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Diamond: Hey, you all. Welcome to Diamond and Silk, Chit-Chat Live. We are your host, Diamond and Silk, on Silk. Oh, Silk!

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Diamond: Oh, Silk, what a long weekend, you all? We've been on travel. Sometimes we have to travel.

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Diamond: We've been on travel, but I am so happy to be back tonight with you all. And Silk looks so pretty tonight, you all.

Silk: Oh, thank you.

Diamond: She has on something new—her new beautiful glasses.

Silk: Yes, thank you so much.

Diamond: I love them so much. They are pretty on you.

Silk: And many more to come. I absolutely love it, and you keep saying we've been on travel. We've been traveling, and we got a lot more traveling to do.

Diamond: We've been traveling. It just speeds like that, but we are back in full effect. I miss you all. I want you to stop right now. I want you to share this broadcast, Lindell TV, and FrankSpeech.com. I always say that sharing is caring and if you care about your fellow Americans if you care about your brothers or sisters. If you care about our country, you will share so that people will know what's going on. You know, I was listening to Brannon Howse, and he was saying how they're trying to make it look like, basically in so many words. If you stand for what's right, they want to deem you a domestic terrorist.

Silk:  Terrorist, right. That's what they're trying to do.

Diamond: And no, we're not domestic terrorists. We have a love for this country. The ones that are trying to deem conservatives, anybody with values, or anybody with morals, a domestic terrorists. Those are the real terrorists.

Silk: Those are the real terrorists.

Diamond: Those are the real ones that are destroying our country. Now it's time for us to get everybody to see it. I had the pleasure of listening to other videos and other people that are trying to wake up. But see, here's the deal. If you don't want to admit that the election was stolen in 2020, you aren't woke, baby.

Silk: That's right.

Diamond: If you don't want to admit that COVID was a planned operation, all of this is planned to usher us into something. Then you aren't woke. I need you to wake up. Stop saying you are woke and wake up because it is going to get bad for a lot of people.

Silk: For a whole lot of people. Uh-huh.

Diamond: It does feel hot in here.

Silk: Well, it does feel a little, but it feels better than when I first came.

Diamond: Logan, you're going to have to take me to a commercial. I got to cut this air. I feel just hot. Take us to a commercial, real quick, Logan. I'll be right back.

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Diamond: I love it. Okay, I love it. Okay, you all. So, we do have a guest tonight. I know that there's a lot of stuff happening in the news.

Silk: There's a whole lot of stuff happening. But can I just take one minute to vent real quick?

Diamond: Yeah. Come on.

Silk: You know, the one thing that teed me off today is that I'm seeing where this black guy, he's attorney general for New York.

Diamond: Uh-uh, he's not the attorney general.

Silk: Not attorney general. The lieutenant governor, excuse me. I don't know where - Lieutenant governor from New York. You know they have arrested him for some things, basically racketeering, selling contracts back, and using his office to do some things that are illegal. And they got his face plastered everywhere. I don't even know his name, but they have his black face plastered everywhere. And I don't want anybody to take offense to what I'm about to say.

Diamond: Go on. Say it.

Silk: But I want to know where Hillary Clinton's white face is. I want to know where Joe Biden's white face is at.

Diamond: Come on.

Silk: Because when they take all of these doggone contracts, and they have all of these millions and billions of dollars. They take kickbacks to their buddy, so if you are going to get this black man for doing the same thing that these white folk have been doing. Where are the white people being arrested?

Diamond: Where is Mark Zuckerberg? And listen, I don't agree with this guy politically.

Silk: No, I don't.

Diamond: But we looked at that. Wait a minute.

Silk: Hold up.

Diamond: He hasn't done more than Mark Zuckerberg, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden, or Joe Biden. They are still sitting up there, but do you all arrest them?

Silk: Go arrest him for the same thing he probably was taught to do from these white people. Okay. Then that brings me up to this Black Lives Matter lady. Now, I just want to say this. I don't have any beef with anybody that's prospering that is doing things the legal way. That's buying their homes legally and going through the process the legal way. All right. I don't have a problem with that, but you want to get on this lady for using her donation money to purchase her $6 million home; where's Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. I don't know what money they use, but I know they are not making millions of dollars to purchase these mansions. See, what I'm looking at is the black face. The face that I keep seeing coming up that's being arrested. I'm looking at this mayor here in Maryland. Is it in Maryland or Baltimore?

Diamond: What, mayor?

Silk: It's a lady mayor or lady, oh, gosh.

Diamond: She's a prosecutor.

Silk: She's a prosecutor.

Diamond: Well, wait, let's go back to Black Lives Matter.

Silk: Okay.

Diamond: Now, Silk, I don't have a problem with people making their money.

Silk: I don't have a problem with it.

Diamond: I'm sorry. The person of Black Lives Matter, her and so and so, needs to be in jail.

Silk: She needs to be in jail.

Diamond: Listen, remember when they took Steve Bannon down?

Silk: That's right.

