America's Mom with Sherronna Bishop Joined by Owen and Amity Wicks


Sherronna Bishop: Today, America's Mom, a mother, and son are bringing conservative values back to their community. Reggie Carr, I'm a Trumpster, joins us today to talk about how he's saving America's babies. And I have a what's up with that moment and a look back at the Re-2 rally that started it all on the western slope of Colorado. When parents across America discovered what their children had been learning in schools, we were shocked. We were actually horrified. Even though, for years, the conservative homeschool movement had been championing homeschooling just for that reason. The government education was no longer about educating children but rather indoctrinating children—myself, as a parent of four children from 8 to 19 years old. I had seen so much of that as my children entered the public school system in their middle school years. Education was dumbed down from a seventh-grade level to third grade just so the teacher got a passing score. And when you try to interfere, you try to be a part of what is happening with your child, particularly in the middle school years you were told you could not enter the building. Now, that was not true, of course, and I absolutely made sure to be in my child's classroom to see what was going on. But other parents across this nation haven't known exactly what their rights are and what they can do about it. Well, fundamentally, your child belongs to you, and you have not only the obligation but the duty to stand up for your child no matter what the rest of the community says about you. One of my most grievous experiences, I think, was allowing the IB program here in Colorado to bring the Kendrick Lamar audio into my child's classroom and educate her on all the things that Kendrick Lamar thinks about women. His economic status, all in slang terms, tons of profanity, vulgarity, and of course, curse words. I wish so much that I had stood up sooner and been more outspoken in defending and protecting other children.

Sherronna Bishop: I didn't do it. So much of the time, we're concerned about the ripple effect we're going to have through the community if we make too much of a fuss. If we call out a teacher, especially a teacher, that's a good teacher that the community loves and gathers around. The school feels so fortunate to have them be at their facility, at their actual school, teaching these kids. They're so vested, but that also becomes the problem when we don't stand up and say what our children are expecting us to say. When we don't do the hard things and take action, we leave our children vulnerable to those who have an ulterior motive for our kids. Even the best seeming person, teacher, or administrator can have bad motives. It happens all the time. It shouldn't shock us or surprise us anymore to see that our children are being put on the fast track to indoctrination, grooming, and perverted sexual education. So, today, as we talk to these incredible parents, moms and look back on what this community has done. Communities like mine all throughout America, what we have done to hold the line, stand up for our kids and take back their education. I encourage you to be that person. Be that parent they can't stand when they see you coming because they know you're going to bring truth. You're going to bring facts, and you are not going to back down because your child is counting on you here on America's mom.

Rogelio Mares: So, guys, Turning Point USA is the group he started at STEM School Highlands Ranch. We'll dig into that group later. His mother says adults have called him racist, a Nazi, among other insults, and she's taking a stand tonight for her son.

Amity Wicks: How would those people feel if their children were being spoken of in that way?

Rogelio Mares: Amity Wigg says her son Owen, a sophomore at STEM Highlands Ranch, has been bullied online by adults.

Sherronna Bishop: All right, joining us today is a mother and son who decided to do the unthinkable. Stand up for themselves and start a conservative chapter of Turning Point in their own backyard. For that reason alone, it has brought extreme ire from the community, as well as the school that Owen Wicks attends. So, we have with us today, Amity and Owen. Thank you guys so much for being with us. I'm really inspired, Owen, by you and the actions that you've taken. It seems very ordinary, but in times that we're living like right now, where if you aren't transitioning, looking very socially outside of the box, or doing something just absolutely against the grain in our normal everyday standards. Then you are on the hit list. So, I want to hear what happened. You guys are in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, which should be a really conservative area. It sounds like you guys have the whole weight of your community coming against you. What actions did you take?

