Take a look.

Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States: I believe the next 30 years can be the time of the greatest discovery and possibility and creativity the world has ever known. But only if we embrace our common humanity over our interesting differences.

Emerald Robinson: Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney John Durham released text messages further showing how Clinton and her campaign lied to smear Donald Trump in 2016. Now, let's bring in author and conservative speaker Juanita Broaddrick, who knows a little bit of something about Clinton's smear attempts. Juanita, it's good to see you.


Juanita Broaddrick: Yeah, I don't know what to think about this new project of the Clinton Foundation. It's unbelievable. It's like, they said, let's get the team back together for one final heist. That's how they are, but the one thing that Ukraine does not need right now is the Clinton Foundation and these three grifters trying to get slush money for their own personal gain. The Clinton Foundation will not go down in history for its good deeds. It will go down for pay-to-play influence-peddling for personal gain. And we all know that. The evil of this family just won't go away.

Emerald Robinson: You're right, and you have sounded the alarm on them for so long, based on your personal experience, firsthand. Can you believe that we're still talking? We're still discussing Hillary Clinton's future and politics in 2022.

Juanita Broaddrick: It's unreal, Emerald. You thought they would have all gone away. I think it was two or three years ago that they had that big thing going on all around the country. It was called "An Evening with the Clintons," and it shut down after two events because no one attended it. It was almost an empty audience. What makes them think? Well, I know what makes them think they can get back into it right now. It's because the conditions right now are so ripe for a lot of their shenanigans that they're very good at.

Emerald Robinson: Especially after 2016, it felt like Democrats had finally decided, okay, enough of the Clintons. This isn't going to work, but now it appears that the Democrats and the media just can't quit the Clintons. Why is that?

Juanita Broaddrick: I don't know. I wish somebody would tell me. I thought they were gone a long time ago. Even though you keep seeing Hillary come out with these ridiculous statements about Donald Trump, about the election, and all of these things that we know, it makes you think, is she going to try to run in 2024? That would be the biggest disaster yet. They're already going to lose the House in the Senate. We know that. Unless something unforeseen happens, they will be out of power.

Emerald Robinson: Well, that was going to be my next question to you. It looks as if they're testing the water, as you can see from the media. You see their headlines. You see the stories they write. They're kind of gauging public sentiment on - okay, well. I think especially with Vice President Kamala Harris not ingratiating herself with the public. They're now saying, maybe we'll give the other woman a shot again because we just don't have anything else. So, do you think that she's going to run?

Juanita Broaddrick: I think there's going to be so much. This is just my personal opinion. I think so much is going to damage her more than it has already with the Durham investigation. I don't see why the woman's not in jail. It's unreal, and him too.

Emerald Robinson: Well, that's a whole other topic. How have they stayed regarding many issues? Also, their very public friendship with Jeffrey Epstein should be disqualifying for any kind of political office.

Juanita Broaddrick: Oh, I know, and where has that gone, Emerald? Where are we with that? Where are we with Ghislaine Maxwell?

Emerald Robinson: Exactly. I think a lot of us want to know that. The names of co-conspirators haven't seen the light of day. Do you think that Bill and Hillary even really live in the same house these days, or is it just a marriage of convenience?

Juanita Broaddrick: Unless he's sick or something, I don't think that she's really around. I think he spends most of his time in the presidential library here in Arkansas. You know, he's got that huge penthouse suite up at the top of the library. That's how the Clinton Foundation started back in 1997. They were raising money for the Clinton Library, and I bet they thought, man, that went so well, we need to make this permanent.

Emerald Robinson: How do the people of Arkansas feel about the Clintons these days?

Juanita Broaddrick: Oh, I think you can tell that, just by the way Arkansas votes, we're a Republican state. I think he has a few diehards here that think more or less as Dan Rather thought. After I did my NBC Dateline interview back in 99, when he told someone on a radio show, he said even if he raped her, it's time to move on. That's the attitude of so many people.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. Well, there's never moving on. I think we've heard many victims say that, but you know, Juanita, you have definitely moved forward in a positive way. You've become one of those political commentators, political thinkers that people like to listen to and want to hear from. So, we're glad you joined us today, Juanita.

