Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Kandiss Taylor Responds to Mike Pence Backing Anti-Trump Brian Kemp. Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Ramthun on Wisconsin Speaker Of The House Shutting Down Voter Fraud Investigation


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Brannon Howse: Good evening. Welcome to the Lindell report with your host Mike Lindell. I'm in for Mike Lindell. At least we hope we'll get Mike on at some point. We just tried connecting with him. Was he still in the air, Logan? He was in the air, so you can imagine the coverage was not real good. But he may call in, and we'll try to get Mike on tonight. My guests are going to be Dan Eastman. He's an attorney out of Wisconsin. Hey, Reagan, can you plug in my computer so I can show an article, please? Dan Eastman, then gubernatorial candidate Tim Grantham of Wisconsin, ran for governor of Wisconsin. And Kandiss Taylor, running for governor in Georgia. The devil went down to Georgia. Oh, I'm sorry, Pence, excuse me. Pence went down to Georgia. I guess he's apparently going to embrace Brian Kemp for governor. We'll have Kandiss Taylor respond to that tonight. Also sad, but Sean Hannity has again revealed what I've tried telling you guys many times. He is apparently a useful idiot for the globalist.

Brannon Howse: He's a useful idiot for the progressives. He has now come out, Sean Hannity, and the other night went after Kathy Barnette in a way that is really just disgusting. Again, he seems to be backing Oz all the way. In fact, we're told sources tell me who actually convinced President Trump to endorse Oz. Again, I don't think Sean Hannity is the best influence on a lot of people. But the reality is, folks, we've got a real problem with the folks at Fox News, whether it's Sean Hannity or even Mark Levin, who, as many of you know, has come out recently and said if you don't support $40 billion going to Ukraine to fight Putin, then you are a blank kisser. You're a Putin blank kisser, referring to his rear end, Putin's rear end. Well, again, that just shows you, in my opinion, what a clown Levin is. Because you really think we need to be going to war, folks, with Russia? Do you think we need to spark a war with Russia? Because when we spark a war with Russia and fight a proxy war with Russia. That means we're fighting China. That means we're also fighting Iran. That means we're fighting North Korea. They're all in a military alliance together.

Brannon Howse: Do you think that's a good idea? Maybe you say, well, I still think we ought to fight Russia. Do you think that we need to do that with $40 billion? Do you think we need to do that with $40 billion of your money? They're inflating your money away. Eggs are up almost 200%. We don't have baby formula. Baby formula, as we've seen today in my show at 1:00, we showed the video of a congresswoman and on the World View Report baby formula. Oh, yeah, it's packed into some of the immigration facilities down on the border, like the Ursula processing center down there. There have been pictures of tons of baby formula Stockton by the Biden regime for the illegal immigrants, but none for America's moms and their babies. Yeah, so much for America first, right? So, Levin, you want to spend $40 to get into a war with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea? The same guys, by the way, won't talk about the machines and the vaccines. Oh, that's why because it's reported that FOX is getting a billion dollars along with Newsmax to push the Biden COVID death shot. And you don't think they've controlled opposition? Well, look at how they're treating Kathy Barnette.

Brannon Howse: You could say, well, my candidate is whoever of the three runs. Fine then, support your candidate but don't lie about Kathy Barnette. Why would you do that? Again, we are learning a lot about Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. Not to mention the fact that both of those guys, by the way, pushed the convention of the states, which is a very bad idea. Something I've been warning about for several decades. They can call it Article 5, whatever they want to call it. We don't need another convention. The one they had that gave us the Constitution we have run away from. That's why Patrick Henry was quoted as saying, "I think I smell a rat." And you really think we have guys as bright as the founders? By the way, what makes them think amending our current Constitution and opening up Pandora's Box to add who knows what and strip who knows what? What makes them think rewriting it is going to make them follow it? They're not following it now. So, be very, very leery of those guys that I'm mentioning tonight, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, the Fox crowd, these people. Joining me now is attorney Dan Eastman. Dan, welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

Dan Eastman: Hey, Brannon, thanks for having me back on. It's always great to talk with you.

Brannon Howse: You too, my friend. I know you're on the road, so we're connecting with you by phone. I wanted to get an update from you concerning what's going on with Wisconsin because Speaker of the House Vos has done what? It's all over the news today for those of us paying attention. I'll let you tell our audience what he has done?

Dan Eastman: Well, you have to remember that after the November 2020 election, there's been an extreme level of controversy in the state of Wisconsin. The average Wisconsinite has a real sense that something is very wrong with our electoral system. As a result of that, the legislature, of course, Speaker Vos, the head of the assembly, decided that he would have a committee, the elections committee, which is chaired by the very competent Janel Brandtjen, look into the matter. Of course, Chairperson Brandtjen had issued subpoenas, and Robin Vos didn't sign the subpoena. So, he really kind of threw her under the bus on that one. Then decided to appoint Justice Gableman again, a very competent jurist who sat on her Supreme Court for ten years. Mike Gableman is just a spectacular person, and he's a very intelligent man. Vos appointed him to investigate this whole election fraud situation, and of course, Justice Gableman issued subpoenas to a number of governments and the WAC. Of course, the WAC turns around and sues Justice Gabelman and Chair Brandtjen because they don't want to be investigated by the legislature, which is constitutional oversight. So, the problem we have is the Gableman investigation has gone forward, and of course, Justice Gableman has discovered very large amounts of election fraud in the state of Wisconsin. He's looked deeply into the CLTC situation, and he's looked into the Milwaukee and Dane County situation. Of course, the Racine County sheriff requested that five of the six West commissioners be indicted. He's looked at all of this.

Dan Eastman: He's put out two very critical and important reports, and Speaker Vos shuts them down. At some point last month, Speaker Vos was going to go and collect poor Justice Gableman's furniture and shut the investigation down completely. As we understand now, Vos has basically renegotiated with Justice Gableman and cut his salary in half. From my understanding, Justice Gableman is no longer able to look forward to investigating further election irregularities. He is merely to defend the nine lawsuits that are pending today against him, against Chair Brandtjen, and that officially puts the brakes on the investigation. Then, of course, he's running for re-election because our assembly people run every two years. When you look at Speaker Vos's campaign material, he brags about not one but two investigations in addition to the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau investigation, and look how much work he is doing to get to the bottom of election fraud. I forgot to mention he triggered the Legislative Audit Bureau investigation, which found 30 material points that needed correction. So, in effect, he's triggered all these investigations. He's put the squelch on them, and then he takes credit for investigating election fraud. So, this is really becoming a problem because what's clear across the state of Wisconsin is that we have literally over 10,000 people that are on these various like the Signal Channel and all these grassroots network type things. People are really agitated because they have a sense that the state government is not taking election fraud seriously.