Owen Wicks: So, I speak at school board meetings regularly, but the main thing was starting my Turning Point chapter, and I went through all the proper channels. Spoke to the administration and got the all-clear. So, it started mainly when I started putting up posters around the school a few days before the meeting just to advertise. And periodically, I would have to go around the entire school and replace them because they'd be ripped out and tossed in toilets or whatever. Around that time, kids my age would start posting stuff on social media about me, outrageous stuff like I'm homophobic or whatever. It was absolutely bonkers. Like, they brought this paper I wrote in eighth grade and tried to make it like, oh, this is his character right here. Even though nothing I said in the paper was false, they are trying to use my past works. Everything I've ever said is just trying to tear me down.

Sherronna Bishop: Okay, wait, wait, Owen. You're 16 years old. How much history can you possibly have at 16?

Owen Wicks: Yeah, I wrote a paper in eighth grade about the biblical side of several different political issues, and I reread the paper recently. It still holds up.

Sherronna Bishop: That's tremendous. Well, let me ask you. Turning Point is a conservative organization that works with teenagers and college students to help them basically to overcome what you're experiencing right now, being gaslit for having traditional family values, being America First, believing in our exceptionalism as a country, and, of course, adhering to the Constitution. So, which of those things got you the comment of being referred to as a Nazi, a Hitler Youth Nazi?

Owen Wicks: Well, I don't think it's anything inherently about Turning Point specifically or conservative ideals. Like in the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League or the Defamation League, due to how they handle themselves, has an entire page about Turning Point. A lot of it is false, but they have a blow-by-blow list of everything wrong with Turning Point. There's a lot of stuff on there that's, like I said, false, so all over social media, primarily on the left-wing side, Turning Point is bashed, transphobic, Nazi, or whatever. Like I went to a Turning Point event recently were people outside calling us fascists.

Sherronna Bishop: Wow.

Owen Wicks: Despite the fact that our thing is free speech and fascism is the suppressing of the opposite of what it is.

Sherronna Bishop: Obviously, that's actually what they're doing to you. They rip down your posters. They try to silence you by gaslighting you. Right now, they're trying to dominate every conversation on social media platforms to let the public know what they think about you. I think what I find most concerning, though, is that the adults in the school tell me about the teachers and what has gone on inside the actual school with those who are in authority who could be protecting and supporting you. What's been the situation for you with that?

Owen Wicks: It's actually been really great. So, I don't have a ton of issues with the administration. They have done a great job. The security team went out of their way to go and find all the people we were taking down the posters. I was actually able to figure out all of the people who were doing it on my own. I let them know, and they went and spoke to all of those people. We believe it was the dean of our school who went and showed up at the first meeting to try and keep things civil keep under control. For my benefit, he wasn't there to try and disrupt me. That was really nice. As far as all my other teachers, most of them know. There's one teacher who is supporting Turning Point and is our teacher representative, and he's absolutely amazing. In terms of other teachers, I'm unsure what their opinions are.

Amity Wicks: It's mostly the community at large who have hurled all these insane insults at Owen and our family, saying that we're starting a hate group, and they've even tried to call the school to get the club shut down. How diverse and inclusion...

Sherronna Bishop: Inclusionary.

Amity Wicks: Inclusionary, yes, that's the word - of them. You know, they sell all these things, and then when it comes down to actual diversity and inclusion, they really want to shut it down.

Owen Wicks: Yeah, the school at large has been really great.

Sherronna Bishop: That's really refreshing to hear. Amity, as Owen's mom, how are how do you deal with all this? I mean, he's 16, and most of us parents really want to shelter and protect our kids. This is the hate that we're trying to protect our kids from, being silenced, shut down, and the political attacks. You're 16 years old. I can only imagine what Snapchat looks like for you right now. Amity, how do you feel being his mom and walking through this with him?

