Great News From Diego Rodriguez as Idaho CPS Closes Case on Baby Cyrus and Family Has Moved to the Free State of Florida


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Brannon Howse: Good evening. Welcome to Brannon House Live. Joining me tonight will be Diego Rodriguez. As you may remember, his grandchild, Baby Cyrus, was the one that, well, we believe, was kidnapped by the crooked state of Idaho. A state we've urged many, many people to flee and move out of. In fact, I received a nice communication from a really wonderful family that we've worked with for years. They thanked me for talking them out of moving to Idaho. They took their family, and well, let's just say several million dollars, and they didn't go to Idaho. They went to Tennessee, and they invested it in the great state of Tennessee. So, there you go, Idaho.

Keep acting like the morons you are, and more of us will keep telling people, don't go to Idaho or get out. Take your assets elsewhere because your state, well, you propose to be conservative. Turns out that's not true. I think that's also the same state that told Mike Lindell there was no voter fraud. I guess that shows you what morons are running the state. I think they sent him a bill for like $6,000 or something. Yeah, I'm sure he'll pay that right away. So, to the folks in Idaho that are running that state. You think you can act like morons and tyrants, and it won't cost your state?

Oh, it's costing your state. I'm urging everyone to get out of Idaho and don't go there. It is not a conservative state. From everything I've learned, it's run by RINO corporatist Republicans. Do not go to Idaho. He'll join us tonight for an update. He's now in the free state of Florida with Baby Cyrus. I've been doing a series of radio shows the last few days at Worldview and on the destruction of the anti-communist crusaders in America and the consequences. What I've been laying out the last few days is that there was a concerted effort by the cultural Marxists on Capitol Hill who control the purse strings of the FBI to stop them in the early seventies from aggressively monitoring and investigating the communist groups.

There had to be, well, quite a bit of information and evidence that they were doing something illegal. Well, how do you do that if you can't surveil or monitor them? So, they went from like 24,000 plus investigations into the Communist groups down to like 52 or 53, something like that in the early 1980s. You wonder now why the Communists have taken over? Well, I contend it's due in part to the destruction of the anti-communist campaigns. As I will show on my radio show and my TV show tomorrow at 1:00, which airs every day at 1:00 on the VCY America Radio Network.

Those 60 stations and right here on Lindell TV. I'll show you tomorrow that this was actually coming from Moscow. Great pressure by Moscow on their useful idiots in America to destroy the anti-communist campaigns. Many individuals like Ronald Reagan and Bishop Sheen. Many of you don't know who I'm talking about, Bishop Sheen. On radio or TV in the next day or so, I'll play a few clips, black and white clips. Now, I'm not Catholic. I don't agree with Catholic theology, but there have been some wonderful Catholics that are fighters against communism. Bishop Sheen had a lot to say about it.

Right now, today it's Archbishop Vigano talking about the great reset and communism and globalism. So, in the Protestant world, in the Catholic world, there have been anti-communist crusaders. Where are they today? Well, one of the groups that were shut down was the well, I shouldn’t say shut down, but certainly trashed, ridiculed, maligned was the John Birch Society. Well, how much do you know about the John Birch Society? They're still around today. Maybe you just know them as the New American. The New American Magazine or the, their website. With people like William Jasper, Alex Newman, Selwyn Duke, and Veronica.

You know Veronica, whose last name I cannot pronounce, who's from Ukraine, and has that beautiful accent. All of them work for the New American. That's tied back to the John Birch Society. You're going to learn tonight a little bit more about how the globalists and the Marxists and the Communists have destroyed largely the anti-communist crusaders in America. We need to be more than anti. I understand that. But as I said on the radio, when you are anti-communist, that automatically says you are the very antithesis of communism.

Anti-communism means you are for everything that they are against. That's private property. That's freedom. That's liberty. That's borders. That's family. So, people often say, "Well, you have to be known for what you're for, not just what you're against." Well, I contend that what you're against, unless someone is not real bright on the uptake, what someone's against, tells you what they're for.