Diamond: And I don't even think they got proof, but Black Lives Matter is saying, you don't say anything to us because it's racist. I don't care how black you are. You need to go to jail for misappropriation of funds.

Silk: But just like she needs to go to jail. Hillary Clinton needs to go to jail. Biden and them need to go to jail, and a lot more other people need to go to jail. I'm not here to make this about a black or white issue, but I see some things. I'm calling out what I am seeing. I don't like what I'm seeing. Forget about being a Republican or a Democrat. Forget about that. If these black Democrats are going to be prosecuted, then these white ones need to be prosecuted, too. That's all I'm saying.

Diamond: Well, we will see about that.

Silk: That's all I'm saying because if it was conservative. Notice I didn't bring up conservatives. Do you know why? Because as a conservative, you're going to prosecute them regardless.

Diamond: Regardless of whether they are black, white, pinstripe, pocodot, or plaid. I'm seeing the hypocrisy in it. I see this man's face is plastered, and if he does something. Then he should do his time, but there are a lot more other people that should be doing their time.

Silk: That should be doing their time.

Diamond: But I'm telling you, I'm not giving Black Lives Matter, the people that destroyed our country, want to break up the nuclear family, ain't done a darn thing for black people. Now you took donations and then bought that mansion. Then you want to say we can't say anything about it because you are black.

Silk: But did they come out and apologize?

Diamond: I don't care about her apology.

Silk: She came out and apologized for that. How is it that she can apologize? Can Steve Bannon apologize? Huh? Just look at that, you all.

Diamond: They had no business messing with Steve Bannon.

Silk: No business whatsoever. So, that's the thing that has got Silk a little teed off here.

Diamond: Pelosi with insider trading.

Silk: Yeah. You lock Martha Stewart up.

Diamond: But you got nasty old girl Nancy.

Silk: Yeah, and a lot more of them. We have Democrats and Republicans with insider trading information. Are they going to investigate that?

Diamond: And I was listening to Steve Bannon today. He had a guest on, and that guest was saying, and I allege, it's being alleged that Kevin McCarthy is basically saying he doesn't want to impeach Biden for political reasons. Well, Kevin, what about impeaching him for human rights? Like the guy said. What about that?

Silk: Yes, for a gross violation of human rights.

Diamond: Let me tell you something before we bring on the guest. There is so much stuff going on. I heard Brandon talk about the fact that there is no baby formula. We live in the United States of America. Everything that they are doing is designed to cut off human life.

Silk: To stop the process of human life.

Diamond: To stop the process, everything. You have to look at it. How the heck do not have baby formula, but people are having babies? 

Silk: I want to know how the heck can a few people play God over your life, over your livelihood, over your life span? Okay. We'll talk about it later.

Diamond: I have only been talking about this when I come on the show so that I won't be so disgusted. But I'm really disgusted by what's going on.

Silk: Okay. I know, but if Kevin McCarthy. If the Democrats can impeach President Trump over a phone call. Then Biden's behind can be impeached over that open border for breaking American law.

Diamond: Not protecting America.

Silk: Not protecting Americans because he took an oath to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution. Not break the Constitution, and when he's not following the law, he's breaking the Constitution. When he's not protecting the American people, he's breaking the Constitution. When he's aiding and abetting illegal aliens crossing that border illegally, he's breaking the Constitution. His behind needs to be impeached.

Diamond: And he needs to be in jail somewhere.

Silk: That's right.

Diamond: And there are a lot more other things I can think of that he needs be behind.

Silk: Alright, come on. Let's get to it.

Diamond: Yes, okay, she is waiting on the jaw. You know we always got to do a little housecleaning because the company is coming in. We should have cleaned up last week, but that's our way of cleaning up today. So, let me go ahead and introduce her. Listen, you all. She's the founder of The Healthy American, a national leader in the freedom movement, and is dedicated to breathing life back into liberty. Please welcome to the show, Miss Peggy Hall.

Silk: Peggy.


Peggy Hall: Great to be back with you, ladies.

Diamond: I'm so happy to have you back. You know, Peggy, we've been getting emails in because people are still bound by some of these mandates. If you take a look at New York, people are not going back to work. People are still losing their jobs. So, we decided to have you back on the show so that you can give people some insight as to what they need to do. The first question I want to ask you off the top is probably an off-the-cuff question, but I really want to ask you. Is there any way that we can sue our doctors?

Peggy Hall: There absolutely is a way that you can sue your doctors. Yes, all of your doctors are discriminating against you because of your religious beliefs, medical beliefs, age, gender, and ethnicity. All of those are protected characteristics, and everyone has the right to medical care without being discriminated against. Your doctors are licensed by your state, and those doctors also, many of them are a part of an insurance group. If you see your doctor due to your insurance, you can also make a formal grievance complaint with your insurance department if that doesn't get you anywhere. Then you also make a complaint with your state board that licenses insurance companies, your state board that licenses hospitals, and your state board that licenses the doctors. So, what I recommend is this; you do everything in writing before you see the doctor. You state that you have a federal legal exemption from any medical treatments. You don't even need an exemption. You're notifying them that you do not consent to any medical treatments that you don't want. You put that in writing, and you go to the highest authority. Listen, the receptionist at your doctor's office doesn't have any power. So, they're not the person that you want to speak with. You don't want to speak with the person who's the assistant to the doctor. You don't even really want to speak with the doctor.

