Criminals Are Becoming a Protected Class


The Golden City is experiencing turmoil due to District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s woke-ist approach to criminals.  The Epoch Times reports that more than 50 prosecutors, support, and victim services staff have quit their jobs over Bagdad by the Bay’s criminal justice reform polices.

Boo-deen is a leftist carrying out the New Left’s approach to punishment of law-breakers.

He and his ilk contend that if we simply leave criminals alone, well, they wouldn’t be criminals. Ah, the logic of liberals!  If police aren’t arresting and the DA isn’t prosecuting, then crime will magically disappear, right?  This is the same logic that refuses to call illegal immigrants - illegal.  By not using the cruel label “criminal” – all crime drops.  Makes sense, right?

The woke-ists are only concerned with compassionate justice for the criminal.  They fail to realize that a weak approach to crime is an injustice against the victims.  If policies like Boudin's and other progressive DA’s across the nation are allowed to stand, law-abiding citizens won’t be able to keep themselves safe because criminals will be a “protected class.”

Whilst there is much to be said about reforming police and community relationships, disempowering police isn’t reformation; it’s empowering to criminals.  But don’t miss what’s really happening here, there is a far more sinister, nefarious plot afoot.  The left is continuing their agenda to reform society by stealing elections, and circumventing the will of the people.   This is a necessary move in the BLM ANTIFA New Left partnership.  

Once criminals can’t be prosecuted, anarchy will reign.  They will continue using violent riots and destructive protests to bring their Marxist revolution to America.  If we don’t grasp hold of our foundational principles, and the Gospel of Christ on which it is based - the next step is a Socialist dictatorship.  

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