Opposing God's Word is Not Smart


Thousands of pastors in North America participated in a protest this past Sunday preaching sermons on the biblical teaching of sexuality.  This was a show of solidarity against a new Canadian ban which could potentially outlaw this type of Biblical activity.
Bill C-4 was rammed through the parliament in Canada, preventing debate, in an effort to criminalize Christian free speech.

Although one may find it offensive that their lifestyle is not celebrated or condoned by others, it is the right of people to harbor such disagreements. Humanity possesses the basic right of developing our own opinion, holding our own religious convictions, and expressing those in a way which does no violence or harm to others.
For the Christian, however, this goes beyond a mere right becoming a God-ordained responsibility.

The deeper issue is that the government cannot step in the way of ministers performing their duties to speak the truth of the Bible; they have no right to dictate to the church how to teach, preach, or defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Once this boundary is crossed, once man-made institutions attempt to dictate what Preacher’s speak, they have moved themselves squarely into God's crosshairs.  This is not a smart move. 

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