Americans Becoming Allergic To Meat Through Tick Bites? Will Globalists Spread This on Purpose For Their Green Agenda?


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Brannon Howse: All right. Joining me now is Patrick Wood. Patrick, welcome back to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.

Patrick Wood: Brannon. Always good to be with you. Thank you.

Brannon Howse: I want to go, though, an article real quick here that I saw today, and I thought, “Oh, I've got to get somebody on.” I'm going to have Karen Kingston on tomorrow night about it, but I want to have you respond to it. It's at the Daily Mail, but it's also at Yahoo! A Horror Show: Alpha-gal, a meat allergy caused by tick bites, is on the upswing in Missouri. But it's not just Missouri. It's other states. Now, I read about this several years ago. You get a tick bite, and then all of a sudden, you go to have meat, and you start having a major crisis. I read one story a few years ago where a guy started having an anaphylactic shock. Thankfully, they were on vacation somewhere. Thankfully, his wife had an EpiPen for one of her boys and used it on the husband.

Otherwise, he would have died. His throat was closing up. He would have died. He's convinced he wouldn't have made it, right? He was like, what? He got bit by a tick. Well, then, as I went through this, what did I find out? I found out that there was research being done. Look at that. It started in 2001 when Cetuximab, a monoclonal antibody drug to treat cancer, was causing anaphylaxis in a number of patients. At that time, that doctor was training with the man credited with this discovery. So, here's the point I'm going to make. What if they decided to get this into some kind of virus? What if they decided to let this get into more tics and spread it around the country? What if they put this in food?

And you say, "Wait a minute, that's crazy talk. Why would you talk like that?" I don't know. Maybe because when I go to the Web, look at this, guys. As I've been telling you for the last couple of years, the great reset. What do they say at the World Economic Forum? What do they say? You'll eat much less meat. There you go. An occasional treat, not a staple for the good of the environment or our health. Well, what if you don't eat any meat and you still have to worry about cows passing gas? Because we're going to make so many people allergic to meat. Is this even crazy to think about, or is this actually what these same people that pulled off the plandemic would do?

Patrick Wood: It is. It's really, it's deeper. Well, let's put it this way. The rabbit hole goes deeper than most people have a clue. And it's, really kind of a hard thing to follow. But the subtheme of my Crimes Against Humanity Tour, the subtitle, and of course, I speak about technocracy and globalization and so on. But my subtitle is A Takeover of All Genetic Material on Earth. The hour and a half presentation that I give shows exactly going back way into the seventies and eighties on how this was the plan from the get-go. Was to take over the genetic codes of all living things that have genetic, you know, DNA. This is just one good example of this. I just saw an article that came out. You sent it to me. I think about Lyme disease. Lyme disease was not some naturally occurring type of thing. It was created in a lab.

Brannon Howse: Yep.

Patrick Wood: There's a raft of things like that that have been engineered and released into the public, whether accidentally or intentionally, is immaterial. But it got leaked out.

Brannon Howse: Really quickly. This is the article I sent to him. Sorry to interrupt. U.S. Bioweapons lab suspected of source of Lyme disease exert at Worldview That's what I sent him today that he's responding to. This U.S. bioweapon lab, this guy is interviewed, okay? This guy's been studying this for years, and he's interviewed on how this came off Plum Island in New York. And so, you tie this Lyme disease back to bioweapons, and that's what you're referring to.

Patrick Wood: That's exactly right. And I've had my eyes opened, I have to tell you, in the last three weeks and our first three weeks of this Crimes Against Humanity Tour, because I'm traveling with Dr. Judy Mikovits, for one. Who is a premier, while she's had a long history in virology and she understands this stuff backward and forwards, just sitting and talking to her, it's just been an absolute goldmine for me to really start to understand things. Also, I am traveling with Dr. Richard Fleming from Dallas, Texas, who is just a preeminent researcher, also a Ph.D. in physics, and he's also an MD and a JD.

The guy is a brilliant medical mind, and he also is digging into this deeply about how these Biolabs have been misused over the years to create these monstrous things. And it just, when you see it up close and personal and here people with authority speaking about it, it just leaves you speechless. How could they do this? How could they do these things? Yet they have. And, you know, we're dealing with the aftermath now as people are dying, literally. They're dying from it now. Well, not just the Lyme disease, but the whole pandemic thing and the various viruses and stuff that have been released over time that were bioengineered. It's amazing.

Brannon Howse: It absolutely is amazing. So again, you can check that out at Look at this: Energy secretary explains why feds are spending $2.5 billion on carbon capture. Carbon capture, this is the stupidest thing in the world. Top Five Reasons Carbon Capture and Storage is bogus. That’s an older article, but I wanted to also provide you with that because here we have a brand-new article on how the government is going to spend $2.5 billion on carbon capture. Would you comment on this, please?

