Bodily Autonomy Leftists Lose Control and Attack America for Abortion Laws | Pastor Sam Jones | Desires of the Debased


Following the ruling by the Supreme Court of the United Sates that sent abortion rulings back to the states, unhinged leftist groups protested across the country for the supposed right to infanticide. Groups defaced buildings of pregnancy centers and also pro-abortion facilities in order to ignite fear into their opponents.

A new Rasmussen poll reveals that half of the United States opposes abortion yet calls from the left appear to suggest millions and millions will take to the streets to fight against the Roe v Wade ruling. However, is this the case or are we seeing the excuse to stop a coming Red Wave in November?

Pastor Sam Jones joins Dustin to discuss the landscape of abortion and the culture war that America still faces. Is it worth it? Is there momentum to change the direction of the country regarding immoral behavior?

Pelosi's #J6 Committee tries to pull a fast one on taking down Trump with a former aide. What really did this prove? Is Donald Trump a raging lunatic who incited insurrection or is the narrative failing?

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