Of course, we're taught that we're called anti-choice. We're anti-choice. No, we're pro-life. They're called pro-choice. No, they're pro-abortion. You see how the word game works. So, it really doesn't matter if you're pro-something. They'll just change the pro to make sure you're anti. But anybody that really knows the language of our nation knows that if you say you are anti-communist, well, you're then for the very opposite of communism. Maybe what we need in America is a resurgence of anti-communist groups. Anti-communist campaigns were led by men like Ronald Reagan, Fred Schwartz, John Wayne, and so many more that I could name.

The destruction of the anti-communist crusaders and the consequences we face today we'll see tomorrow on my show. A lot of this came from the directives of Moscow to their useful idiots here in America. Joining me now is Diego Rodriguez. He has made it out of the corporatist RINO, and I think, corrupt state of Idaho to a free state, Florida. He joins us tonight to give us an update on baby Cyrus. Diego, welcome back to Brannon House Live. Thanks for joining us.

Diego Rodriguez: Thanks so much for having us, Brannon. It's definitely an honor and a privilege to be here with you guys because so many of your supporters are part of the reason why Baby Cyrus is free, and we're free today, so we can't say thank you enough.

Brannon Howse: Well, it's a team effort. We're all fighting for each other when we fight for an individual. When we defend the rights of an individual and a family, we're defending our individual rights in our own family. So, it's an honor. We're glad you brought the story to us. I am correct? You have made it to the free state of Florida, right?

Diego Rodriguez: You were 100% correct. We have made it to the free state of Florida. Actually, just two days ago. We pulled in here just two nights ago, actually, flew in. Everything you said about Idaho is absolutely true. It is run by a bunch of RINO corporatists and statists, and it is absolutely just going downhill. We've seen the worst of it really in the last two years of COVID.

I'll tell you, not only do we just get out of there by the skin of our teeth, but I woke up yesterday or this morning, rather, to find out that even though we got Baby Cyrus back they are now suing us. So, I got the lawsuit here this morning and we are now being sued. I say we. It's me and my friend Ammon Bundy. We are being sued by the hospital that was "caring" for baby Cyrus after he was kidnapped. Because, as you know, we had protests, we were fighting back, people were calling, etc., and now they're claiming that we damaged their business.

Brannon Howse: Really?

Diego Rodriguez: So, they are suing us.

Brannon Howse: Did they put a dollar figure on it?

Diego Rodriguez: It's a minimum of $50,000, but they're seeking punitive damages, which means there's no limit. It's whatever they can get from a jury. Whatever they can convince a jury that they should get is what they're going for. The humorous thing here, and I say humorous is because, you know, they're claiming, for example, that we were out here trying to raise money. That we were using the whole kidnapping story to raise money. When these guys made millions and millions of dollars off of COVID. Off of the CARES Act. They make millions from baby kidnapping. So, these guys are making millions. We know for a fact that their CEO has made $18 million since COVID, and they actually put in here that we made all these false claims about them.

We haven't made one of them, but it includes all these things about COVID that have nothing to do with the Baby Cyrus case. Meaning as long as this court case goes through, this is going to open them up to all kinds of discovery that people around the country have been wanting to know. Like how much money are these hospitals getting for COVID? How much money have they been funneling through the government, into their back pockets and their connection to Big Pharma, and their connection to Remdesivir? How much do they know about the protocols for ventilators and how it kills patients? All that stuff now is going to be open to discovery because of this lawsuit.

Brannon Howse: Are you worried about this, or are you excited about this?

Diego Rodriguez: I'm not worried about it. I'm not excited about it in the sense that it's going to be a big pain in the butt. But I am excited that it does feel to me like God is setting them up so that this could be totally exposed to the entire country. So, everybody knows exactly how wicked and corrupt these entire two years of COVID have been. We're going to have a visual case study of just one hospital in America, and then you multiply that over towards all the thousands of hospitals around the country, and people will know what really took place over the last two years.

Brannon Howse: And you're going to keep us posted on that, right?

Diego Rodriguez: We will keep you posted on this for sure. You know, I literally just, I mean, to show you how this works here in Idaho. I didn't even know I was getting sued until a news reporter called me to ask me about the lawsuit. I didn't even know what the heck he was talking about.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Diego Rodriguez: So, somebody else had to send me a link to another news website where our case was posted on that website. I had to download it from a news website because I hadn't even gotten the information.

Brannon Howse: So, they haven't served you yet?

Diego Rodriguez: They haven't served me, no.

