Dr. Simone Gold & Couy Griffin Sentenced for J6; Plus Headline News 6/17/2022


January 6th sentencing was reached this week for Dr. Simone Gold and Couy Griffin of Cowboys for Trump. Dr. Gold received 60 days in jail and a yr of probation for “trespass.” and Couy received 14 days and a yr probation for entering a “restricted area” that was not defined. The left’s manipulation of children’s minds through Drag shows and gender bending ideology really knows no bounds. We will discuss what you can do to stand up for children. Inflation, recession, Depression? Several big ticket items are set to receive big slashes in prices while the cost for food and fuel is skyrocketing. What does this mean for your wallet? Pfizer has announced it will stop enrollment in a clinical trial for Paxlovid – its COVID-19 antiviral pill – for standard-risk COVID-19 patients after the latest results suggested the drug did not reduce symptoms or hospitalizations and deaths to a statistically significant degree.

An unhinged lunatic with anti-Trump bumper stickers crashed his car into the ‘New England for Trump’ store in Easton, Massachusetts.

A young white man who attended Lebron James I Promise school named Ethan Liming was brutally beaten to death by three black men. Sports columnist and Christian journalist Jason Whitlock takes Lebron to task for not speaking out. All of that and much more- ahead!
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