Dan Eastman: This is becoming a really difficult problem because we're going into the November 2022 election cycle. We have Senator Ron Johnson, a critically important United States senator in Washington, up for re-election, and this is putting that election at risk. Of course, we have our dearly beloved Governor Evers. The point is there were 17 legislative bills passed to fix the election, and Evers vetoed every one of them. Evers is beatable, and this has thrown a lot of turmoil into the gubernatorial race. Of course, only one person in the 99-person assembly has issued proposed legislation to fix the problem. That's Tim Grantham. I believe he'll be out next. Tim is a very courageous assemblyman, and he's not running for governor. I'll tell you, Tim's the kind of guy who should be governor because he's like every Wisconsinite. He's tired of all of the problems we're having in Wisconsin, and he wants to do something about it. So, we really got a problem with the Vos faction of the Republican Party, who thinks everything is just fine with the election system in the state. Then you have the rest of us who are wondering how in the world can you have week after week of evidence for over a year and a half of significant and material election fraud? And nobody cares. Nobody does anything about it. So, that's the situation we're in Wisconsin right now.

Brannon Howse: Wow. All right, anything else you need to say or tell us before we let you go, then?

Dan Eastman: No, but I think you should continue to keep us all in your prayers and encourage the work that's being done by our grassroots teams. Certainly, take a very good look at Tim Grantham because he's the one guy if elected, is going to bring some justice to this system. We also formed a new organization called the Wisconsin Center for Election Justice. It's a 501c4 organization and launched last week. It will be up and running. We'll have a website up and running next week. I really think that people should be paying attention to that because all of these discoveries that we've seen are going to be posted on that site so the public can begin to understand what we see with election fraud? They can look at the evidence and decide for themselves.

Brannon Howse: I like the name of the group. Say that again.

Dan Eastman: The Wisconsin Center for Election Justice. We want justice. Everybody wants justice. We want justice, too. We want justice and an election system that is fair and just for everyone, nonpartisan and neutral. I mean, your election system should run like your washing machine or your refrigerator. It should run quietly in the background, but it shouldn't be deciding who the candidates are months before the election. We just want a fair and just system in this state, and that's what we're working for.

Brannon Howse: Yep. By the way, I don't know if you saw it. We played clips earlier this week on my show where a U.S. Senator Whitehouse is, who, by the way, is the guy in 2021, wrote a letter to the IRS commissioner to look into stripping Charlie Kirk, his organization, Turning Point USA, of their non-profit status. Why? Because they held an event at Mar-a-Lago. And I guess the folks weren't masking up, and they were holding super spreader events. Yet there were the emergency policies put in, and Palm Beach County had its policies. What are the hallmarks of a non-profit? Well, they have to be charitable. They have to do the public good. These are some of the hallmarks.

Dan Eastman: Educate the public, think educating the public on massive problems in the state voter database and massive problems with the state agency that regulates that. Instead of opening the doors to the public, if there's nothing to hide, open the doors. They lawyer up and sue the chair of the Assembly Elections Committee, and they sue the special prosecutor. Well, boy, that sure looks suspicious to me. It's the people's information.

Brannon Howse: The point I was making to let you aware of is that U.S. Senator Whitehouse, who is chairing this finance committee, has already gone after Turning Point USA. Writing to the IRS commissioner saying to be a non-profit 501c4, which is who he was specifically holding his hearings on going after, 501c4 like you're organizing now. He's saying, and we already know what he'll do because he did this with Charlie Kirk's group. Well, they held a Super spreader event at Mar-a-Lago. That's not in the common good, that's not charitable, and that's probably illegal behavior. You can't be a 501c4 or three if you're not doing charitable things. Things are for the common good and things that are illegal. What I'm saying is I want to make sure it's on your radar as an attorney. These guys are already talking about how they're going to strip groups like yours and mine and others of any of their 501c3, 501c4s, while they do nothing about Zuckerberg and his using his, what, 501c4 or whatever he had. Right?

Dan Eastman: Well, it's the battle of the non-profits. I mean, trust me, nobody makes a profit doing this, but it's the battle of the non-profits. That seems to be the way America is shaping up. It's kind of a sad thing because it leaves the individuals in the dust.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely.

Dan Eastman: You know, we have to be able to get that message, and we're Wisconsin-centric. We're not going on Mar-A-Lago or anywhere else. We make it to Madison, Wisconsin. It's exotic for us, and we are looking at Wisconsin and Wisconsin only. We want a fair election system. That's all we want. We're putting the evidence out there. Let people decide. That's what we're doing, so.

Brannon Howse: Well, thank you, Dan. I appreciate it as always. I got Tim Rothman, gubernatorial candidate for Wisconsin, and then I got on Kandiss Taylor, gubernatorial candidate for Georgia. So, a great lineup tonight. You're the first. Thanks for being with us.

Dan Eastman: Yeah, thanks, Brannon. Nice talking to you. Take care.

Brannon Howse: You Too. By the way, look at my screen real quick here, folks. Do you see the player? If you go to our homepage, player number one here. Go right below it, you guys could register, and you can comment. I do sit here and look at some of your comments. Here's one; Casey Webb says, "What's clear is that Vos is simply stalling and has been all along." Again, you guys can come on here and make your comments. Some of them I'll read. You can ask questions. Some of them I'll ask of the guests, Timothy Rothman and Kandiss Taylor. You can make some comments along the way. We'll show them and comment on the community postings below the Player Lindell TV 1. There I am showing it. So, get on board, make some comments, and ask some questions. Well, incorporate that into the show. Joining me now before we go to a gubernatorial candidate for Georgia, Kandiss Taylor because the Pence has gone down to Georgia to back Kemp. I guess, huh? I wonder if they'll play that song, The Devil Went Down to Georgia. We will be joined first, however, by a gubernatorial candidate for Wisconsin, Tim Rothman. Tim, welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us. Click - Give me some audio.

Tim Rothman: I was laying low and incognito. I forgot to turn myself back on. Here I am. Hi.

Brannon Howse: Not a problem.

Tim Rothman: Good to see you, sir, and thank you so very much for having me.