Brannon Howse: Is this hospital owned by some national chain?

Diego Rodriguez: No. This is St Luke's hospital in Boise, Idaho. It's one of those alleged nonprofit organizations. How do you have a nonprofit organization with the CEO making $18 million and then raking in hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government? So, they're subsidized by the government. It's a typical allopathic hospital. They make their money off of Medicaid, off of jacking up people's rates or, you know, taking advantage of people's jacked-up insurance rates, etc. And, you know, they're not offering real care. None of these places offer real care. They are 100% directly connected and routed with the Department of Health and Welfare.

They actually say that in this in the complaint. So, in this lawsuit, they are claiming that they're not making money from babies that are coming under their purview, which is a flat-out lie. They're stating that their CEO did not profit personally from the pandemic, which is a flat-out lie. I mean, the entire thing is like 70% lies. There are other portions of it that were absolutely true. Like they're saying that I said all these things about them. I admit I said many of the things they said, some of the things I didn't, but many of them, I'm happy to admit whatever I said is true. I claim that these guys are, you know, corrupt and criminal. I said it, I stand by it, and I'm ready to stand by it in court.

Brannon Howse: And you're entitled to your opinion, aren't you?

Diego Rodriguez: Absolutely. What do you expect? These guys have my grandson that's been kidnapped by force, and they're holding him back, keeping my family away. I'm just supposed to stand there and twiddle my thumbs? Of course not. You know, they said that I had defamatory press conferences in front of their hospital every day. I was having press conferences in front of the hospital every day. Nothing was defamatory. It was all true. This is the beauty of it. You can't defame somebody when you speak the truth. This is what we get to share now in a court of law.

Now, Idaho is famous for having a corrupt judicial system, corrupt court system, corrupt all the way around. However, I believe that if this case becomes high profile enough and they named my friend Ammon Bundy, he and I are named on here. He's a national character. So, he brings national news. So, this went national this morning in terms of national news. So as long as this becomes and stays high profile, they're going to probably rue the day that they filed this lawsuit.

Brannon Howse: Wow. So, and you can prove all the things you've been saying about the hospital, the money, the CEO, you have all that documented? You have all that backed up?

Diego Rodriguez: Yeah. Not only do we have it documented, we have been publishing it for the last two months. All of the claims we've made, we have been publishing them on our blog at People can see all of the medical records and all the evidence we presented. I'm the first person because, to me, accuracy is incredibly important in the news and in communication. Anybody who knows me knows if I make a false statement, I will retract it and correct it. If I publish something that's incorrect, I'm happy to retract it and correct it.

No lawsuit is necessary. However, we haven't published anything false, period. If they can demonstrate that I have published something false, I will be happy to make a public apology and a retraction for any false information, but there is none. And that's the whole point they have to save face. Because of people like you doing your job and not only as Christians but as news reporters, to let all of this be known.

Brannon Howse: We would gladly interview the hospital CEO if any of them would ever want to come on here live. So, we're live. It can't be edited. It's live. We would interview. We would give any of them an interview. We say this all the time. We've challenged Sean Hannity to come on here so we can prove that Sean Hannity, in my opinion, is one of the stupidest people on talk radio and talk television. Come on, Sean, come on live. I will ask you a question, and I'll prove to you he’s one of the stupidest people on talk radio and talk television. I think that's my opinion. I think I can back it up with a little time in the studio here. Your website is, right?

Diego Rodriguez: That's right. That's right. You can go and see the whole story about Baby Cyrus. There's new information as of last week. I mean, the Baby Cyrus case was dismissed last Wednesday, and then we just had to wrap up a few things and get out of Dodge. One of the things we had to wait for was Monday, which today is Thursday. So, three days ago. My two daughters still have a criminal case because they arrested both of my daughters for resisting and obstruction.

Brannon Howse: Oh, that's right.

Diego Rodriguez: Their criminal court case was this Monday morning. Of course, we had to wait there for that. Then when they had that court hearing, they just ended up postponing it or delaying it or whatever they call the legal term until late June.

Brannon Howse: Can you can they do that online? Can they stay in Florida and do that online?

Diego Rodriguez: I sure hope so. We pray and hope they can. I mean, these corrupt folks, when it suits them, you have to be there in person. When it doesn't suit them, then you could do it via zoom and vice versa.