Peggy Hall: You want to speak to the highest authority who has control in that medical setting, and it's in writing. You do it in advance of your procedure or doctor's appointment. If that doctor refuses to see you because you won't wear a mask, you won't get tested, and you're not vaccinated. You turn the tables, and you say, show me your authority to require me to undergo a medical intervention that I don't want. Ladies, remember that the mask is a medical intervention. The testing is a medical intervention, and of course, the jab is a medical intervention. You have the right to refuse all of them without being denied medical care.

Diamond: Okay. I will dig a little bit deeper, Peggy.

Peggy Hall: Let's dig.

Diamond: If you can't answer this, it has to be off the record. You know, sometimes in these small towns, you have one doctor, and they have all of the patients. They are so full that they're just running amok. Then when you sit down and talk to them. They won't get to the problem, but they want to just treat the symptoms. But you're telling them this is the problem right here. They ignore you. They brush you off, and I think that should be against the law for one doctor, one town doctor that has all of the patients, especially black patients. But they're not being taken care of. Can you still sue?

Peggy Hall: Yes. Before you sue, you have to show that you've gone through all other remedies. They call them administrative remedies. You have to show the court that you've tried everything before you sue them. The other thing you can do is you can make a formal complaint with your state civil rights agency. That state civil rights agency exists to receive complaints of discrimination. The other thing I want everyone to know is you have got to keep a very good record. Keep a record of what you sent, which is why it needs to be in writing. You're going to keep a record of the way that you are being treated or not being treated by your doctor. I also recommend that you have a witness, so don't go to your doctor's appointments by yourself. You've got to have somebody with you that can be your witness, and you write everything down. You have those interactions with your doctor. You let them know why you are disappointed or not being treated the way that you need to be. Those complaints will be received by the Civil Rights Agency. Now, listen, it's unlikely that the Civil Rights Agency is going to call the doctor and tell them to treat you better. That's not what's going to happen, but it is on the record, so when you do sue them in a court of law. You can show the judge that you've tried every other remedy because here's what's going to happen. If you try to do a lawsuit against anyone, and you haven't gone through these other channels by sending them a letter, a notice of violation, or making your complaints with your civil rights agency. If you just go to court, the judge can throw that out, and the judge can say, work it out on your own. You play nice now because you hadn't tried to work it out on your own before you came to me.

Peggy Hall: The doctor, if he has a good attorney. The attorney is going to say to the judge. You have to throw out this case because we have to go about it a different way. Also, check to see what you might have signed with your doctor. It's likely that you signed something saying that you were not going to sue them and that you would pursue all of these disputes outside of court. The other thing I'm going to say is this is a good time to try to find an alternative health care provider. There have been many people here in California, where I live, who have not gone to the doctor, conventional doctors, or traditional doctors in the last couple of years. It has turned out to be a blessing because now they have sought out the natural healers that are not going along with all of this hogwash, as I call it. They're getting results, and they're getting care from somebody who actually does care. So, there are different types of doctors like naturopaths. Depending on what your issue is, there are also a number of health care providers that are leaving the hospitals, leaving traditional settings. I'm encouraging them to start doing the old-fashioned house calls that we used to have probably a century ago. I would love to see that revolution in health care where it goes back to actually treating the Patient and not treating the symptoms, as you so clearly pointed out.

Diamond: I love it. That's what I need to know. Okay. Go ahead.

Silk: So, Miss Peggy Hall, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, reinstated Biden's executive order mandating all federal employees be vaccinated. Now, I understand that a vaccine is supposed to be something given to a person to keep them from catching something. But it has been proven within the last year and a half to two years that this doesn't stop you from catching anything itself, probably getting sick. So, my question is, what can somebody do that is now being forced to be jabbed with something ineffective?

Peggy Hall: I have great news. I've helped thousands of federal employees avoid getting the jab without losing their job. So, they still are employed. What the Fifth Circuit Court did was it lifted the injunction that another court had told Brandon, and the executive order was going to be on hold. Now, I read this executive order carefully, and it actually states that these departments and agencies of the federal government can only require vaccines to the extent allowed by law. That's a very important phrase, to the extent allowed by law. Now, that means that the employees who don't want to get the jab have to roll up their sleeves and learn those laws that protect them from having their rights taken away. That's exactly what I do over at HealthyAmericansorg. I teach classes along with my husband, Pastor David, about your rights and the laws that protect them. So, very simply, if you have a religious belief or an ethical or moral belief that using your body for human experimentation, or I call it being a human pincushion. If you believe that you do not want to participate in the deception of pretending that you're sick when you're not, pretending that your immune system is not going to protect you, or taking a manmade substance to improve on God's divine design of your immune system. If you believe that, I can help you and it's very simple. There are a couple of laws that protect you. Do you want me to share the laws?