Brannon Howse: You too. I'm glad to have you. The honors is ours. So, tell me your thoughts on - you just heard from Dan Eastman. He says you're the only one that's offered up legislation then. Now the Speaker of the House, Vos in Wisconsin, Republican, puts the brakes on everything. I mean, these Republican obstructionists, whether it's guys like Sean Hannity and Levin, don't want to talk about the machines and all of this stuff like they should, as much as they should, or even aspects of it they don't want to touch. I mean, it's sad that what keeps being the block so much of the time are Republicans, Tim.

Tim Rothman: I agree with that, and I will tell you. I wanted to serve. I'm a servant of the people, and I was just re-elected to the school board here locally on April 5th. I'm in my fourth term. I decided not to run for re-election in the Assembly because of the fact that when you're on the inside, and you can see the injustice, you can see the corruption, you can see the orchestration, and I can't fix it from the inside because it's layers of people and bureaucracy. So, the discussion point is about the one individual who is the origin of the destruction in Wisconsin, Robin Vos. He is blocking everything that should be working for the people. He's actually working against the people. As Dan said in the previous segment, he turns around and puts on his literature for his really re-election campaign that he's spearheaded two investigations. He's running point on election integrity. Sorry, sir, but that's all crap. It's been crap from day one from this guy. He's been obstructing everything. I've done everything Janelle's trying to do.

Brannon Howse: He took your staff.

Tim Rothman: Yeah, well, and he took he actually took the requisition away. I couldn't even backfill with a different person. I mean, to actually take the requisition way to reduce my resource capability so that I would be limited, perhaps to not be able to travel the state to talk about the truth regarding our elections, to send out my videos, to send out my updates, and to take care of my constituents. He did everything to hurt me, to make me look bad, so perhaps I would become unelectable. So, what people have to realize is this is an individual who is retaliatory in nature. He's incredibly insecure, and he doesn't belong in a leadership position. What makes it worse is the people around him. My colleagues let him do it. They're enablers. They have helped perpetuate the problem in Wisconsin politics and within the Wisconsin legislature because they don't do anything. Why? Because they fear, they hang on to favoritism, and they worry about funding, which helps them with their re-election. So, everything's self-centered. Everything should be about the people, and it's not. It's about themselves. They let this guy get away with all this stuff. We ought to stand up and have a revolt in the body. Get a bunch of members, get a majority into the Capitol and go on to the floor and demand a hearing or a floor session, and move on some of these legislative items that were dumped on March 15th. By the way, when our session ended on March 15th. I'm going to tell you. I am going to give you some numbers here real quick.

Tim Rothman: You're a numbers guy. We had 1198 bills in the assembly, 1-1-9-8. The governor signed 267. He vetoed 127, which is a record for the state, by the way, and the remaining 804 died. Went away, gone, including H.R. 120. Now, I have repositioned H.R. 120 as a refreshed bill. Now it's LRB 6309, and should the members of my body have enough courage to have an extraordinary session or a special session? That bill can be pulled from the floor and can be acted upon. If we can have a floor session, but I don't believe there are enough courageous members in the body right now to go against leadership's will, which is to block this thing, this elections thing, and just make it go away. The reason I believe it's being blocked is that the individuals blocking it are compromised. So, that's the dilemma I have here.

Brannon Howse: And when you say compromised, what do you mean by that?

Tim Rothman: They are involved. They're guilty. They're on the take for money. They're on the take for a favor. Something's going on behind the scenes. You can't explain the behavior of the Speaker of the Assembly Speaker, Robin Vos, the way he's behaving in his subject matter any other way. You can't defend his actions and inactions other than the fact that he's compromised. Everybody sees it. Everybody knows it. He's in trouble. He's being primaried this year, and I'm glad he is because I frankly believe that our legislative system, not just the assembly, has control over the Senate, too. They do what he wants. They conform to his request. We need a change at that spot with that one person, and Wisconsin will have a chance to do things right, by and for the people. So, it's a big deal. There's no question.

Brannon Howse: When you say that the other members are afraid of losing funding, which helps them get re-elected, are you saying that Speaker Vos, outside of being Speaker of the House in Wisconsin, has authority in power with the state party as to who gets funding for re-election?

Tim Rothman: Well, the state party is an interesting qualifier. I'm sure there are minimally influence level elements there. I'm speaking more about the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee. You know, there is money there that's off-campus. He's got control of the off-campus function. He's got control of the on-campus function regarding chairperson ships, committee assignments, office assignments, favors, you know. Then when people want to run for re-election, they say, "Oh, no, Mr. Speaker, I'm in a 5248 district. I need help," and he'll give them some money. If they contribute 10,000 to the fund, they get a lot more than 10,000 back to help them with their campaign. So, it's a good return on investment for them. That's called pay to play, by the way, and it's something that needs to be looked into here and investigated. And I fully intend on doing that.

Brannon Howse: You're a threat to the establishment.

Tim Rothman: I would rather spin that to be. I am exactly what the people of this state have wanted for decades.

Brannon Howse: Well, that's what I'm saying. Who is for the good ole boy establishment pay to play? Who is for that? I mean, most people are not for that because they see it's wrong. And that movement works against them because you have to be a part of that team to get any benefit from it.

Tim Rothman: Yeah. A lot of my fellow colleagues, although we're friends, I guess. They don't want to associate too much with me because maybe I'm toxic when I'm seen with them. They don't want to be in pictures. Well, I still get pictures with them. Anyway, I don't want to go into the weeds on that. You know what? I don't care. I signed up to serve the people, and I will do everything I can for them. I don't work for Madison or anybody down there. I work with them. That's true, but I work for the people. And I'll take that same passion and that same conviction onto the gubernatorial race that I'm in. When I win that seat on the primary on August 9th and take Evers out on November 8th, I'm going to do more in this state than we've ever done before, and we're going to set the record straight on how things should be done across the board in all facets. We're going to get data issues done. We're not going to be kicking cans down the road anymore, and we're going to address the issues that the people want because that's how the Constitution was written. It's God first, then people. Then county, state, and then federal. I want that order right by design, and that's how my administration is going to operate.