Patrick Wood: Well, absolutely. The whole carbon thing, of course, they're talking about carbon dioxide, and they're saying that man has admitted too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and it's causing global warming. Which is just absolutely bogus any way you look at it. But the idea is to control energy and carbon represents energy. The fuels that we've been burning for millennia, I guess, they say, “Well, that's the culprit.” But the idea goes even back to the 1930s. When you look back to historic technocracy, they talked about controlling the economic system by controlling the energy that was available in the system. Carbon and energy today are synonymous.

You know, if you see something that says emit carbon, you can also see something that says control over energy. This meme has been going on now since at least 1992 with the Rio de Janeiro conference that produced Agenda 21. There's a massive campaign to kill all coal, oil, etc., and now to directly remove CO2 from the atmosphere. This is so pitifully and painfully stupid. It's just beyond belief because we are carbon-based units. We supply the carbon dioxide that makes plants grow. If anything, we should have more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We should have more sunlight and stop all these chemtrails and stuff that's trying to block the sun and just let Mother Earth take care of it. I shouldn't use that term, Mother Earth. That's the wrong term. But the Earth is fully capable of supporting us if we just leave it alone. But they don't want to leave it alone. They want to do everything backward.

Brannon Howse: And it's a big scam for taking $2.5 billion of government money and passing it around to their friends.

Patrick Wood: Yes, it is. And of course, you know, you can look at this whole green thing, top to bottom has been one big scam. There's nothing constructive for mankind in all of the green agenda that we get from the United Nations and from the World Economic Forum. None of it is productive for humanity in general. It's all a scam in that sense.

Brannon Howse: By the way, I mentioned that meat, they're making everybody allergic to meat. What if they were doing something like that? How, convenient because remember, I did this presentation early in 2020. Folks, remember this? Look at this. Bill Gates thinks we should start eating 100% synthetic meat. We are eating too much meat. Eat celebrity meat supposedly grown from celebrities. You've got to be kidding me, from some of their cells or something? I don't know. Who cares? I mean, wow. Yeah. By isolating muscle stem cells, we grow celebrity meat.

But anyway, Bill Gates is working on 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases that he's worried about. he wants to put together this whole carbon credit scam with a bunch of his friends. We went through the website many times now, and all the buddies of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and all these people that are involved in this, I mean, what a gigantic scam. So, World Economic Forum is all about carbon credits. So, this is going to be another great big scam. Like if I said to you one night, “Hey, let's start where we offer up some paper. We'll print our own paper and tell everybody to come and buy the paper from us.” And, you know, it's Monopoly money.

What a scam. Like the Federal Reserve, you know, it's not real money, it's just paper. Real money is tangible gold, silver, houses, and land. The Bible's got cattle in there, but this carbon credit thing can be another scam to steal people's money. The government and big business are going to force you to do it and be in their little Ponzi scheme together. This is the next scam coming.

Patrick Wood: Well, yes, control over energy is designed to control the economic system because nothing takes place without energy. You have to have energy for all economic activity, plants, factories, services, etc. They all need energy. If they can control the energy, this was a theory from the beginning. If you can control energy, you can control all economic activity. Of course, there are other choke points as well. There's food, for instance. That's a very important choke point. Water is a very important choke point as well.

But energy has always been at the forefront of measuring what the economic system is doing. It affords the controllers absolute control over all economic activity. This is why the United Nations, the UN, and the World Economic Forum are working so diligently to get total control over carbon because that will allow them to have a throttle on the economic activity all around the world.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Tell me where I can find out about the conference that you're doing.

Patrick Wood: Well, we have a conference website. It's It's a nine-city tour. We're in week four right now. We're in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brannon Howse: Give the website again.

Patrick Wood:

Brannon Howse: I look forward to having you back on.

Patrick Wood: Get your tickets and come on out.

Brannon Howse: Excellent. Thank you, Patrick.

Patrick Wood: My pleasure.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, is his website. By the way, big announcement tomorrow night. Tomorrow night, I will announce to you who some of the speakers for my 19th Annual Ozarks Worldview Weekend will be. It's going to be starting Friday night, October 14th through 15th, and half-day Sunday. The banquet is on the 13th. So, it's the 13th, banquet on Thursday night. Then Friday night the 14th, Saturday the 15th, and half-day Sunday the 16th of October, in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. My 19th Annual Ozarks Worldview Weekend. I'll tell you who's going to be some of the keynote speakers tomorrow night. Lake of the Ozarks for my 19th Annual Ozarks Worldview Weekend. Take care.


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