Silk: Please, yes. That's why you are here. Get your pen and paper.

Diamond: Yes.

Peggy Hall: So, I want everybody to write this down. When you're a federal employee, there are three important laws that protect you. Number one is called Title VII of the US Civil Rights Act. That prevents discrimination in the workplace. It is illegal to discriminate against you because of your age, your race, your gender, your ethnicity, and your religious beliefs under that heading, also as false, ethical, and moral beliefs. If they're on par with a religious-like, it occupies a place in your life as a religious view would. So, that protects you, and you notify your employer that your religious beliefs, practice, and observance prohibit you from participating in this. The law only says that you have to notify your employer and your employer has to accommodate you. Our track record with the federal government is very, very good. We have helped people from the I.R.S., the C.D.C., the F.D.A., the Department of Homeland Security, the T.S.A., and from Department of Defense. We've helped government contractors as well, and as long as you know your rights and you know how to express your views in a way that can be received by your employer. Then your employer is required to accommodate you, which means adjusting your job, so you don't have to get the job. So, that's law number one. Law number two is called the RFRA, and that is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Peggy Hall: That states that the federal government can only burden your religious belief if it serves the government. If that is proven, you can only be burdened in the narrowest possible way. So, saying that you have to pollute your body with a substance that you don't want. That's a very broad way. It's the exact opposite of what this law allows. So, you can invoke the RFRA, and this might even have been mentioned first. The First Amendment to the Constitution says that the government has to stay out of our religion. That is something that you can also mention. Now, what I recommend is you go to your employer and ask them for the religious exemption form. For some of the federal employees I've helped, say, Peggy, the government loves forms, and it wants those forms to be filled out a certain way. That's what we do at the Healthy American. Now, we're not putting words in your mouth, and you're not downloading something off the Internet, but you are getting our legal education about your rights. My husband is a pastor, and he can help you express yourself. We've helped people from all walks of faith. We've helped Muslims, atheists, Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Catholics, Mormons, and all of the above. Sometimes people know what is in their hearts and soul, but it's difficult for them to express it. So, we have group chats, and people support each other. It's a lot of fun, and you can find out more over at the website, TheHealthyAmerica.org.

Diamond: Oh, I love it. Oh, go ahead.

Silk: So, let me ask you this question. Why do you think that the federal government wants to give people something that they don't want to be injected into them? Like what's really the bottom line here for them wanting them to do that were people got to get a religious exemption form, and go through this process. What's going on really here, Peggy?

Peggy Hall: Diamond, you, and Silk spoke about this at the top of the show. You said that these evildoers are after one thing, and that is to destroy God's greatest creation, humanity, human beings. So, they're going after it in California by pushing forth a law saying that you can kill your baby after it's born. There can be no criminal prosecution, no investigation done by the police, and if the police come and investigate you by knocking on your door after you threw your newborn baby in the trash can. You can sue the police for harassment. That's what's going on in California. So, they're trying to get the babies killed, and then they're trying to kill the full-grown adults. That is the root of it. I'll tell you what, if they can't kill you physically, they want to kill your soul. They want to separate your soul from God. They want to remove your ability to stand up for yourself and honor God. They want you to worship the government instead.

Silk: Oh, no.

Diamond: I believe you.

Silk: I totally believe you. Go ahead.

Diamond: Somebody wrote in and said he was refused service at the dentist at Children's Hospital because he would not wear a mask, and they asked him to leave. So, were his civil rights violated?

Peggy Hall: Absolutely. What I recommend is to contact the dentist in advance and then let them know. Here's the phrase. I want everybody to remember this phrase. You say I want to know your accommodation as required by law for those of us that breathe oxygen because there is no law.  You can call them in advance, and you can say, I want to know your accommodation. And here are the important words "as required by law for those who breathe oxygen." They're going to scratch their head and say; what do you mean? You say I don't wear a mask, and God told me not to because he gave me his breath of life. I breathe his oxygen in my lungs, and I cannot cover my face. So, what are your accommodations? That's the legal word, accommodations as required by law. Now, they likely are going to have you wait outside. When the waiting room is clear, and you can't breathe on anybody, they'll run you back. How in the world are they going to work on your teeth when you have a mask on anyway?

Diamond: Oh, come on.

Peggy Hall: The whole thing is ridiculous.

Silk: It brings me to the disability act whenever I hear you say that because when you're in a business, accommodate a person with a disability. So, my disability would be that if I don't breathe, I can die.

Peggy Hall: Exactly.

Silk: So, I chose to live.

Peggy Hall: Silk, you are exactly right. It is in the law, so the federal law related to disabilities actually says that you are considered to have a disability if this activity impairs you. It gives a whole list of things. One of those things is breathing. So, putting on a mask is immediately going to create a disability, and you have a right not to participate in that. The main thing that I focus on is education. To do so politely, cordially, affably, you do it in advance. I don't want to go to a dentist who thinks it's a good idea for me not to breathe. Luckily, I have a dentist - if you're in Orange, Southern California, within driving distance. You let me know, and I'll give you, my dentist. I have never once worn the suffocation device, never have, never will. I'm not participating in any of it. I've never done any testing. I'm not planning on doing any of that at all. Of course, I have never gotten vaccinated. I've got pure blood pumping in my veins just the way God designed me. I am not going to contradict his design, period.