Tim Rothman: The last thing I'll tell you is, yeah, I guess I'm a threat. And they're trying real hard to make sure I'm not successful, so I need all the help I can get, ladies and gentlemen. I'll tell you right up. The statewide office is not easy to do. It's very taxing on everybody and me physically. That's okay. I signed up for it, but I'm saying that I could use some help. So, if there's anything you can do minimally, I would appreciate donations because it costs money, especially at four bucks a gallon, 4.50 a gallon almost, to get around and visit the people and talk and get my message out. It costs money for the literature. It costs money. I'm revamping my website. I'm revamping my collateral materials. Brannon, you're going to like what you're going to see here. I'm going to use a red, white, and blue motif. We're going to let freedom ring is going to be my new mantra. I want to run this thing to the end, and we're going to win. It's going to be all about freedom. It's going to be about the people. It's going to be about our Constitution and getting our rights back. I'm looking forward to it.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Are you planning any big patriotic rallies?

Tim Rothman: Well, interesting question. We are at the state convention next weekend. So, a week from today, May 20th. I have a hospitality room at the convention in Madison, and I did invite Mr. Lindell, and he's coming. So, I'm hoping that gets pulled off really well. Then, of course, the convention is Saturday, Saturday night, and then into Sunday morning. Saturday is going to be a big day, but that's my next big event. I hit small things. I am going to a 2000 Mules event on Sunday at the Italian community center in Milwaukee. So, anybody who's watching that can swing by there. You really got to see that movie. If you can't, I got a few extra tickets. Maybe I can help you get in. By the way, I paid for him, so I didn't get anything free. I don't take handouts, but I would take donations. Anyway, I'll be at the movie on Sunday. Then the conventions were my next thing.

Brannon Howse: Now, the convention helped me because I can't keep track of all these states. Our buddy in Michigan, Matt DePinho, you know, had to go to the convention. Mike was there, gave speeches, and Matt DePinho was confirmed, voted for there, and is the Republican endorsed candidate for attorney general. That's how that works there with their primary. How does Wisconsin work? When you mentioned the convention, is that it, or is there a vote for your primary?

Tim Rothman: That's a great question. You know, you remind me again how brilliant you are, and you're really good at what you do. Yeah, well, here's the deal.

Brannon Howse: Flattery gets you everywhere, Tim.

Tim Rothman: So, here's the deal. It's a great question, but in this particular case, there was a push by the party to not only force an endorsement process at this convention, but once the endorsement occurred, and if the individual got 60% or more of the delegate votes, that everybody else would stand down. Okay. Hang on for a second, and think about that. So, I'm not the one they want to give the endorsement to. I won't mention her name, however. If that were to happen, they would expect me to stand down and not run through the August 9th primary and let the people have a voice. So, to your question, I don't think it's going to happen at this convention this year because so many people are against the manipulation and orchestration of this process, and they're not going to allow for the endorsement process to occur. I think it's on Saturday or Saturday night. So, it's going to be a ruckus, if you would.

Brannon Howse: So, what you're saying is you're going to come out of your Wisconsin Republican convention with no convention-endorsed candidate?

Tim Rothman: I hope so. That's my desire. If I were the person they wanted and I was 100% guaranteed. Honest to God, I can tell you this as Lord is my witness, I would not want them to do it because I want the people to have a voice. If a person wants to run and they've done the work. They've earned money, and they're viable or not. If they want to try and experience the process of giving themselves a chance to earn a seat through the vote, they should be given that privilege. So, I would not want to obstruct that. That's not what they want to do. They want to pick and choose who they want. They want everybody else to take a powder, and then they want to give all the money to this person, and that's their excuse, by the way. If we don't stand down, they're going to have to spend more money to get their person across the line, which will hurt them in the general election in November. I don't agree with that. I think that they should just let the process handle and occur naturally and not continue to manipulate it. It's destroying their image with the people. They're losing support, and they're losing money, and if they can't see the writing on the wall if they keep acting like this as a party. They're not going to have much of a party left anymore. Not in this state anyway.

Brannon Howse: Your website is Wouldn't it sometimes be easier just to put an M, as in Mary, on the end of that, instead of an N?

Tim Rothman: Well, then it would be false information, and I could get sued for, you know.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. In the same way, it'd be easier for my name to be H-O-U-S-E instead of H-O-W-S-E. That would take care of a lot of problems.

Tim Rothman: I wasn't going to say anything. But now that you went there, to-shay.

Brannon Howse: Yeah.

Tim Rothman: I go back to just a real quick comment about what's going on in Wisconsin. Robin Vos to the R.C. person, I think he said, "I never wanted closure on this." He never wanted truth and transparency. That's why he attacked me because I was focused on that and let there be a live press release that flew right over his head, and the ordinance dropped right on his forehead. When you fly over the target, that's when you get the most flack, right? That's when he attacked me. Everything has been excuse-based ever since. They make up stuff about me to try to make me look like I'm not credible, which is not correct either. Everything I do is about truth, honesty, and openness. I want closure on this. Just like Dan said, "We want a system that works, just like your washing machine or refrigerator should be quiet behind the scenes. It should happen periodically every two or four years, and it shouldn't be a big deal." But they have rigged this thing and manipulated it for so long that it's become a learned behavior, and now they're busted at it, and they don't want to admit that they were wrong. I think maybe that's part of the problem. They're just too proud to admit they were wrong, that I was right. Heaven forbids my colleagues would say that Rothman was right all along. But you know what? I was, and I've been on the right side of the fence on this thing since day one. I'll continue to fight it no matter what happens to me in any election. I'm going to continue to fight this thing and do right for the people. So help me, God. That's my last word, other than help me out with some donations. I could use it to help.

Brannon Howse: Hey, before I let you go, my next candidate is the gubernatorial candidate for Georgia. How much do you know about Kandiss Taylor?

Tim Rothman: I know enough about her that she's the person that needs to be elected, and for Mike Pence to go down there and throw a wrench in that gear is incredibly telling to me. I'll tell you what, that's going to burn his bridges for anything elected going forward. He was already probably written off by the people of this country, but he's going to terminate anything going forward if he gets involved that way. So, yeah, she's awesome. She's good stuff. I'm glad you have her on. She could use some help, too, I'm sure.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Representative. Appreciate it.

Tim Rothman: As always. Good to see you, sir. Stay blessed.

