Sham J6 Committee Allows Hearsay Witness and She Is Immediately Disproven


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Hearsay Witness is Disproven!

On Let's Talk About It, Will Johnson talks about sham J6 Committee's hearsay witness is disproven. The J6 Committee allowed Cassidy Hutchinson, the former aide to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Hutchinson took the stand to testify that Donald Trump had gotten physical with the secret service agent in an attempt to take the wheel of the Beast. The former aide also mentioned the agent motioned to his clavicle saying the President grabbed him there. 

However, Hutchinson was immediately disproven because the Beast's structure makes it impossible for Trump to jump at him, even if he lowered the partition window. Even if Trump was actually in an SUV, it proves the former aide lied because the "secret service agent" that she got information from would have to know the difference between the Beast and an SUV that he was driving. Finally, why is Hutchinson allowed to testify? Hearsay is inadmissible. It proves how much of a sham this committee is.  

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