Biden Doesn't Care About Your Opinion


The gaslighter-in-chief appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week.  During the interview, he was asked if he paid attention to his approval ratings, which he answered in the negative, stating that people were given inaccurate information about their situation. It’s not just inflation causing the low approval ratings, it’s Biden’s inability to fulfill his promise to restore the nation to some type of normalcy. 

It could be his memory, or lack thereof, which caused him to forget his campaign promises:

  • In February, we were told that things “may be back to normal” by Christmas.  Juxtapose that with Dr. Fauci encouraging folks to require proof of vaccination from family members at holiday gatherings. 
  • In March, we were told that if we followed the vaccine mandates that we could possibly, maybe, potentially get together on the Fourth of July to celebrate our freedom - how wonderfully ironic.
  • In April and beyond, we have been told to get the shot, and shots, and then boosters, and more shots.  Doing this would certainly restore pre-shamdemic activities.  Over 8.3 billion shots later and we’re still in the thick of it. 

Does that sound normal to you?  

The inaccurate info the American public is receiving, is the disinfo coming from Biden administration claiming the power to return us to our regular lives. 

Mr. President:  when you present yourself as the savior of the world, you can’t be upset when you are held accountable for not delivering. Until you, liberal governors, mayors, counsel members, state representatives, and pundits discontinue their economy destroying job killing Covid mandates, we will never get back to normal.  And your approval rating will continue to be abysmal.

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Placing our trust in fallible men for restoration of normalcy will leave us distraught with no real answers. Placing our hope in Christ Who never changes and holds our future in His hands will always leave us filled with hope. The choice is yours, so choose wisely. 


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