Brannon Howse: You too, my friend. We'll talk soon. All right. Look at the screen real quick here, folks. Let me do a refresh on this. To remind you, something we're going to try to do a little more regularly here is incorporate your involvement in the comment section. So, again, look at the comment section. Go under player number one. All you got to do here - Let me show you how this works. Go to the home page. You see this where it says comment. Click right there to comment. You can register if you have it, and then you can start commenting. Look at that. (Reading comments) "As far as I can tell, Tim Rothman is 100% golden. I love his candor and passion. Let's help him. You go, Tim. Can War Room or Mike Lindell help Rothman? He needs to get his voice out in Wisconsin. Well, maybe you guys ought to start emailing Steve Bannon. Ask him to have him. Trump needs to endorse Tim Rothman for governor of Wisconsin. He's the best person to lead the state of Wisconsin." Look at this, folks. "Wisconsin needs to hear more from you, Rothman. We only see Mr. Michaels." That must be his candidate. - No, I cannot; not going to happen. This is where I am. Not going to happen, not going to happen. Let's see. I wouldn't even run for Congress, much less anything else. I am staying right here where I'm at. I will give a platform. This is where my gifts are the best.

Brannon Howse: So, I appreciate that. My gifts are best right here, giving a platform to the candidates that want to run, and that's what we're going to do. Thank you for that. I love what I do. I wake up every day, and I think, wow. I'll get to do this. That includes not only hosting on radio and T.V. See if I run for something, but I also have to give up all those 60 stations I'm on. You can't do that under FCC rules. I work too long to build that audience up. Not only that, I get to do radio-TV, run the Lindell network, run my network, write books, do documentaries, working on part two of Brainwashed the movie. If you haven't seen Brainwashed, the movie Part I, you ought to see it. You can watch all 2 hours for free. I used to sell my documentaries. Then I started making them free. to watch the first 2 hours. I spent 10 hours Saturday and Sunday continuing to work on the script for Brainwashed the movie, Part II. I'm going to work on that more this weekend and hope to start filming that next weekend with the goal of that coming out this fall. Let me just mention this fall real quick because I hold a conference every year—the Ozarks Worldview Weekend. I've been holding that one for 19 years, and this year I'm a little late in booking everybody and planning it, but this year it'll be again.

Brannon Howse: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, Central Missouri, with a beautiful lake, 150 miles of shoreline. There is a banquet on Thursday night, the 13th. Our Foundation banquet is on the 13th that night, but the conference gets underway on Friday night, October 14th. All-day, Saturday the 15th, and then Sunday morning, we close it out with a worship service. By Monday, we hope to have it set up for you to see all the speakers and to register. Last year it sold out. So, you can go ahead and write it on your calendar—the weekend of October 14th, 15th, and then Sunday morning, the 16th. Centrally located, most of you can drive. My speakers will include Patrick Wood on technocracy and all the great things. Mike Lindell is back by popular demand. Leo Hohmann, who breaks stories nonstop, with Michele Bachmann from quoting him a couple of times on Steve Bannon's show the other day informing her about the WHO treaty. Anni Cyrus was born and raised in Iran, an expert on Islam, and so much more. Then we'll have Dr. Peter McCullough. All of these people are alive in person, Roger Stone, Terry Turchie, the former assistant deputy director of the counterterrorism division of the FBI, and Dr. Andy Woods. Those are the people I booked thus far and myself. Again, if you want to mark your calendar and join us the Friday night, October 14th, Saturday, the 15th half-day, and Sunday, the 16th.

Brannon Howse: We'll let you know how you can register. But anyway, I love doing all this, so I'm going to stick to doing this. All right, joining me now is Kandiss Taylor. She is running for governor. By the way, Mike Lindell, this is his show we're doing right now, the Lindell Report. He's in the air. We tried connecting with him. The coverage wasn't very good. If he gets on the ground and you get a good cell signal with this, we'll mix him in. Other than that, let me just say real quick then the World View Report, our nightly newscast at 7:00, and then at 7:30, I am going to have Anni Cyrus, an expert on Islam and Iran, and some things going on. Then I have on OBGYN Dr. James Thorp and then, ready for it? I'm having on Pat Boone. Some of you go, who? It's a generational thing. I asked a couple of the young people today. Do you know who Pat Boone is? No. But they all are going to love my interview with Pat Boone. You've got to hear it. He's going to talk about having been involved in the anti-communist campaigns, fighting communism with John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, and a whole host of other people. You do not want to miss my interview with Pat Boone tonight. He'll be 89 in June. Sharp as a tack. You've got to hear this tonight. All right, joining me now is Georgia gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor. Kandiss, welcome back to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.

Kandiss Taylor: Thank you for having me. I'm so excited.

Brannon Howse: Well, you heard from gubernatorial candidate Wisconsin, Tim Rothman. Did you hear what he said about you?

Kandiss Taylor: I did, and I appreciate that shout-out. He seems like a great guy, and I hope that the convention this weekend goes perfectly for him.

Brannon Howse: Will you have that situation where you have a state convention coming up? No?

Kandiss Taylor: No, Georgia doesn't have a state convention in the election year of the governor. So, we just had a convention last June in 2021, but this June, we do not have one because of the governor's race.

Brannon Howse: Well, as you know, it's all over the place that former Vice President Mike Pence is coming to Georgia. Apparently, I guess, to back Brian Kemp, you heard Tim's response. You know how I feel about it. Everyone wants to know what you have to say about this and what do you think this means?

Kandiss Taylor: Political suicide. I mean, how do you think you're going to have Mike Pence, who sold out our president, Donald Trump, on January 6th, on January 20th, over and over. How do you think you're going to have him come to Georgia and help you win? You know, that just goes back to more of Brian Kemp's failure as a governor and his pandering and him actually thinking that the people of Georgia are believing the lie that Georgia wasn't hijacked and the people of Georgia actually didn't elect Donald Trump when we did, really big. So, he is in denial. I don't know if he thinks that we buy into this, and we'll believe this narrative if he keeps trying to tell us the same thing over and over, that he can brainwash us as the mainstream media does. But he's wrong, and that in itself - I think what happened was I released the flyer, and Mike Lindell and Stew Peters are coming into Georgia on May 22nd to do a rally in Forsyth. Then today, he has Mike Pence coming on May 23rd, the following day. So, he's trying to outdo Mike Lindell and Stew Peters with Mike Pence. Isn't that funny?

Brannon Howse: Yeah, isn't that funny? Now, you've been endorsed by Mike Lindell. Obviously, he's doing a rally for you. Who else has endorsed you?

