Don't Adopt The Language of the Left


Newly released text messages around the January 6 protests are being used by the media in an attempt to smear President Trump. 

This entire year has been a multi-phase false flag operation orchestrated by the shadow government to shame Donald Trump’s legacy, smear patriots, grow surveillance databases, take away your freedom of speech, your right to protest, your freedom of association along with your weapons.

Be on guard: many whom you trust will take part in this stage of the PSYOP.  They’ll condemn the events of January 6 as treasonous, distance themselves from President Trump all while slandering Patriots.  Do not buy into the narrative that this was in any way a coordinated event by the president.  I implore you - do not take on the language of the left.

  • It was not a violent insurrection
  • It was not a domestic terror attack. 
  • The only person who was murdered that day was an innocent Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt who was shot dead by a cowardly, mask-wearing vigilante.

The Deep State’s goal from the beginning was to send a message to Donald Trump and his supporters that they will not be permitted to stop the elitist plan for global domination.  Their intentions were to scare us all into subjection, shutting down any future uprising.

What has been terribly underestimated is our love for God and country.  American’s don’t take too kindly to elitist threats.

This is the time when even though it seems like it’s an unwinnable battle, we must still hold that line. Patriots have the truth - and the facts are on our side.

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