Juanita Broaddrick: Emerald, thank you so much, honey. I enjoyed it.

Emerald Robinson: All right. Coming up, Elon Musk has Twitter's radical left employees triggered. We will tell you what the free speech advocate did that set them off next.

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Emerald Robinson: Well, Elon Musk just bought himself a seat at the table. The Twitter board of directors table, that is, and that has Twitter employees in a fury. The Tesla CEO broke the hearts of liberals all over the country when he decided to purchase 9.2% of Twitter shares. Some of Twitter's employees poked fun at the Tesla CEO joining the board, but others didn't. The global head of partners and partner marketing tweeted out, "good morning to our new overlord," and another Twitter leader admitted that even though Elon Musk has made him a lot of money, he still doesn't like the free speech advocate. You know, he doesn't like free speech. So, let's bring in Revolver writer Darren Beattie. Darren, you published a great piece in Revolver last Friday called "What Happens If Elon Musk Buys Twitter," and then on Monday, he did. Is it because he read your article?


Darren Beattie: I can neither confirm nor deny that, but I can indeed confirm that he's read the article subsequently. The article, for its own merits, is much more than simply saying, "Hey, Elon, here's a great move you can make." It's actually a saying, "should you decide to make this move, which you should. You need to know exactly what you're getting into." Twitter is not a conventional company, and any move along the lines of purchasing a substantial stake in Twitter with a view toward active involvement, which he has. You're going to be stirring up a lot of things that you might not understand. So, the article is really saying - it's an interesting exercise in saying, in order to understand what you're getting into, you have to understand what Twitter is and what its use is to the elements that control our regime. That is a fascinating exercise from both a theoretical and, now, a deeply and urgently practical perspective.

Emerald Robinson: What is that use, and what are those things that he might be digging up? Can you explain that to our viewers? Because a lot of people don't know this, not just Elon Musk.

Darren Beattie: I think the best mental exercise to understand exactly what Twitter is and why it's so different and special is. Think of a company like Home Depot, which we've all heard of. Maybe we've patronized it at some point. It has multiple times the market capitalization of Twitter, and yet the question of who controls Home Depot is pretty negligible. Certainly, it's negligible compared to who controls Twitter, which is a smaller company, but vastly more important in this particular sense. Twitter, whether we like it or not, is the epicenter of narrative formation. It's the place where journalists exchange ideas and disseminate ideas. Where celebrities interact with people, it is the stage of public diplomacy and increasingly the theater of what the national security people call hybrid warfare. We see Twitter's role in facilitating different sorts of psychological warfare operations when any geopolitical conflict comes into place. So, to put it simply, in Elon's correct words, Twitter is the global public square. The question of who controls that public square and who controls the conditions of speech in the public square is worth far more than what would be suggested by the relatively meager $30 billion valuations of Twitter. It is the space where the regime conducts its psychological operations on the public. For that reason, if someone like Elon Musk comes in and threatens to impose free speech on this. This amounts to an existential threat, a declaration of war against what I call the globalist American empire. For that reason, this is no conventional economic transaction. If Elon goes forward in the direction he's facing, the backlash will be profound. In a quicker amount of time than he could ever imagine. He will suddenly become a combination of Putin, Derek Chauvin, and Donald Trump times 1000. The regime will throw every dirty trick in the book that they possibly can at him. So, this is very serious business, but that's a good thing. It's not a deterrent in this current environment where everything seems fake and performative. This is one of the few actually real steps that someone could take. So, I applaud him, and I hope he does continue to pursue the path of boldness in this regard.

Emerald Robinson: So, you mentioned Donald Trump, and I had said this was sort of like Donald Trump when he came into the federal government, and civil servants resisted him at every turn they could. These Twitter employees, the majority of them, are going to resist any kind of action he tries to take to truly make it a free speech platform. So, can he actually affect change there? And if he can, what moves should he make first?