Diamond: Wow. I love it. Peggy, somebody wants to know, can they sue Medicaid?

Peggy Hall: Yes. I think it's a great idea to sue Medicaid. In their law, now it's not a law it is a guideline, and it's called C.M.S., the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Studies. I have a video about that on my YouTube channel called The Healthy American. I've got hundreds of videos and the religious exemption playlist. I've got the medical rights playlist, I've got the C.M.S. What does that mean? It means what the government tells your doctor and dentist to do and your other health care providers that's Medicare or Medicaid. That agency says that you have a right not to cover your face. You have a right not to be injected. You have a right under either a medical exemption or your religious, ethical, or moral beliefs to not participate. I need to know what the scenario is. But yes, you sue them under the Department of Justice, and you can make a complaint also. You just go to see CMS.gov, and you're going to follow and see on the website where you make your complaint. Do you know, ladies, that the current administration, the current occupant of the White House? His Department of Justice is actually suing the biggest health care system in California called Kaiser, and they're suing Kaiser for billions of dollars of Medicare fraud. So, yes, they can absolutely be sued.

Diamond: Wow.

Peggy Hall, Guest: In both directions.

Diamond: Ken wrote in and said, can you ask Peggy if somebody on assets right now would they still be able to use some of these alternative doctors?

Peggy Hall: I hope so, yes. I don't know exactly what your scenario is, but my advice is to always dig deeper, do your research, and look for those alternative doctors. More and more groups are coming up because there is a revolution going on in our health care and Medicare medical care. I believe it's going to be for the good because, remember, God always uses what man intends for evil. He turns it to the good. We can see that in our life in the last couple of years. There have been a lot of hardships, a lot of battles, and there have been a lot of victories. So, I'm confident that we're right the smack dab in the middle of the revolution, and there are going to be brighter days ahead for health care.

Diamond: I love it. Somebody wrote in and said, what if you are retired on Medicare. In order to get medical treatments, for example, an expensive surgery. Can they require you to get the jab if they claim it's their standard of care before the surgery?

Peggy Hall: Not at all. Here's what you're going to do. You are going to research. It's called the Patients’ Bill of Rights. You're going to find out what that is for your state and, more specifically, for the hospital where you are going to get that treatment done. I want you to read that Patient's Bill of Rights, and I guarantee you that there are at least two or three points on that Patient's Bill of Rights that say the patient has the right to refuse a medical experiment. Remember, the testing is a medical experiment that has never been approved by the F.D.A. If your doctor pushes on it, you turn the tables on them, and you say, you show me the F.D.A. license number for that test, for that PCR test, or whatever test they want to do. They're going to say, well, it's an emergency use authorization. Bingo, you don't have to comply. You don't have to consent. Now, my husband had two surgeries in the last two years. He never wore a mask. He never got tested. He never got the vaccine. He had very delicate hand surgery done. He had to go to two surgeons because the first one would not do it. The second surgeon agreed to do it. My husband never got tested, and I know of other people that have gotten their procedures, but you have to be educated. They are going to try to coerce you to do it because of money, money, money, money. And that's what they get. They get paid for every test that they do. They're going to probably call you a COVID patient. Then they're going to want to treat you for COVID. Do not comply, and if they push, say, pretend I have COVID. Let's just say I did the test, and it came back positive. What are you going to do now? So, you've got to put them on the spot.

Peggy Hall: You do not have to comply with the vaccine. The vaccine, the mask, and the tests are all medical interventions in that Patient's Bill of Rights. Remember that phrase? The Patient's Bill of Rights protects you as the patient. They cannot withhold any medical treatment because you refuse a different medical treatment. Let's say you break your leg, you go to the emergency room, and they want to give you a shot of morphine. You say I don't want the morphine. I just want you to fix my broken leg. Well, they can't send you out of the hospital. They are required to treat you even if you refuse the other treatment. Study the Patient Bill of Rights that will have your answers and your power. If anybody goes to the emergency room and you're not prepared. That's what you say, and you tell them. You say I've got my phone, but I forgot my glasses. I can't read this. Would you read the Patient's Bill of Rights for me? You make them read that to you out loud? And you make them comply. Again, the highest authority is who you go to.

Diamond: Peggy, can you get the Patient Bill of Rights at your local doctor's office? Do they have it too?

Peggy Hall: They should if you're a patient. Yes, absolutely. They're required to have that. There is a Patient Bill of Rights for your state, every doctor should have it in their office, and every hospital should have it.

Silk: Okay. So, you said that the mask is considered a medical intervention, right?

Peggy Hall: Yes, it is. The F.D.A. calls it a class two medical device. Those blue and white surgical masks.