Brannon Howse: Yep, that's right.

Diego Rodriguez: You know, this whole COVID nonsense showed that they were more than happy to do everything via Zoom unless they want to arrest you or something like that, then you got to come in, and we're not going to tell you why.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, absolutely. By the way, the reason I was mentioning Sean Hannity is when we challenge people, we say come on the show. He's just one of many people over the years that we've said, "Come on here, come on live. We'll debate." I mean, someone else I'd love to have on is another guy that screams and hollers like he's having his appendix taken out, I think, without any anesthesia, and that's Mark Levin. I mean, another guy, who today, is claiming that we are, and I can't even say the word because I don't, you know, I try not to talk like that on the air. But he said that we are basically kissing Putin's rear end if we're not for sending $40 billion to Ukraine.

Well, I'm sorry, Levin. I'm not for sending $40 billion when we have now 18% inflation when you use the real CPI. When we have babies without baby formula because as we're going to find out, we're sending it to the border. I mean, no, I'm not for sending $40 billion to Ukraine where we have no interest as a state, as a nation. But yet here we have these guys. This is what we lose because we have guys like Mark Levin and Sean Hannity leading the way. They'd probably be very comfortable, in my opinion, in Idaho, a RINO corporatist state. By the way, I know we've collided with other conversations here, but Mark Levin was one of the guys screaming at his audience years ago. I would walk my dog and listen. He's screaming at people calling in who are bemoaning the globalism and RINO mentality of the Republican Party.

He's screaming and hollering at his callers. Well, they went. I guess they realized that's where everything was going. They decided, instead of criticizing the parade. They'd lead it. So, you know, this again is why Idaho is in the mess it is in, in my opinion, because of people like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin and Brian Kemp and all these other RINO Republicans. By the way, most of them are also for a constitutional convention or an Article V convention, which Phyllis Schlafly and so many others can tell us why that is really dangerous.

When you have so-called people on the right and George Soros all wanting an Article V convention, you better lookout. But the point I'm making is the whole reason you guys are in the mess you are and in a state like Idaho, I believe, is because of this kind of mentality that's running your state. These are not conservatives. These are not constitutionalists.

Diego Rodriguez: I agree wholeheartedly. If I just go back to everything you said, I know you and I haven't talked about any of this stuff previously, but man, I can't believe how much we agree and everything you just said. I've been diametrically opposed to an Article V convention ever since people started talking about it. I've challenged many national leaders to debate me about it. Nobody wants to debate it because they know once people see the two sides in, obviously, it's just going to be a complete slam dunk. You know, you're not going to improve on the Constitution.

Brannon Howse: That's right.

Diego Rodriguez: You're not going to say, “Okay, our founders didn't know what they were doing. We're going to do better than them.” The problem is not that the law is not good. The problem is we're not obeying the law.

Brannon Howse: Right. So, what makes you think they're going to follow a revised Constitution?

Diego Rodriguez: Exactly. Bingo, it's like so obvious. So, what you said here about Idaho is exactly the case. Yes, it's red. Yes, it's Republican. Some have stated it's the most Republican in the country. I don't know if that's true or not. Statistically, I know that we have completely dominated. All of our state offices are Republicans. You know, out of the 105 legislators that we have, I think there's like 25 or 30 Democrats or something like that. They, of course, come from the big cities. But yet, we still have high taxes, high property taxes, and personal property taxes, meaning if you own a business in the state of Idaho and you have equipment in your business, you have to pay taxes on the equipment you have, cameras, TVs.

You know, if you're a medical office or whatever, you pay taxes not just on your property, physical, like your land where you live, but the property in your business. I mean, California doesn't even do that. We have a grocery tax in Idaho where they tax your groceries. California doesn't do that. The multiple times that they've tried to undo that, the Governor vetoes it. I mean, we can go on and on and on. It's just not conservative.

Brannon Howse: By the way, you think it's conservative to hurt the poor? It's not the Conservatives to punish the poor. Of course, we need a real definition of poor because the poor today in America live like kings compared to third-world countries. But that's because the average poor person, you know, I can go through the government stats and show the average poor person has satellite and cable and they have air conditioning. I can show you the government stats on that, as you probably well know. But if you're taxing food that's hurting the poor, that's not conservative.