Darren Beattie: Well, that's an interesting question. It would have to be addressed along two major dimensions. So, the first dimension is what he can do as a matter of corporate governance. What his share is, and how he can use that share in order to throw his weight around effectively at the company. I think he's taking the right steps to do that as far as how he can withstand the larger backlash that would ensue. That's a more difficult question. Again, The Revolver news piece lays out some of the things he can anticipate. Ranging from an exodus of the blue checks, which sounds good, but in a way, the exodus of the blue checks diminishes the network effects that make Twitter such a special place as the public square. So, there can be that. There can be holding Twitter accountable for all the speech that occurs there. Whatever, if someone's racist on Twitter, it becomes a Twitter issue, not an issue for that person. If someone, God forbid, commits a criminal act, they use Twitter once. The media can generate the narrative that Twitter is a place for criminals. If there's no censorship in relation to geopolitical issues, we're allowed to hear a different country's perspective in a global conflict. Then all of a sudden, Twitter becomes a purveyor of dangerous foreign disinformation and amounts to a national security threat. Now the national security apparatus has a problem with it. There are so many different tools, from conventional tools to really dirty tools, that the regime can use. Just one of them, they could de-platform Twitter on other media outlets. So, other media outlets can say we no longer allow Twitter embeds on our news sites. We no longer will host Twitter links. It goes very far, so he needs to be prepared for all of these moves and have a real strategy for anticipating them. The worst thing that can happen is if he steps into this, not exactly knowing what he's getting into because he might not understand how important Twitter is to the American regime. The elites control the regime because Twitter is the epicenter of narrative control. Without that, I would say it's not dramatic to say that the regime cannot withstand a free speech, global public square. That's why this is so important.

Emerald Robinson: Maybe he should give you a call or give you a job advising him on Twitter. Darren, I would appreciate it if your next article on Revolver could be suggesting to Elon Musk that he reinstates my Twitter account.

Darren Beattie: Of course, that's priority number one, then, Trump.

Emerald Robinson: There you go. You got that order. Thanks, Darren, we appreciate it.

Darren Beattie: Thank you.

Emerald Robinson: Coming up, a historic trial is underway in Italy involving the corruption of a high-profile cardinal. We go live to Rome to discuss that next.

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Emerald Robinson: A historic trial is going on in Italy, though we haven't heard much about it in the States. It involves corruption, a high-profile cardinal, and a change in Vatican law by the Pope. Here to give us the details is Bree Dail, Rome correspondent for Epoch Times, who’s been ahead of this story since day one. I remember you telling me that this was coming up on the horizon. You've had all the details. We just showed your article on the screen. To me, this sounds like a Netflix drama. It sounds too good to be true, as far as interesting. Can you explain what's going on to our viewers?


Bree Dail: It's really complicated, Emerald. But I want people to think back to about two years ago, hearing throughout all of the news cycles. They discussed a raid, a police raid into the Vatican Secretariat of State. This started a process that we are at now, six months into this trial. The whole center of this particular trial is Vatican financial corruption in regards to a London property deal that went bad. Lots of names have been brought up on charges here. About 12 individuals are currently on trial for this Vatican corruption deal. At the center is someone who was the number two secretary of state. His name is Cardinal Angelo Becciu. Now, what's really interesting is, aside from the fact that never in the history of the Vatican has a cardinal been charged in lower courts and judged by laymen. At one time, it was only that the Pope could judge a cardinal in cases such as this. So, the Vatican has now changed the law in order for this particular cardinal to meet charges of financial corruption. But what's very strange about this is that Cardinal Becciu was removed from his post during the time this corruption deal continued to take place. So, now the questions are, who really was the highest member in the Vatican to know of this and approve this particular London financial corruption deal? At the center of all of this is a man by the name of Monsignor Velasquez. He was one of the secretaries of Cardinal Becciu. He was the signatory, the signature, the individual who was between the people who were on the ground in London and the Vatican who signed off on this deal. While he went to the Vatican prosecutors and really became a whistleblower for the prosecutors. Having signed for the deal, he now turned on people like Cardinal Becciu. He is not up on any charges, yet he has been the focal point and the centerpiece of all the prosecutors' charges against Cardinal Becciu and these other individuals.

Emerald Robinson: So, how did the people, the Catholic Catholics, react to the Pope changing the way of doing this trial? It seems like that might not sit well with a lot of people. And is there a cover-up going on in the Vatican? I'm trying to understand these details.

