Daniel Greenfield on Who’s Paying Protesters to Harass Justices and Churches?


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Brannon Howse: We are joined now by Daniel Greenfield in our closing minutes here. Daniel wrote a great article today. Who's Paying Protesters to Harass justices and Churches? Well, this fits with our last conversation a while ago before JD because leftist organizations, leftist foundations, leftist 501(c)3s, and leftist 501(c)4s they can do all kinds of stuff, but don't you dare be a conservative that supports biblical Judeo-Christian values, or you should have your nonprofit exemption taken away. Well, this fits perfectly. That's what I want to get Daniel on for in the closing minutes. Daniel, welcome back to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.

Daniel Greenfield: Thank you so much.

Brannon Howse: So, tell me, who is paying the protesters to harass justices and churches? Is it 501(c)3s? Is it a 501(c)4s?

Daniel Greenfield: Well, what we often see in these cases is a kind of a set of Russian nesting dolls. No Russian made reference intended there. Which makes it really hard. So, you know, the IRS goes after conservative groups very aggressively and after conservative nonprofits. These people are allowed to do pretty much anything. The short answer is that we do actually see evidence of them fundraising to pay these protesters. The fundraising is being conducted on a so-called financial sponsor platform. It's unclear whether the financial sponsor platform itself is getting money, but it's worked in partnership before with the Ford Foundation, with Sources to Open Society, with Pierre Omidyar, the eBay billionaire, and his foundation. So, it's unclear exactly how the money trail works.

That said, there is a very clear money trail insofar as that they are actually paying people to do this. It's this larger network of leftist organizations that are involved in this. What they often do is they will create these front groups. These front groups themselves get money from another front group, and you have to trace it back three or four or five steps. When in some cases, they don't actually make their finances public, that becomes more challenging. So, it's something I have been looking into. One of the key groups there is called Ruth Centers. It's unclear exactly who is operating it and who is behind it. We know some of the principals involved, but not all of them or exactly how they're getting their funding.

They have another financial sponsor, which is something called Vigil for Democracy, which has been involved in this for years and organizing these anti-Trump protests. But the problem is they're seemingly operating out of Phoenix, out of the Bay Area, and they're intertwined with a whole huge network. When I say huge, we are talking hundreds of thousands of organizations. They just create them. They spin them up out of thin air. They abandon them sometimes. But we're looking at something on the level of the Cold War in the Soviet Union, what they were doing. The sheer number of these groups is completely baffling. The IRS obviously has no interest in this whatsoever.

Brannon Howse: So earlier in the broadcast, I was talking with Attorney General candidate Matt DePerno of Michigan. We were talking about some of the leftists. They've openly stated their desire before the 2020 election. As I documented in the summer of 2020, if Biden wins, they want to decide who is a church, who is not a church, and take away their nonprofit status. There have now been finance hearings about doing this. They want to go after 501(c)4s and 501(c)3s and make them give up their donor list. Make churches, fill out 990s. But as I was saying earlier, would you agree if this kind of legislation goes through, it will only be used to harass the conservative groups, not these leftist groups?

Daniel Greenfield: Absolutely. This is a project that the Obama administration was obviously very invested in. It even goes back to the Kennedy administration, which really very aggressively began the process of going after conservative political opponents using the IRS and the hatchet man for that. The people who were doing that are still actually around. Their firm is still around. So, this goes back, all the Democrats have taken to doing this on a regular basis. They do two things. One, they take over foundations, including ones that were created by conservatives, and they turn them into radical leftist causes. We mentioned the Ford Foundation earlier.

There are numerous other examples. Heinz, for example. The other thing that they do is they go after conservative foundations that they don't control, and they try to take them out. This is what we're seeing here. If you're a leftist nonprofit, you can do pretty much anything. We've got the case of a European billionaire who's pouring in a ton of money into leftist political organizations. That's completely fine, even though he's not a United States citizen. Another hand, conservative groups are scrutinized to the most intense degree possible.

If you know the IRS, you know that these people are capable of doing absolutely anything. They're capable of poring over documents and going after somebody over a misplaced comma. So, this is a double standard. That's the double standard we're seeing across the board with the DOJ, with the IRS, and with any organization that is controlled by the left. They will weaponize law enforcement just like they weaponize counterintelligence and everything else to go after conservatives.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. And the thing is, they are taking control of language. So, what they call a white supremacist or domestic terrorist only applies to their enemies, not them, because they now control the definitions of words. True or false?

Daniel Greenfield: Oh, absolutely. So, they now define white supremacists as pretty much anybody who defends America because they have something they call systemic racism. So, when they use white supremacism, they mean any kind of normalization. If you support the national anthem, you're a white supremacist. If you believe in the Constitution, you're a white supremacist. This is the critical race theory definition that they're using here.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Danielgreenfield.org. Your article is featured tonight at frontpagemag.com. But you'll find all of his articles at danielgreenfield.org. Thanks for joining us again, Daniel.

Daniel Greenfield: As always, my pleasure.

Brannon Howse: Hope you'll check out his website, folks, danielgreenfield.org. There's a lot more talk about hyperinflation and massive inflation tonight. There's also talk, as we said earlier, China is practicing for war. Practicing for Pearl Harbor, 2.0. We'll get into that, some of that tomorrow night. But we now, as I reported on my news tonight, overseas in the UK, officials are encouraging people to stock up on emergency supplies for fear of power outages due to cyber-attacks/EMP attacks.

We have reports today from Peter Vincent Pry about Iran hardening their grid and Iran looking at preparing for an EMP attack on America. Something they've actually been doing since the late nineties. Shooting a missile off of a fishing vessel and letting it detonate up over the U.S. to take down our power grid through what's called an electromagnetic pulse. All of these articles, by the way, are at worldviewreport.com or in my actual WorldView Report TV newscast as well.

Brannon Howse: We put out free broadcasting as a public service education teaching and proclaiming the Christian worldview. That is in accord with our Judeo-Christian worldview, which is the underpinning of our Constitution, a constitutional republic. William Blackstone, one of the leading scholars for the founders, was asked, "What is a constitutional republic?" And he said, "What the divine has ruled on. We don't rule against." So, a Christian worldview is consistent with our very form of government. Finally, there are all kinds of talks today again about red hot inflation. Of course, that means the debasement of your currency, your money.

Of course, we know the continued talk about digital currency. In fact, the Bank for International Settlements, and the Central Bank of Central Bankers out of Basel, Switzerland is fully on board with a digital currency. Many central banks of the world are working on it. Cryptocurrencies are crashing. Did you see that today? Well, all of this will give them more cause to go toward a digital currency once they debase our U.S. dollar. The reports today about inflation are showing that it's coming eventually. Are you protected? Well, we recommend hard assets, and one of those is precious metals. We don't give financial advice, but financial opinion, it starts with education. Take care.


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