Amity Wicks: Well, in one sense, it's heartbreaking to see people go after your child like that. Then again, I know I'm his mom, but he's a pretty extraordinary young man, and I feel like God has equipped him in a pretty extraordinary way for such a time as this. He's always been such a resolute kid, which was a challenge as a toddler, but it's really coming to be an amazing asset for him now, where he doesn't really care so much what the world thinks of him. He cares more about what God's truth is, capital "T" truth. He's willing to put himself out there to defend it. He's after promoting civil discourse, and that's a great irony. The whole point of Turning Point is to create a space where kids can come together and discuss relevant issues in a civil way, and they want to shut that down. He welcomes other views and welcomes kids who don't agree with him, and he talks with them all the time. He doesn't back down from uncomfortable conversations.

Sherronna Bishop: Owen, you are such an example to this generation that needs to seek young men of courage who will stand up for what's right regardless of the attacks and the silencing. All those things that are coming against you. What words of advice do you have for other students who are in your position, which is happening everywhere? Most of the time, they kind of shrink back, and even parents are tempted to pull their children out of school. What words of advice do you have for those who are going through something similar to what you're experiencing right now?

Amity Wicks: Gather friends who will stand by you because ultimately, I don't really care what the other kids have to say. For instance, there are tons of Ding Dongs at my school who will say all sorts of horrible things about me. But I don't really care what they have to say because the only opinions that matter are from those who are close to me. So, gather people around you who support you and value you, not just you, because of your political opinions, but you. And once you have that, the attacks won't matter as much because they're not from any source that really counts.

Sherronna Bishop: It's tremendous advice. For those students who are looking to get involved and be a part of something bigger than them, like Turning Point USA. Where would they go to get this information, Owen?

Owen Wicks: Well, what I did was I went on the Turning Point page in which they have an activism page, Get Involved. They have all sorts of resources where you can go and find out how to start a chapter and get resources so you can get in contact with the Turning Point Rep, who I've been talking with recently. They've helped me plan all sorts of meetings and go to the different events. So, just go to the organization itself. It's built to help these things get started.

Sherronna Bishop: It's awesome. Amity, I'm going to leave it with you. You're the mom. What advice do you have for moms and parents out there? We have not forgotten the last two years and everything that has built up to this very divisive moment where being just a regular kid is not allowed. It's really not allowed. You don't have a whole lot of defenses from your peers. What would you say to parents who are struggling with a very similar situation you're going through?

Amity Wicks: Well, my ultimate hope and grounding are in the Lord, and I know that is unwavering. My reference point is fixed, and I would suggest that people don't have a fixed reference point; they seek that out, first and foremost. But also, you know, the last two years were a mixed bag, and the blessing that came out of it was that a lot of us kind of woke up from our stupor and our comfy positions on our couches, thinking live and let live. Well, the other side doesn't want to let us live how we want to live. If we don't stand up, if we don't take positions that are outside of our comfort zone, we will continue to lose ground, and our kids will be worse off for it. So, we need to stand up and be the shields for them. Take the arrows as much as possible and push forward, stand up for traditional values and not back down.

Sherronna Bishop: I, for one, am so grateful for you guys. Thank you for starting now, for not letting this get to a point where it is out of control, and other kids now will be empowered and emboldened because of you. You took a stand now when it was still manageable. Thank you guys so much. Thank you for being with us here on America's mom, and have a great rest of your day. Thank you. Owen. God bless you guys.

Sherronna Bishop: Your children can't read, write, do the math, or do arithmetic. Don't worry, parents. Your children are being trained in the anti-social LBGTQ-LMNOP, how to be an activist movement in public schools. All across the country, GSA, Gay-Straight Alliance is hosting Gay Pride Weeks, where your middle schoolers and possibly your elementary kids will be marching in parades, waving rainbow flags, and, most importantly, learning about the inner workings of other people's private lives. Now, parents don't get too concerned. I mean, after all, this is just the norm, right. This is just what we need to accept as parents, that things have changed, and your child no longer has to believe what you believe or embrace traditional family values. A school is no longer a place where they're going to learn and be educated. It is simply what we've always known, a place for indoctrination. Parents, it's time to stand up and protect your kids. Take a look at this.