Bree Dail: Right. So, it's very complicated, but there are questions that are now saying, is there a cover-up? The defense has worked for six months to point out that the prosecutor or the minister of justice, in this case, has not provided specific details and video details that were part of his evidence against these individuals, including Cardinal Becciu. So, for six months, they have been going back and forth in courts stating that the defense has the right to see this evidence, the so-called evidence, in the United States.

Emerald Robinson: They are exculpatory, right?

Bree Dail: Yes. In the United States, during a trial, if the prosecution was not providing specific evidence to the defense. This could actually cause the entire trial to be hung at this point. But that's not the case here in Italy. So, it's been this back and forth. To answer your question, though, are people looking at this and scratching their heads? Well, in some ways, yes. It's been claimed by the defense the Pope has known about this particular financial scandal. So, he should be aware and be the one who's making the final decision on what the Vatican invests in. There are other individuals named, including Cardinal Peniophora, who is the individual who signed off on this, and he has not been brought up on charges. So, many people are questioning whether or not the cardinal Becciu, in this particular case, is the fall guy.

Emerald Robinson: Interesting. I mean, this is just so intriguing. So, I definitely want to keep up with this trial. I know you've been going and sitting in on it. Real quick, we have 30 seconds. Before we go, the Pope did recently speak out regarding Ukraine. Is that correct?

Bree Dail: Yes, he's been going on multiple occasions now. This was most recently at the Wednesday audience, where he unfurled a Ukrainian flag and gave chocolate Easter eggs to Ukrainian children who are refugees of this war. But it does seem that the Pope has really been speaking out against Russia, which is going to be causing some tensions between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. So, we're continuing to watch as he has been speaking out against war, period.

Emerald Robinson: Gotcha. Well, thanks for the update, Bree. We'll check back in with you very soon to get the latest developments in that trial.

Bree Dail: Thank you, Emerald.

Emerald Robinson, Host: Let's jump right into a new segment we call Libs on TikTok. Here with us now is the editor-in-chief of thebucalupo, Sofia Carbone. Now, Sophia, you're definitely the most famous TikTok person I personally know. So, you quickly become our source for any of these crazy and super, super entertaining videos liberals are posting on the platform. I'm not a TikTok person. I don't really have it, but I see it in other places. I have to admit. It's kind of like a train wreck. You can't help but stare at them. So, you've compiled some for us this week, and we're going to share them with our viewers. So, show us what you found this week that you think is the most entertaining.


Sofia Carbone: Thanks for having me, Emerald. There's certainly no shortage of entertaining TikTok videos of liberals. The first one I want to start off with is kind of a classic, what you would expect from someone that's very confused about their pronouns on the app. So, I'll let you guys go ahead and play that one and get your reaction to that one just right out of the gate.

Tik Tok Video: (Person dressed as a colorful animal, dancing) I wish I could be a girl, and that way, you'd use the right pronouns for me.

Emerald Robinson: Oh, my gosh, okay. Well, I mean, the suit is a very - that furry thing - I don't. You know, it's also a good way to disguise themselves, though.

Sofia Carbone: It is a good way to disguise themselves, but that is definitely what you would expect from the hyperville around the crazy blue-haired liberals. The people who identify with all different types of pronouns. That's kind of like when they originally started coming out with the 76 different genders. That's what a lot of people tend to picture as something crazy like that, but it's not always that case. And probably the most shocking video I found this week came up during trans visibility week or transmissibility day. They had to really push that hard on all of its users on the app in the States especially. This next video was probably one of the more viral ones from it. It's always a shocking account when it comes up on my page.

Emerald Robinson: Okay. Let's see.

Tik Tok Video: (Music) Now everything is in Tech-né-color. Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of.

Emerald Robinson: Okay - Yeah, that is really shocking. It almost doesn't look like it could possibly be the same person, though I assume it is. She was such a pretty girl.

Sofia Carbone: There's an entire account on the page, like a multitude of videos like that. It's one of the most, for lack of a better word, convincing or realistic. They went all the way through transitions that I have seen. But it's definitely shocking and not what you tend to picture. We all think of more of a Leah Thomas as the most normal we will see. But that might actually be competitive if you put those two up against each other. Leah might get finally get a run for her money.

