E Edward Bartlett Sits Down To Discuss SAVE and The Push From The Biden Regime To Let Men Play Women's Sports Through Title IX


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Male or Female, Gender or Sex?

E. Edward Bartlett from SAVE (Stop Abusive and Violent Environments) speaks about the push by the US Department of Education to redefine the gender of sex to include gender identity. This is the fiftieth-anniversary of Title 9, a bill to end discrimination based on gender. This has allowed males to play in women's sports programs. This is an unfair advantage to these players due to gender differences in body makeup and strength.

Tamara and Bartlett then discuss gender versus sex. They state that there are sometimes 50 or more definitions for gender while sex is a solid definition grounder by biology. The use of gender needs to be gone and use what a visual inspection reveals at birth. People can also find the sex of an unborn child through testing. Chromosomes don't lie or change a person.

The difference between male or female is determined at the time of conception.

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