ABUNDANT LIFE: Living with Passion and Purpose!


How much of life is perspective? It is so important for people to get their narratives figured out because you will live out the life that you view within yourself. God’s goal is for you to have a skill level that is equal to your integrity. The challenge is not figuring out the gifts that God has given you, but the challenge is how do you get to what God wants you to do? Only when you take responsibility for what is happening in your life do you have the power to change the circumstances of your life. This powerful episode covers the significance of identity, purpose, honing our skill sets, measuring up to our potential, and how different perspectives view failure (and why failure is okay). You don’t want to miss this uplifting, clarity-fueled session on Unlocking Your Story. Eye-witness testimonies, self-awareness, purpose, failure, and destiny are just a few of the buzzwords found in this exciting episode!

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