Silk: Even though medically, it is not doing anything for a lot of people. It's stopping their breathing or whatever, their oxygen intake. It is still considered a medical intervention.

Peggy Hall: Yes, it is because it has to do with your breathing, which is an essential function of your body. So, the difference between a medical intervention or medicine and something that is not. For example, a massage is not a medical treatment because it doesn't change the function of your body. It might help your elbow feel better, but it doesn't change the functioning internally of your body. But putting on a mask changes your breathing, changes your oxygen, changes your blood chemistry. That is a medical device, and the F.D.A. defines it as such.

Diamond: Wow.

Silk: Wow. Oh, I just got more questions.

Diamond: Chrissy wrote in. She asked, can Biden reinstate the federal vaccine mandates? Also, the W.H.O. wants to control global health care. Is this going to happen?

Peggy Hall: I think it's already happened because everything that we've been through over these last couple of years was because that W.H.O. and they were the ones that we're calling the shots, literally. So, it is already happening. I think that this was a dress rehearsal to make everybody be sort of hypnotized, mesmerized, and manipulated. What did the W.H.O. say? Who's the W.H.O.? The W.H.O. has no authority over your life. I wholeheartedly reject any attempt at international law having any impact on the United States. We have our own laws that need to be followed. So, yes, the W.H.O. is attempting to be like a government agency in the United States; as far as the Brandon in the White House, he started in 142043. That is the executive order, which, remember, only applies to those in the executive branch of government. So, only those that are federal employees that work for the federal agencies and that are government contractors are affected. The reason why they're doing that is because no president can make a law. No president has any authority to tell you as an individual what to do with your life, period. No one does, no governor, no health officer, no doctor. There is no authority over your life but you. For me, God has authority over my life, but no man, no human, has authority. Only laws can restrict your behavior. And those laws have to be passed by a legislative branch of government, which means there are votes by many people and not one person. We do not live in a totalitarian government, and that means a one-person rule.

Silk: So, for my people that are up there, is it Philadelphia - Pennsylvania, where they're about to start these masks.

Diamond: Yeah, in Pennsylvania.

Silk: It's about to start the mask requirements back up inside the buildings, and here is my deal. Two years of restrictions, a year and a half of being muzzled and masked. Almost a year and a half of being jabbed with a booster, booster, booster, and now another booster. All of this is going on, and you still catch what you've been restricted, hiding, and running from. Now they want to go back to doing the same thing. Do you think it's because this is an election year?

Peggy Hall: You know, I think there's a lot of ignorance. There's a lot of incompetence and a lot of intentional deception. I think this is to keep people confused and living in fear. The mask itself is a visible symbol of that fear. You're walking around afraid to breathe on somebody or afraid that someone else is going to breathe on you. The elections are always going to have an impact on what these evildoers are doing. Yes, I think it's completely tied in. And the other thing that that gets me is if people are so afraid of being exposed to the cooties, as I call it, the cooties. When I was in fifth grade, we had cooties spray. It worked really well. You just sprayed the boys, and then they didn't have cooties. But if they're so afraid of the cooties, they have to wear a mask. Why do they want it injected into their body? Wouldn't it be better to just be exposed to it naturally and then get it that way? Exactly.

Silk: Because a lot of people, I feel when they look at the mask now, they've been mentally trained for that to be like your security blanket. Do you know how the little children walk around with their little security blanket? That blanket does nothing but get nasty and dirty. That little boy, that little girl, they want that security back because they feel like they're secure with it. Well, when I see people walking around to me looking like a horse with that big old, long thing on his face, and it's not even for me necessarily, but to each his own. They can do whatever they want to do. When somebody tells me I have to do it. For me, Peggy, I look at that as a form of slavery. I look at it as something demonic is how I look at that as. To each his own as to what they choose to do. But for our government to mentally indoctrinate somebody into thinking and believing that the very thing they tell you to put on your face it's going to stop you from catching what you're getting. Now, I'm looking at all these Democrats that's been up there at the Capitol, in the hall, and they all caught the very thing that they've been telling everybody you got to cover up to keep from spreading. You got to do this. So, I look at this as the pandemic of the vaccinated.

Peggy Hall: Absolutely. The panic pandemic of the ignorant, and they look like fools. I mean, seriously, a couple of years from now, they're going to look back and see how ridiculous they look. It's all a show, and you're absolutely right. It is demonic. The Bible says that we are supposed to stand before the Lord with our faces unveiled. That's in the second book of Corinthians 3:17. Then, 3:17 says, where the spirit of the Lord there is liberty. There is liberty in your faith. When you cover your face, you are blocking yourself from your sole connection to God. That's the way that I see it, and they do that on purpose. It is a visible symbol. They can see what's going on, and it is a division of humanity. They do not want people to be connected. They want people to be divided. They want people to be afraid of each other. Imagine the children growing up now with the ongoing message that you have to be afraid of other people. They could kill you if they breathe on you, the sacred breath. It is heinous, and not only is it, it's unbelievable that people have gone along with it, but to twist it, to say that it is virtuous, that I'm doing it for you. Well, if you're going to do that for me, would you please do a little more exercise? Because I'm putting on a few pounds and I need you to stop eating junk food so that I will lose weight. In return, I will take aspirin whenever you have a headache. I promise.