Diego Rodriguez: Nothing conservative about it at all. We have one of the highest incarceration rates. We don't have any crime here. So, the police are bored. They just arrest anybody for any cause. We literally have the highest incarceration rate in the world. If you see the graph, that shows you how far off the charts we are. We just arrest everybody for no reason. We have a very, very high regulatory environment.

Brannon Howse: And you keep saying here and we, I know it's going to take a while.

Diego Rodriguez: Oh, yeah, yeah? I'm out! I'm free!

Brannon Howse: You're in Florida. You're free, man.

Diego Rodriguez: Yeah, I'm free. I'm free. So, thank you for catching me on that one. Instead of here, I'll say there. For example, you know, it takes 2,000 hours of training to get a license to be a cosmetician, to do somebody's hair. To do some lady's hair takes more hours of training than it does to become a police officer and have a license to kill in the state of Idaho. These are the people who are running the operation that ultimately is in charge of stealing babies, including my grandson, and they're all interwoven. You know, I made a claim. I've made it on your show. I made it on everybody else's show that I've been on, that the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is part of the largest network of child trafficking in the history of the world.

I stated very specifically by definition of what child trafficking is, which is taking a child by force and giving it to somebody else for profit. That happens in all 50 states, even in the good states like Tennessee and Florida. Unfortunately, that still happens. The state government gets money from the federal government, I've now learned. I don't know if that I've shared this on your show before or not, but I have now learned as a fact the money comes from Social Security. Meaning, that they are taking money that's supposed to be going to senior citizens, and they're giving that money, $80 billion worth is what's been reported every year, to the states to kidnap children forcefully out of their parent’s loving arms. Guess what we've learned?

The vast majority of them go off into adoption. Guess where most of them go, to homosexual couples. This, if people wondered, how do homosexual couples adopt? Christians aren't going to give them to them. The Catholics won't give them to them. All these adoption agencies aren't going to give babies and children to homosexual couples. Where do they come from? Foster care. Foster care which is all part of CPS. This is how children end up in homosexual couple families. They adopt them out of foster care after they've been kidnapped from godly Christian families.

Brannon Howse: Mm-hmm. Well, it seems like you need a book or a documentary, that's for sure. Let me ask you, how is Baby Cyrus doing?

Diego Rodriguez: He's doing great right now. He's down there they are putting him to sleep. He wasn't feeling good just a little bit earlier. All-day yesterday, this whole week, he's been doing great. He's in his new home. He's all happy. The weather here is warm. It was, you know, the day before we left Idaho; it snowed. It was crazy. I mean, it's like it's May, and it's snowing over there, and so it's freezing. We couldn't wait to get out of the cold.

So, he's doing great over here. He's still got the care of, what's beautiful with technology, his existing doctor who is there, and actually, he has like five doctors now who are all working with him and on him because it became a high-profile case. A lot of people want to jump in and help him.

Brannon Howse: So, you have doctors coming forward? You had doctors coming forward to volunteer?

Diego Rodriguez: Yes.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Diego Rodriguez: Doctors are coming forward who want to help, and doctors are giving their specialty, etc. It is just absolutely incredible. Then others that, you know, we went to voluntarily and paid them directly using direct primary care. Basically like, they don't need to see him personally. We can do most of this, you know, over zoom, over Skype, over the telephone. They are just incredible new health options that are available based on technology. So, yeah, we'll definitely find some direct primary care here locally, but there are also five different doctors that they're still meeting with via Zoom and via Skype, and on the telephone. And so, he's doing great.

He's recovering. What he's been diagnosed as having is something called cyclical vomiting syndrome. It's not uncommon. It's something that happens in children. It's not uncommon, but it's also, you know, for lack of a better term, rare. Meaning not a lot of people have it, but it's something that is known to the medical science, and it happens to adults as well. It's not just infants or children, it's just they don't know what causes it.

Brannon Howse: Do they generally grow out of it.