Kandiss Taylor: Oh, gosh. A lot of people, Lin Woods, Stew Peters, Roger Stone, Ann VanderSteel, Monica Matthews, and Josh Barnett, are running for the house in Arizona. Oh, so many Seth Kessel. Oh, gosh, I won't forget people, Jaren Jackson, Professor Clements. There are so many. I can't name them all. I won't forget somebody, Joe Oltmann. I don't know, a bunch. The people of Georgia are endorsing me.

Brannon Howse: Well, you tore it up at the debate, and we now found out why they're afraid to have you on the platform after we played those clips. Logan, rack that backup, and we'll play it after she leaves. Her debate snippets that Stew put together. We should play those when she jumps off here. So, remind our audience of the date that Pence is on - I was going to talk about the Charlie Daniels song, but when is he coming down to Georgia?

Kandiss Taylor: Well, Pence came in here on Monday before our election. Our elections are on May 24th on Tuesday. So, what's going to happen is on Sunday, May 22nd, we're going to have a worship service, and we're going to have a pastor speak. Then we're going to have Stew and Mike Lindell speak. It's going to be awesome on May 22nd. Then on May 23rd, the devil comes down to Georgia with Brian Kemp. Then on the 24th is Election Day, and we take Georgia back to the people.

Brannon Howse: So, the devil comes down to Georgia the day after your rally.

Kandiss Taylor: That's right.

Brannon Howse: Okay. So, I guess you guys will do a lot of praying about that spiritual warfare before he gets there. Let's talk about where people can find out about attending that rally. How do they find out? Do they get tickets in advance?

Kandiss Taylor: No, it's free. So please come, everybody come. It's free. We'd love to have you. You can go to and go to any of my social media, and you can find it. It's from 11 to 3 on May 22nd in Forsyth, Georgia.

Brannon Howse: Where is that for those who don't know? Where is that?

Kandiss Taylor: It's 15 miles north of Macon, which is middle Georgia.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. So, I don't know; we'll have to find out. Are you guys going to have a film crew and stream it?

Kandiss Taylor: Yes, we are.

Brannon Howse: You are?

Kandiss Taylor: We are. Yes, Stew's people are coming, and then they're going to stream it, I think, here on FrankSpeech.

Brannon Howse: We are, so we have to send a camera guy, or we need to pick up some of the streams. But I was going to tell you. We're going to carry it here on Lindell TV.

Kandiss Taylor: Yay! It's going to be awesome. I cannot wait.

Brannon Howse: So, we're going to carry it on Lindell TV, so we'll have a big audience. Since you were with us last, any more details about polling or anything related to your debate? Because again, you came on right after that debate, and man alive, you tore it up. There has to have been some news that's come out since you were with us last.

Kandiss Taylor: Well, I tell my people not to participate in polls. I've been telling them just to hang the phone up or even vote for Kemp-Perdue because I know they're using this polling. I don't know if they're going to do an algorithm or what they're going to try to do. They're crazy. So, I just tell them, don't participate in the polls, that they're rig and not real. Even though I tell my people not to participate, they've been telling me they've been hanging the phone up, or they've been voting for one of the twin rhinos. I had on Friday news that came from a Georgia House member that said that I was polling at 29%, Kent was at 30 something, and Perdue is at 21, 22. So, I've beaten Perdue. We know that. So, Kemp's concerned that I'm going to be in the runoff and not David because he doesn't want to run against me, obviously, because he's running against the people then.

Brannon Howse: Wow, and have you seen any internal polls yourself? Does your campaign do internal polls?

Kandiss Taylor: We have it in five weeks because I'm telling you, I was so mad about the debates, and they wouldn't let me in them that I am boycotting the polls. So, it's interesting to me that they call them polling when actually we go vote at the polling place to cast our ballot. So, that makes me feel like they are doing this polling on purpose so they can control the vote because they're using this false narrative to make people feel like if you vote for someone, it's not polling high, then you're not going to win, and they're not a viable candidate. We, by nature, are very competitive people. It's brainwashing, pandering, gaslighting, and all the above. So, we're not participating in their little political game. We're taking the state of Georgia back to the people of Georgia. We are of by and for the people. We're done with all this mess, and we are going to win outright, and it isn't going to happen with polling. So, if polling won elections and money, Hillary would be president, and we know that didn't happen.

Brannon Howse: That's right. Now, again, I want to make sure people understand. Tell them one more time because you've got to say it often. When is your rally? Because we want a huge turnout for your rally. When is it?

Kandiss Taylor: Sunday, May 22nd, Mike Lindell and Stew Peters are flying from Minnesota; I guess they will be coming from Minnesota. Down to Georgia, and they're going to do a rally for me in Forsyth, Georgia. It is right above Macon, 15 miles above, May 22nd, 11 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. And yes, we're going to have worship, we're going to have preaching, and then we're going to go into the rally. So, you all come and join us for service that day and then for being there for the rally. It's free admission. It's going to be great. You can go to my website, and find out the address and the details on May 22nd.

Brannon Howse: Is it inside or outside?

Kandiss Taylor: Outside, so I bring a chair.

Brannon Howse: So, regardless of weather you have it.

Kandiss Taylor: It's going to be great weather. Yes, we're going to have it.

Brannon Howse: Great. Okay. Excellent. We're going to play your little debate clips, which were just amazing and epic. When you hop off here because I know you have a busy schedule. Every time I interview, you come up in a car, which is fine, but that tells me you're are all over that state, aren't you?

Kandiss Taylor: I'm actually in Cobb County right now near Atlanta. I'm doing a fundraising supper. This is my third event for the day. So, yeah, tomorrow I have four events and on Sunday. So, we're hitting a hard. I outwork everybody in Georgia because I have to reach the people. We are a grassroots campaign, but we have over 2,000 volunteers, and we are signed waving all over the state door knocking, and we are getting this race won.

Brannon Howse: We even got feedback coming tonight. People up in Michigan are thanking you for running. (Reading Comment) "Give Kindness a big thank you from Michigan as well." So, we got people in other states that are thankful that you're running. They're really happy that you're running. Again, we all realize that we've got to save the republic, which means we've got to have people, great people running in all these states. So, a lot of great people are coming in and making comments about that. (Reading comment) "Ask Kandiss about Garland Favorito, saying poll watchers were told to leave the scanners on overnight to receive an update. Garland's comment was on the current primary early election." Any comment on that for Let You go?