Video Clip: Absolutely. You are 100% correct. That's what we do as educators. We build relationships with our kids, and in order to build relationships, you talk about your home life. You talk about what you do on the weekends. That's building community. It scares me to death that I am not going to be able to have these conversations with my children. Cause they're going to ask me what I did on the weekend. I don't want to have to hide that my partner and I went paddleboarding this weekend because then they ask, what does partner mean, Mr. Burner? And you know, I'm worried. Can I tell them what it means? I'm also worried about my kids. I have a little girl this year who has two moms, and the kids are curious about her two moms. If they want to know about her two moms. If they go to her and ask her about her two moms and she doesn't know what to say, they're going to come to me and ask me. So what do I do? It just opens up for parents to really take some legal action against the schools and teachers. And I am afraid for myself, my colleagues, and my students.

Sherronna Bishop: After Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis recently passed the bill in Florida that does not allow adults to speak to children about sexual content. We literally are seeing teachers lose their minds, grab the duct tape because they cannot handle the fact that they can no longer have unfettered access to your child to talk about whatever they want, say whatever they want, and introduce whatever they want to your child. What's up with that?

Video Clip: All the way from Colorado. All the way from Colorado. All the way. That's for you. That's for you.

Reggie Carr: Reggie Karr is not your traditional conservative Republican activist. In fact, when he came on the scene four years ago, he was a music producer in the Hollywood scene in the hip hop world, doing his thing. But something inspired him like it inspired most of America, that was Donald J. Trump. Reggie Carr is with us today to talk about all his latest projects, saving babies, and what it looks like to move forward with Trump 2024. So, Reggie, thank you so much for being here with us today. Tell us a little bit about you. I only just got acquainted with you. Once I started speaking your name, everybody was like, yeah, we know Reggie. Yeah, we know him. Tell me what you've been up to and how you went from being a music producer in hip hop, which you still do, but becoming this political icon for Donald J. Trump.

Reggie Carr: Well, thank you for having me, Sherronna. What you're doing is very great. Yeah, it's real simple. One day I was in the recording studio, and I was editing and doing some tracking. I heard this voice talking about intellectual property, and I'm like, whoa, wait a minute. So, let me turn down everything and let me turn up the monitors. It was Donald Trump talking about intellectual property in reference to China stealing our intellectual property, and that happened to me. So, that was very important. I said, let me listen to what this man is saying. Then I started hearing all the other things that he was saying, like borders, keep jobs here, import, and all kinds of stuff to farmers. He just was talking about so many things that are about America, and that resonated with me very big, very much. I wasn't a Democrat. I've never even voted before I voted for Donald Trump. So, I went on and said, let me get behind this man. Now, being in the industry, I know that we like Donald Trump. Don't believe that's not true because he was in song. There's a picture with him with Tupac and all kinds of stuff, but President Trump was the man and is the man. So, I was like, let me get behind this man and see what's going on. Everybody was attacking him, so I started doing videos to promote his message.

Reggie Carr: Then one thing led to another, you know, people heard about it. Next thing, I'm a VIP at the Black Voices for Trump, with like 100 people in the room, media all over the world, thousands of people lined outside. I just listened to what he said, and he said he wanted minorities to go to blue states and try to turn them red, go into your neighborhoods, your community, and teach the conservative message. So, all of his points, I said, you know what, I'm going to do this. It was crazy because Diamond and Silk, everybody was there. I had my own gear. I'm a gear and stuff, and he signed it. He actually signed it. I value this. This will never go anywhere with me, but he signed it, and immediately it was game on.

Sherronna Bishop: It was game on. Well, Reggie, was there any fallout you experienced from that? I mean, I know that the conservative movement embraced you, but did you experience any personal fallout? You're a black man supporting Trump. As far as I knew, that means that you're racist. What happened with you.

