The Absolute Horror Of Being A Teenaged Woman In The Islamic Republic of Iran


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The Horror of Being a Woman

In 2017, Aynaz Anni Cyrus talked about the horror of being a teenage woman in Iran. At the age of nine, Cyrus was considered a woman. She was raped consistently throughout her life by her family, police officers, and others. By age 14, Cyrus' father decided to sell for $50 and a month worth of opium. Although Cyrus went to the police, she was punished for leaving the house without a guardian. 

Cyrus was repeatedly beaten and assaulted by her husband. In desperation, Cyrus sought help from the courts. At 15 years old, battered and beaten, Cyrus told a judge that her husband would kill her. However, the judge told her that she should start obeying her husband. This is the life of teenager woman in Iran. 

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