The DOJ Knew About A Chinese Spy Working For Hunter Biden But They Have No Comment


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It’s Time for the FBI and DOJ To Do Their Jobs

The FBI has been weaponized against the American people using tactics that are similar to the way things went with Hitler and his police. Now the DOJ is also being weaponized in much the same way. We understand that much of this weaponization is being used at the expense of republicans, Even so, why aren't democrats standing up and saying something about what is happening?

While all of this is happening, there doesn't seem to be anyone asking questions regarding the democrats themselves and their direct corruption. The Chinese have found a way into the US and our leaders. This is nowhere more apparent than what was found on Hunter Biden's laptop that has never been brought out all way. Why isn't the FBI going after people like him? There have been numerous implications between the Chinese and Joe Biden. The corruption there is incredible and yet the FBI seems to ignore all of this in favor of going after Donald Trump and people associated with him.

It's time that we demand that this use of the FBI and the DOJ be stopped. It's time that the laws be applied equally and that all corruption of our politicians is exposed and dealt with appropriately.

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