Silk: Wow, that's a good win.

Diamond: Okay. Well, one thing, Peggy, somebody wrote in. So, why do our children have to wear masks at school? Can we sue?

Peggy Hall: Yes, you can. There are a lot of good results coming out from the parents going to the school board meetings, putting them on notice. Again, you need to turn it around and say, show me the law. None of these mask requirements are law. There's nothing legal about it. There is no authority behind it. These are guidelines. Now, the other thing I want every parent to do, aside from taking their kids out of school. I want you to do some research and find out exactly how many millions of dollars your school district has gotten from the government. Here's what you're going to research. You're going to look for the CARES ACT, which was in 2020. Then in 2021, your schools get the Esser, E-S-S-E-R, Esser funds. This is money that came from the government to all of the school districts. In California alone, they got billions of dollars that went to the schools to enforce these ridiculous, unlawful, illegal, immoral, unthinkable measures. You have to publicly expose these school board members.

Peggy Hall: I'm sorry to say it, but you actually need to show that the emperor has no clothes, and you need to show that each of these school board members are frauds, fakes, and phonies because they're taking money in order to enforce these measures when there is no reason to do it. You need to have the parents be united and go to these school board meetings in person and expose the evil. The most important thing, the number one way to get your kids without wearing a mask, is to keep them home. I've got a program called Freedom Learning that you can learn about over at HealthyAmerican.org, and you don't even need the program. Just get your kids at home. You can figure it out later. Do not allow your kids to be in these dangerous government schools where people in positions of authority are telling your child that suffocating themselves is good. It's horrible. It's unthinkable. If I had a child, I couldn't imagine having a child in public school during these years.

Silk: And you talk about the money that's being given to these school boards or what have you. What about the money that's being given to these doctor's offices? Because it feels like they want to treat just the symptoms only, but not actually go deep to the root of the problem. And so, what? Keep you coming back so they can make more money?

Peggy Hall: That's exactly it. You know, I haven't shared this story publicly, but my dad died because of that. He died because the doctors got a hold of him. They started him on one drug, and then he needed a different drug for the side effect of that drug. Then he needed a different drug, and then the drugs that they gave him were making him get dizzy and pass out because they were blood thinners, they were Statins, and they were beta-blockers that didn't allow his brain to work. So, then they said he had Alzheimer's, and he didn't. But it was because of the drugs that they gave him. It ended with a sad story that he had a heart attack. This is what launched my interest in healthy living and wellness. I wanted to investigate why my dad, who died, was actually healthy at the age of 76. Why would he have a heart attack? I found out that was one of the side effects of the many drugs that they had him on because they didn't go to the symptom. They didn't go to the cause. They didn't talk about eating healthy, exercising, and reducing your stress. They wanted blood pressure, medicine, and everything else. It became a rollercoaster. He was always going to the doctor, and yes, he was a piggy bank for the doctors.

Silk: Yeah. I know we got to get ready to go, but I was talking to my father. He's 75 years old.

Diamond: Yeah, he is 75.

Silk: The other day, we were talking about just living, life, and so forth. It feels like when you get a particular age, like 50 years old now, all of a sudden, they want to see about cramming all of this medicine down your throat. Now, you need this for this, and that for that. By the time you get 79, you own 20, 30, or 40 different medicines that are not good for the health healthiness of the body. We were sitting there looking at, and I'm like this look at all of this money. I feel like these people are using the human body as a guinea pig. To what? Practice medicine. Practice medicine on you, the human being, while they make all of this money. Then here you are, you die off from being work overmedicated.

Diamond: I don't want to throw all of our doctors under the bus because there are some great doctors out there. But I notice that if it's one doctor in a town that gets all the people. It's going to be like it's a herd of cattle. You just run them in and out. You're just going through a motion, and people are not being taken care of. I know that millions of people are on Station and things of that nature. They must be very careful, especially watch your calcium levels when you're on that type of medication, because that can cause all types of other things that happen in your body. So, not to throw doctors under the bus. One more thing before we go. The masks, the guy that went into the dentist and they kicked him out because he would not wear a mask. Can you please explain what he needs to do to sue or what he needs to do?

Peggy Hall: The first thing is he needs to write a letter to the dentist, and he needs to state that he is not able to restrict his breathing and he's not going to restrict his breathing. The doctor is required to accommodate him. So, you need to start with a letter, and you need to have the doctor respond to you. You're going to say. This is a notice. This is a formal notice of my claim, and I want you to tell me your point of view. I need you to state your position, and the doctor might ignore it. That's okay. Now, that letter serves on the record to the judge that, look, I tried to work it out with the doctor. He just ignored me. Or the doctor may reply and say, it's our policy. You have to wear a mask. Then you say you are required by law to accommodate you. Can you imagine if your dentist said you're in a wheelchair? We can't take a wheelchair in here, and you're like, excuse me, you have to. Oh no, we don't like wheelchairs. You might run over our toes and break our toes. It's very dangerous to have you in a wheelchair. It's very big. We don't have enough room. The patients don't like to see you. It makes them nervous. Imagine if a Sikh who wears a turban showed up at the dentist, and the dentists said, oh, no, no, you have to take that turban off. The Sikh said, no, I have to. I can't take it off. It's my religion, and the dentist says, you're scaring all the children. It's illegal to do that.