Reggie Carr: Yes. I was a racist. Different people didn't want to work with me anymore. As soon I left Georgia, I came back to Colorado, and I bought a big 45-foot bus, wrapped it with me and Trump's picture around there, and went around the neighborhoods and did all that. And, man, we were followed. We were threatened, you know, it was just it was horrible. Like we had to hire a driver, and we were driving around the office, like, maybe five times because somebody wouldn't let us park. They just kept following us. So, it's been very challenging to support this man. I don't even know if he really knows how much stuff I actually did because of his message. He's the sole reason that inspired me to get into politics and behind the Conservative Party.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, I'm so glad that you did. I think your voice; you are busy living your life doing the right things. Then one day, a message resonated with you that made all of us feel like we could get our country back. That we, the people, could have a voice again. When Trump said he was returning the power to the people, I felt that hugely. I think what's been really exciting is that you haven't stopped with your support of Trump. You have a new project that we want to share with everybody that is for babies and saving the lives of babies. In Colorado, the most radical bill just passed, allowing for abortion up to whenever, however. With no boundaries and no stipulations of prevention, no born alive care was added to the bill. And it sounds like you're really getting behind this effort to save our babies. So, tell us what you're doing.

Reggie Carr: So, I started a super PAC, and I just said, I have to do something. These laws and everything we have to have a voice for the unborn. So, I use my platform. I have a radio show: I'm A Uniter, five to six, KLZ, and I've been on several national television shows, and everybody asked, what are you doing next? What are you doing? I said nothing's changed. I'm promoting Donald Trump's message. When I found out about just how horrible this abortion was and is, I had to do something because, I mean, most Planned Parenthood are in minority communities. Six out of ten babies are black babies. So, that's very important. You know, we have to stand up to that.

Sherronna Bishop: Six out of ten babies that are aborted are black babies.

Reggie Carr: Yes, six out of ten, and I didn't know that. So, I put together a team, and I started a super PAC, and now we're getting ready to do a project. It's like a mini-movie, and then we're hiring actors and actresses. I have a guy that does like filming for The Sundance or film festival he's going to video it. He's going to actually record it, edit it, and do everything. We've been in the studio. We wrote a song behind it too. It's going to be a big project, so we're just in the process now of raising money for the super PAC to finish it.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, you know, I'm very familiar with where abortion stems from and Margaret Sanger's desire to obliterate the world of any black person whatsoever. I wanted to ask you about this, too. I was reading back through the history of what she did to infiltrate the black community. She went into the churches and asked the black pastors who the community trusted and respected to get on board with her, to help curb birth, to help curb women having children, and they did. Now, I remember in 2019, in New York, there were more black babies aborted than were born. When I saw that statistic, it really just shook me for a minute because BLM, all that stuff was starting to come up, and Antifa was kind of gathering together. They were using this race dialogue to shut everybody down and said, we must support black people, of course. But there was this big elephant in the room they were not addressing, which are these children being murdered before they have the opportunity to come into the world and how much we should be protecting those innocent ones if we want to really talk about protecting and preserving the black community and making sure that 13% of the population after 200 years is insane. What's happening to the black community? I was so moved by that personally, and when you and I were talking the other day, I really wanted to make sure people knew. You, I know there are great men who are out there defending life and standing up for life. I want to encourage everybody to go to Reggie's website. We'll be posting that up. Make a donation to this incredible project, and because you've already been doing the work, Reggie, you're self-funded, and you've stood up for people who don't even know you're standing up for them. It's just a pleasure to promote you and share you with our audience today. Any last words that you want to share with our people today?