Diego Rodriguez: That's what it is. You generally just grow out of it. So, you just have to do what you can to try to mitigate the symptoms as much as possible, and then they just grow out of it. So, there are lots of different medicines they've tried. There are, you know, sprays that they've tried, vitamins, supplements, nutrients, different formulas they've tried. Unfortunately, the formula that seems to work the best is a very special type of formula. It's not like the kind that's in shortage all over the country. It's this little bottle from a place called Kate Farms, and it's basically $10 a little carton.

And so, you know, he'll go through, I can't remember how many of them he goes through in a day, but essentially, it's going to end up being like $1,000 a month for this, for the supply of it, until he kind of grows out of it and can eat normal food and stuff. So just, you know, it's what it is. And, we'll go through it, and we'll walk through it together. Levi and Marissa have just, you know. Your guys' prayers and the prayers and support of everybody have made them strong.

They've walked through this graciously. God has been merciful to our family. And again, I can't say thank you enough to everybody here because here's the thing, Brandon. Here's what we learned. The police, the politicians, the judges, everybody they don't respect the rule of law anymore. We don't have a constitutional republic anymore. So how do you get justice when nobody respects the rule of law? You only get justice with a loud enough public outcry.

Brannon Howse: That's right.

Diego Rodriguez: And because there was a public outcry for this case, which is how and why we got baby Cyrus home.

Brannon Howse: So, you were a hot potato, and they want to get rid of you.

Diego Rodriguez: It's exactly right. You know, we heard two things. The first thing we heard was never before had they ever seen a baby given back to the parents, even though he was still legally the custody of the State of Idaho, within seven days. But they dismissed the case the Wednesday before the adjudicatory hearing. People who've been doing this for a long time have told us that's the biggest miracle I've ever seen in my life. You know, people who've been fighting and been advocates for a decade say they have never in a decade of fighting against CPS seen a case dismissed before the adjudicatory hearing.

That is an outright miracle. And again, it's just because of God's grace and mercy and everybody being used as, you know, transformational agents by God to bring this to a victory. So, I couldn't wait to come back on to share this with you guys because everybody here who helped, you participated, this win is your win. You guys brought this about. So, thank you, and thank you again. And my son-in-law, Levi, he's driving. We flew down here, me and the rest of my family. He's driving with his truck and the trailer to bring all their stuff. He's in Nashville right now. He pulled into Nashville like an hour ago.

Brannon Howse: Well, he's not very far away, but he's certainly in a free state as well, headed to another free state. Now, we want you to keep us posted on this breaking news with the lawsuit. Will you keep us posted on that and come on as you're allowed to?

Diego Rodriguez: You got my word, brother.

Brannon Howse: Okay. I said as you're allowed to because your attorney is going to probably, I guess, decide that. Have you found an attorney yet?

Diego Rodriguez: Yes, we have. I talked to them earlier today. It's going to be a long battle because the other side has unlimited resources, and they have this legal team, which is the largest law firm in the State of Idaho that is in bed with all of the politicians. It is the personal legal firm for the Governor, Attorney General, and all of the corrupt RINOs. They all use this same firm. It's the same firm they used to backed-up all of the COVID measures that they used over the last two years when they needed legal excuses to break the law. This is the same firm that gave them that backing.

Brannon Howse: Well, come on as you can. Again, I don't know if Matt Staver at the Liberty Counsel can help you, but he's there in Florida. So, don't forget about Matt Staver at the Liberty Counsel, but do let us know as soon as you can come back with an update, will you?

Diego Rodriguez: You got it, brother. Appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Brannon Howse: Much. In the meantime, your website is, correct?

Diego Rodriguez: That's correct. You're going to get all the information about the Baby Cyrus cases there, including updates from last week. Including us finding out that they did an illegal cell phone ping to find, you know, my son-in-law when they first arrested my daughters and first kidnapped baby Cyrus. That's how they did it. They did a cell phone ping. It's actually in the medical records.

Brannon Howse: Isn't that a violation of their Fourth Amendment rights?

Diego Rodriguez: Of course, it is. Absolutely. But again, doesn't make a difference.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Okay. You come back and let us know as soon as you have an update.

Diego Rodriguez: You got it, brother. Thank you so much.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Diego. Diego Rodriguez. Again Well, aren't we happy? Aren't we thankful? Thank you to all of you who prayed. Thank you to all of you who prayed and who were involved in that. “The prayer of a righteous man availeth much,” the Bible says.


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