Peggy Hall: Now, the dentist is either ignorant, he's probably ignorant, and also getting that money from the government. But you need to educate the doctor and say you're not going to be in trouble if you let me without a mask. You're going to be in trouble if you don't let me in without a mask. The dentist thinks that the other patients are going to turn him into the dental board. It's the exact opposite. This Patient who was refused can turn him into the dental board. All this has to be done in writing, so there's a record. Now, you can sue the dentist on your own, but first of all, you need to go through all of these proper channels, and you also make your complaint with your state civil rights board and you make a complaint with your medical licensing board that licenses the dentist. They're not going to do anything. Don't get me wrong. The dental board is not going to call up your dentist and say you let them in without a mask, but you're putting it on the record for your case. Some people have found that when they go back to the dentist, they do it in writing, and they say, look, I know I showed up, and you didn't want me in. We have to work this out. You've got to see me. So, what are you going to do? Are you going to take me on the lunch break? Are you going to have me as the first patient? The last patient? You're required to accommodate me. You educate your dentist nine out of ten the times they are going to accommodate you.

Silk: Because a lot of people just don't know. They're just waiting on you to say something to them about it because if we all challenge it. A lot of people are scared to challenge this thing because they are in fear that they will lose their job or get called out or whatever. But I'm with you, Peggy. Putting that thing on my face like that, no.

Diamond: Okay. Peggy, tell everybody how they can get in contact with you? How can they take the classes? How can you help?

Peggy Hall: The best thing is to go to the, put in the T-H-E, TheHealthyAmerican.org, O-R-G, and at TheHealthyAmerican.org, you can click on religious exemptions. I've got a 90-minute free webinar for self-study, or you can sign up for the class. The class that we've got for April is going to be on April 16th, and that's from 4 to 6 p.m. If you can't make it, it's recorded for you. We do a live chat. You get all your Q&A answered. You get tons and tons of resources and remedies, strategies, and solutions. You can get a private phone call with me if you need that. So, the other thing is I want folks to go to my YouTube channel, and it's The Healthy American, Peggy Hall. I'm there at 11 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Pacific. In the afternoon show, we talk all about these issues in detail. I'll give you lots of remedies. I'm not a person that's going to put you in the spin cycle and hang you out to dry. I'm all about helping you navigate these stormy seas, and I promise you, we are going to find brighter days ahead.

Silk: Yeah. God always has a ram in the bush.

Diamond: He should do. Peggy, we love you here on the show. Thank you so much for being on, and do you promise to come back and give us some updates?

Peggy Hall: Absolutely. Ladies, it is way too much fun. We're having too much fun in this tyranny, but that's what we need to do. We can't let the tyrants steal our joy. We have to keep fighting. We have to stay strong. We have to stay connected, and I can't wait to be back again.

Diamond: All right, thank you so much for being on.

Silk: Bless your heart. God bless.

Peggy Hall: Thanks, ladies. God bless you.

Silk: And you know, as we're having this great conversation, the technology is starting to freeze up and go back and forth. See, the so-called powers to be don't want this here to get out. They want us all to think that we are enslaved to them, but it's not going to stop until you say no to it.

Diamond: That's right. I was going to say something, but I don't have time to get into an argument because it's time to go, listen.

Silk: Well, we have 2 minutes.

Diamond: Because it's 10:59.

Silk: No, we came on a minute late.

Diamond: Did we?

Silk: That's right. What have you got to say?

Diamond: No, somebody said something, but I don't want to get into an argument because that's going to put me over. So, I'm ignoring it. All right. You all don't say that about President Trump, honey. We watched him. I was able to catch a little bit of it on Saturday, you all, when that choo-choo train came through. What?

Silk: Yes.

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Silk: I'm so excited about that!

Diamond: You are excited about that? Okay.

Silk: Yes. I love you, Mike Lindell. Go ahead.

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Diamond: Now, everybody knows this is Holy Week. This is also Easter weekend, so I know somebody's going to be making some potato salad or something.

Silk: Okay.

Diamond: All right. So, every day we pray at 11:21 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. We pray for you. I hope you're praying for us. Prayer changes things. Hey, we are just coming to give you all the 211. We call it the 211 because it's two of us.

Silk: We are the ones giving it to you.

Diamond: So, in the meantime and in-between time. We will see you all next time, right here on FrankSpeech.com, Lindell TV with Diamond and Silk Chit-Chat-Live. Bye-bye.

Silk: Bye.


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