Executive Malpractice


If Joe Biden isn’t a medical doctor, should he be held liable for malpractice?  Let’s break it down.

Dr. Peter McCullough was on the Joe Rogan Experience last week, during which he discussed the COVID-19 shamdemic.

He also discussed the responsibility of doctors to not pressure patients into taking experimental treatments.  He stated that vaccines are, “all investigational research and encouragement to take it violates the Nuremberg code. 

Yet this is exactly what we’ve heard from Biden, his administration, Dr. Andy Fauci, left and right political outlets, the COVID Task Force, even President Trump. 

He continues, saying doctors can never tell someone they should take the COVID-19 vaccine for the same reason they can’t tell someone to be in a research study as they would be sanctioned.  He finished by stating that doctors should never give any pressure, coercion, or threat of reprisal for participating in research.

If doctors are unable to advise trial treatments, what about those who aren’t involved in practicing medicine?  Americans are faced with losing jobs and being removed from society because they haven’t participated in a world-wide trial for gene therapies.

Dr. McCullough also states that, “there was an intentional, very comprehensive, suppression of ea​​rly treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization and death.  And it seemed to be completely organized and intentional in order to create acceptance for, and then promote, mass vaccination.”

Those in power will never be held accountable by being charged with medical malpractice.  They will be lauded for carrying out such an important part of the Global Elite's plan.

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