Reggie Carr: Yeah. I appreciate your platform and what you're doing. We have to come together. We have to debunk all the myths. You know, we need our police. I don't believe in defunding the police. A lot of people I know that are in Black Lives Matter, it's really a terrorist organization, and it's so much crazy stuff. But people always try to use race as the bait, as the clicker, and then it's not true. I've been to so many Trump rallies, and I've seen and met some of the best people I've ever met in my life. I talk about God in the country. Thank you very much. It's been my pleasure. What you're doing is great, and together, with teamwork, we're going to make America, like Trump, great again.

Sherronna Bishop: Let's do it, Reggie. Thank you so much. Reggie Carr, everyone. All right, time for a look back. This is where it all started for us in Rifle, Colorado. Parents gather together to stand up for their kids, defend their rights to breathe free, and ask elected officials, also known as the school board members, to listen to them and take heed of what they believed was the best course of action for their own children. It's been quite a ride.

Video Clip: We're here because our district has a choice about how they are treating our children. They get to choose what they're doing here. Mandatory masking is a choice that they have made. They're not being forced, coerced, or compelled by the public health department, by the governor, by the county commissioners, or anyone else. They have made this decision for us parents. They're not allowing the exemptions that we've requested. They have their own version that requires whoever it is that they want to have signed that exemption and we parents are just saying, no, we're not doing this. It's been 20 months. There are four different types of jobs you can get if you're not happy or you don't feel comfortable, or you don't feel safe. You have the choice to wear a mask. We are not mandatorily mass masking our children anymore. - I'm eight years old. I have a lot of anxiety, and wearing a mask is really hard for me. Sometimes I panic, and I feel like I can't breathe. Last year I had a really hard time with my mask. My teacher would snap at me as I tried to touch it. - The following statements. We are not the body that governs public health. The board also said the best option is to provide guidance, not mandates. I find it very interesting that the board has now reversed itself to take the completely opposite stance, making themselves the arbiters of public health and mandates for our children. - Right now, it's reading 20.9% on the oxygen level. So, I will find a mask. I'll put it on my daughter. It's the blue mask that you guys said to use. Are you going to put that in there? As you'll see, it'll slowly start going down. Notes it says in between 19.5 and 23.5 is safe. We're down to 18.2 and dropping. It's not safe. I couldn't work in this atmosphere. How can we make our kids? - Today, Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021. We, the people, the parents, and respective community members of RE-2 School District and Garfield County, are presenting a legal cease and desist letter to the following school board members, COVID Advisory Board members, and to our Administrator Thomas Labbe, Jason Shupe, Katie Mackley, Maria Stickler, Ms. Ann Getler, Sara Bell, Teresa Hamilton, Julie Knowles, Lisa Pierce, John Oldham and Heather Grimmer. We have obtained legal counsel. We are taking formal legal action to protect our children from unlawful and harmful health mandates against them issued by these named individuals.

Sherronna Bishop: The efforts and consistent action of these parents and community members and rightful led to a change in board membership, bringing in two amazing school board presidents who actually represent the community as the parents push forward into a recall effort against the woman who led the COVID mandates and led the abuse of the children in this district. It's going to be a moment to see how that all plays out. But it's been exciting to be a part of this and know that parents are doing everything they can to make sure that the future is also preserved. I know it's been two years, and sometimes it can feel daunting, and we start wondering now that we're not wearing masks anymore and we're back to some sort of normalcy. We start to think, well, maybe it isn't necessary to pursue these actions. Maybe we can just move on, and we can just forgive and forget. Forgiveness has already happened, but we can't forget. We have to make sure that we have boundaries in place, that we follow the law, and make sure that people who choose to abuse their power when they are elected officials never get to do it again. When you are tempted to grow weary and when you feel like you are losing your way and you don't know what to do in defense of your children, the defense of your community, look around. There is always going to be somebody like you who is also looking for the same thing—a way to partner with people, a way to grow together. Just every day, standing up for your kid and making sure that they're okay and that the proper role of government in your local school and your local county is being observed. That's your responsibility. Nobody's going to do it for you. Remember, all that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. God bless you, and we'll see you guys again here soon.

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