After Raiding Mar-A-Lago Deep State Finds Only Despair Approaching November | Carolyn Blakeman, Shahram Hadian


Americans have watched astonished as the Deep State raided a president's home. The vilification of the FBI and DOJ has reached an all-time high as a 9-12 hour search was performed. Merrick Garland delivered his admittance to the media as they sough to justify such actions. Calls to finally dissolve the organizations have increased. Is America First in trouble or have the Deep State officials lost their grip?

Carolyn Blakeman joins to discuss the vaccine injuries that are increasing. More people are coming out to the public revealing their struggles with the second globalist bioweapon. As the CDC dissolves their recommendations who is vindicated and who is revealed? Will establishment media and conservative independents alike admit the truth now?

Shahram Hadian joins to discuss the raid upon Trump. As Trump faces threats from the weaponized law what should be performed? It appears, through reports, that even the Secret Service could be compromised. Someone close to Trump betrayed him and his family. Is Trump safe?

America has been in decline everywhere, but people have been awakened. Although aware, do they actually understand the events surrounding them? There is a void and are America First and Christians filling the void? This must be seen.

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