Emerald Robinson: I don't know. I'm not sure I call that one entertaining. That's a little bit sad.

Sofia Carbone: Yeah. And the last video that I have for you is, let's just say that I'm glad that this person - another furry type. But I'm glad we didn't see the litter box portion of his lifestyle. That's all prefaced this video with.

TikTok Video: (A person dressed as a cat) Meow, meow. Meow, meow.

Emerald Robinson: Oh, man, you have to wonder what these people do. If anything, in real life.

Sofia Carbone: That video comes up on my 40-page almost every day. That live stream. He makes money off of it. He has a whole page, a following, and he makes money going live. People send him money for doing that. So, I guess that is their life. Which it's kind of sad and kind of entertaining and really bring about how much of a clown world we really live in.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. Well, speaking of libs on social media, in that first clip, you played with the pronouns. You said you just know that these are the people who share their pronouns. I can always say that when I get a hate message on my social media. It's usually some old man who has pronouns in his bio.

Sofia Carbone: Yeah, you always know because my TikTok is a little bit bipartisan. I see a lot of people that follow me. They'll have pronouns in their bio, and they tend to be the ones that argue with me in the comments as well. Even just over non-political things.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, it's a given. Well, Sophia, we may never recover from what we just saw. So, thanks for that, but no, really, we thank you for joining us today and putting those together for us, Sophia.

Sofia Carbone: Thanks for having me.

Emerald Robinson: Coming up, Hunter Biden's sketchy business dealings aren't going away any time soon. Next, we bring you The Better Briefing.

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Emerald Robinson: On The Absolute Truth, we thought we should create a new segment. Given that I do have some experience in the White House briefing room and given that the American people aren't getting a lot of real, true truth out of there. We decided we should do The Better Briefing, and that's what we're going to do today. Now, once again, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki had no answers for the American people regarding the troubling contents contained on Hunter Biden's laptop. Just watch.

Peter Doocy: Was it common for President Biden to do favors for Hunter Biden's international business partners, like writing college recommendations for their kids?

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: I have. I've seen the report. I have no confirmation or comment.

Peter Doocy: Do we know what the President might have gotten in return for doing a favor like that?

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: Again, I have no confirmation of any recommendation letter the President wrote when he was a private citizen, by the way.

Peter Doocy: He is the President now, and you are his spokesperson.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: Correct.

Peter Doocy: There's evidence that the President at one point was office mates with Hunter and his brother, Jim, here in D.C.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: It's not accurate.

Peter Doocy: That it's not accurate, so when Hunter Biden is emailing a landlord, please have keys made available for new office mates, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Jim Biden that you're disputing...

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: Were not office mates? No.

Emerald Robinson: Well, it appears that Jen Psaki doesn't have all the information there, so I thought I'd help her out and give you a better briefing. See, we know that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden shared an office because an email from the laptop tells us all about it, as you see here. Hunter even made sure that an office key was made for his father. What a good son. And whom are the Bidens sharing an office with? Well, with the Chinese communist, of course. The White House claims that Joe Biden knew nothing about these corrupt business arrangements. That seems unlikely because this other email we have clearly says, quote, "ten is held for the big guy." And who is the big guy, if not Joe Biden? It's not like we know, though, that Hunter Biden liked to call his dad the big guy, right? Oh, wait. We actually do know that Hunter did call his dad the big guy. We know that based on statements from a former business associate of Hunter's named Tony Bobulinski who confirmed that Joe Biden was referred to as either the big guy or the chairman. He also confirmed for us that the Bidens took money from Chinese deals, Ukrainian oil and gas deals, and from pretty much everywhere else. The Hunter Biden laptop is a road map of how you buy off our corrupt American elites, and that's why it's so important. And the Bidens are not the only corrupt family in American politics. Bill and Hillary Clinton are worth $120 million. Barack and Michelle Obama are worth $70 million. More and more, the business of America's politicians is to enrich themselves while they sell out our country. And now you've been briefed with, The Absolute Truth.



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