Kandiss Taylor: We had a lot of issues last week. We had a lot of issues with people going, and they had this new data system. It's not Dominion. It's something else that Brad Raffensperger is using to do the precincts where the people vote, and people go out to their precinct, their name wasn't there, they couldn't vote on the machine, and they had to vote by paper, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, it was a mess, so yes, there were issues relating to scanners, and they were trying to get them updated because they had all kinds of problems, which makes you wonder why they were having the problems in 2022 when the system was doing 2020. It doesn't make sense. But I want to say this because I read this comment the other day when you were scrolling through. Someone said on there, "Why did Kandiss vote for $40 million to Ukraine or something. I saw some comment. I didn't vote on anything. I'm not elected. I'm a public servant as an educator.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. You're not a member of Congress. How could you vote on that?

Kandiss Taylor: But I will say that I'm tired of our government printing money and sending it to other places when we can't get baby formula in America. And whenever we have food shortages in America, that's a problem. So, I think sometimes we stick our noses in places we don't need to. This is one of those times. I pray for the innocent people in Ukraine and Russia who are not involved in what's going on over there. But I do think America needs to butt out.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. I played Congresswoman Kat talking today about the video, the pictures she's received as a congresswoman of all the baby formula packed into the immigration processing center down in Ursula. There is no baby formula for America's babies, none for America's moms, but plenty for people breaking the law down there in the south at the southern border. It's just absolutely horrific. I agree with you; $ 40 billion to fight a war. As I said earlier, why do we want to pick a fight with Russia through Ukraine? Because we pick a fight with Russia. We're fighting China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. I do not think that's a good idea for us. There's no national interest in Ukraine for us.

Kandiss Taylor: I want to destroy our country. They literally do. They want to destroy our country. So, all I know is, the people are awake, and we have to band together, and we have to push back and say no more. We have to take every single seat away from this corrupt rhino, Republican politicians who do not care about the people of our country.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Well, we will keep praying for you, and we're so glad you joined us tonight. We're excited about the rally coming up with Stew Peters and Mike Lindell. We'll be carrying it live here on Lindell TV. They can find all the details out as well as support you. I'm sure to make a contribution to your campaign if they so wish at, and they'll find out information about the rally there, too. Right?

Kandiss Taylor: Yes. The rally information is there. I would love for you to make a donation. Just like the guy from Wisconsin said before, it's important. Even $5, $25, you think it doesn't matter? It matters. Those donations are what run this campaign. So, I ask, first of all, for you all to pray for me. Please pray for me for safety and for endurance and favor of God on May 24th.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Well, you're always welcome here. Proud of you. A great job, and we're going to show your epic clips from the debate as well. So, have a great weekend. I know you're super busy. We really appreciate your making time for us tonight.

Kandiss Taylor: Thank you for inviting me.

Brannon Howse: By the way, Mike knew that I had you on, and I called him, and I said, "I have booked three guests for your show. Hopefully, you can Skype in and be with us." But he was in the air, and there was not a good signal. But I rattled off who I was having. He was like, "Man, it's out of control over what you're doing." So, he was pretty excited.

Kandiss Taylor: You're doing your job. You wait and see how out of control this rally is going to be. You should fly in for the rally, too.

Brannon Howse: Well, I could actually drive. I'm in Memphis, so I'm not too far from you. That would be a very quick drive for us, but I may just stay here and anchor it from the news desk. I'll let you know. Either way, we're carrying it here at Lindell TV, and I will be involved, at least from the anchor desk, if nothing else.

Kandiss Taylor: That's right, on May 22nd, we are doing this.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely, and any time you need to come on, just let us know.

Kandiss Taylor: Thanks, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Kandiss. Folks, pray for her. Check out her website as well, won't you? All right, let's go real quick over to the website before we roll these clips by Kandiss. I want to show you that real quick. Let's go to Click on the Online Store. I'm in the wrong browser, guys. Hold on a second. Let me go to this one and then this one because I think before I show these clips by Kandiss again, which are amazing from the debate the other night. I think there is a slipper sale going on. Is it up on the website yet? Maybe not; let me see if it's over at MyPillow. Maybe they got it up because Mike was telling me that there was going to be a big slipper sale. There's something going on with the slippers, but maybe they haven't gotten that online yet. I don't know. Well, here we go, right here. MySlippers Moccasins 69.99 with promo code, save 50%. But I think there's something else going on. Maybe they just didn't got it online yet, but we know they got the big Buy One, Get One Free sale going, big Buy One, Get One Free. Here you go, all kinds of things. Buy One, Get One Free, Shop Now! You got 6-Piece Towel Set. Buy One, Get One Free. All kinds of others. Let me go back to FrankSpeech guys, if you don't mind, FrankSpeech, because that one has that ad on there that I like. There it is right there, Buy One, Get One FREE! MyBedsheets, Giza Elegance MyPillow, Roll & Go Anywhere, 6-Piece Towels Set, throwing in Mike's book, Slippers, a Dog Bed, so much that you can get here, folks. Again, you're supporting our network. You're supporting this show. Keep it all going, and you're getting great products at the same time. Please consider doing that. Robes and the Bionic Wrench so much more. or Use that promo code l77. It denotes that you're watching the Lindell Report and want to support the network and show Mike Lindell and Mike Lindell's work, so, please. All right, let's roll these. By the way, again, Pat Boone joins me tonight during Brannon Howse live, and you do not want to miss that. I know you don't want to miss that, 89 years old this June. You're going to love it. You're going to love it. He's actually got a new movie coming out. He's got a new book coming out. I guarantee you he's going to have some things to say about communism and Marxism. You don't want to miss this. Coming up tonight, my interview with Pat Boone during Brannon Howse Live starts at 7:30 Central Time. The Worldview Report news, the nightly news we do here, has now been picked up by five different networks. Five different networks now picked up the World View Report. So, we're thankful for that, but yet join me for Brannon Howse live at 7:30 Central, and then Pat Boone will be part of that show, along with Anni Cyrus and Dr. James Thorpe OBGYN. All right, let's roll these clips, these epic clips by my guest that we just had. Gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor, of Georgia. Watch this.

Panelists Chuck Williams: Dr. Taylor, you tweeted on April 23rd that, and I quote, "There will be a runoff, period, and I'm going to be in it." What makes you so certain you can get into a runoff in this race?

