Amanda Grace: Worship Music Brought the Glory of God to Dallas


At about 4 min and 12 seconds, Amanda was referencing Kent Henry when she talked about "Rick from Blessed2Teach brought his Worship Team and this gentlemen was amazing... and the praise music was just echoing throughout the place. The glory of God was saturating the atmosphere." This is what happens when we all worship and praise the Lord with a presence based approach. The presence of God shows up and miracles and wonders happen just like they did in the Dallas event Amanda speaks of! Join us backstage to experience the Holy Spirit River live 3 times each week! Experience Backstage Worship Every Mon, Thu and Fri!! PraiseNPrayer with Rick, Kent Henry and the Backstage team. Create a profile and join a Prayer Warrior Group here Free training from Rick on Tuesday night, Jan 4, 5pm CST.

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