Kandiss Taylor: Am I really polling that way? Really? Internal polling didn't show that. The people of Georgia don't think I'm polling that way, and it's funny I haven't been in a debate yet. Thank the Lord I'm here today. I'm thankful for the Atlanta Press Club, which stood up for the people and let them have a voice. I am one of the people. I'm an educator, and I've been fighting for abused kids for 19 years. I'm sick and tired of what's been going on in our state. Enough is enough. Our election was hijacked. Our children were masked. This governor failed us in Georgia. The people know it. I know it. I'm running. I'm here. He's going to have a woman running against him because of his failure. Those we elect to work for us, not against us. The Chinese Communist Party, the CCP, is the worst evil on earth. Our governor met with two consulates four times before Dominion was signed. Chinese-made solar panel farms that do not work are being pushed on our farmers. This is the communist, liberal leftist agenda of the Green New Deal.

Moderator Donna Lowry: Mr. Davis, your question, please.

Kandiss Taylor: I'm Taylor.

Moderator Donna Lowry: Taylor. I'm sorry, Taylor.

Kandiss Taylor: Thank you. All these examples prove you are not working for us. Governor Kemp, We the People want to know what's stopping you from severing ties for Georgia, renouncing the CCP, and putting Georgia first?

Brian Kemp, Governor of Georgia: So, what was your question, again? They have a school system and teachers that are not trying to indoctrinate our children and making sure that we strengthen all parts of our state.

Kandiss Taylor: I just want to say that the school system has been neglected, and we not only have CRT and SEL and comprehensive states education teaching transgender perversion to our children. We also have anti-white racism that has not been addressed by the current administration. It's taken over our schools, ruining the students and ruining their environment.

Moderator Donna Lowry: Dr. Taylor, how would you have handled the pandemic?

Tom Williams, Candidate for GOP Nomination: Can I speak just one second before she goes on?

Moderator Donna Lowry: We're going to move on.

Kandiss Taylor: Hindsight is 2020. So, to be fair, I'm not going to say that he did everything wrong. What I am going to say is the school shouldn't have been shut for the length of time they were, and we should have unmasked children very quickly. We still have schools wearing a mask to this day. We have kids with speech problems. They are worse and worse, and kids that should have already progressed aren't because of the failure of this administration; 2020, totally, 100% Donald Trump won. He won. We have a fraudulent pedophile in the White House because Governor Kemp failed. He can say he didn't have the right to call a special session. The Constitution is clear. He not only had a right, but he also had an obligation. It's clear in the Constitution. He chose not to do it, and why? Maybe it's because he won't renounce the CCP a while ago. I don't know. I'm not him, but I'm telling you. The people of Georgia have had enough. That is why I'm on this stage, and that is why I'm going to win. Because the people have had enough, Stacey Abrams will never win Georgia in a fair legal vote. Let's hope we have one. Maybe they're scared. Maybe they know they'll go to jail, but I will say this. I've said at many meetings. I'm asked this question almost every single week. I will support whoever the Republican nominee is. I'll even knock on doors for them. I knocked on doors for myself, which the two good old boys don't. Twin rhinos over here, but I will knock for them if one of them wins. But they will never win. Kandiss Taylor will win, and I'll be the first female governor of Georgia.

Moderator Donna Lowry: Each candidate will have 60 seconds for a closing statement.

Kandiss Taylor: I hope you have been paying attention to the amount of time that's been spent on the establishment's choice and the fake media's choice at this stage. Back and forth rebuttals when the other three didn't get any. I hope you've been paying attention. I am your candidate because I'm one of you, and I'm going to fight for you every single day in that governor's mansion. I don't need a record in politics to get it done. In fact, that's the problem. We've got a bunch of failures on the stage that didn't get it done with failing voting records at the Senate and failed our whole economy and our children during the pandemic. So, I'm going to tell you right now. When you go vote on May 24th, do not vote early. You vote for the person who's going to represent your values. I'm going to put the Constitution first, and I'm going to put Jesus first every single time. We're going to fix our schools. We're going to get rid of this anti-white racism and oppression of our children of color. We're going to get rid of the transgender manipulation. We're going to ensure that boys are not in our girls' bathrooms and girls are not in our boys' bathrooms. And people aren't being raped. We're going to get rid of kindergarten teachers, men with beards, lipstick, and high heels teaching our children. We're going to get back to being moral in Georgia. We're going to put morality over money. I'm Kandiss Taylor. I'm the one you've been waiting for.

Brannon Howse: Again, on the site underneath the player; (Reading Comments), "Kandiss don't ever give up. That's from Carlos from Georgia. Latino supports you. Good luck to Massachusetts. Take back Georgia. Thank you, from Arizona." Look, at this, "Kandiss whirlwind, love, Kandiss." It's amazing all these folks watching from other states. Do you know why? Because in some of those states, they maybe don't have a chance to have someone like her or Tim. So, they're supporting some of these folks in these other states, and that's just awesome because, again, we're trying to reclaim the country one state at a time, one county at a time. It's fun to watch some of you guys, even in other states, supporting some of these candidates of your choice. That's excellent. Well, again, we appreciate your being with us, and of course, we appreciate what Mike Lindell is doing. Again, we launched this network here on April 19th of last year. Mike and I did, and we've been working so hard to fill it in with such good programming and content. You know, we recently added Roger Stone, and we added Anni Cyrus as a new host. We have added Millennial Millie Weaver as a new host. We have another host we'll be announcing very soon, a national figure. Many of you will recognize this man's name. So, we're working hard. Again, it's all made possible by you. When we talk about streaming this rally, coming up with Kandiss, Mike, and Stew, that all takes money that you're watching tonight, it's free for you to watch.

Brannon Howse: We don't put up a paywall and make you pay to watch, but we have to pay. It's a there's a streaming cost, all of this. The guys in the control room are very expensive to do television. Some of you I know maybe bought all you can buy for right now for yourself, but consider buying for others. Christmas, we'll deal with that later in the fall. Graduation gifts, housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, so many opportunities to give gifts along the way. Consider doing that shopping if you would at Use that promo code L77 to save up to 66% and support this network and the work of Mike Lindell at the same time. Thank you so much for all you guys do to encourage us. We hope we're encouraging and a blessing to you in return. The Worldview Report is next. After that, Brannon Howse Live starts, and I'm going to have, as I said, with me, Pat Boone tonight. Spread the word, tweet, text, email, and Facebook. You're going to love hearing from Pat Boone, 89, in June. I'm going to ask him and talk to him about communism, his fight on the front line of fighting the communists with Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, and others, and the changes he's seen in America in his day and time. You don't want to miss it. That is going to be a lot of fun. Thanks for watching on behalf of Mike Lindell. I'm Brannon Howse. Take care.


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