Episode 71 - Love and Ashes w/ Stacy Ograyensek


Join Jeff and special guest Stacy Ograyensek. Stacy recounts how her husband Ryan fell victim to the medical tyranny. This episode is the third TPR has done on this topic. It's heartbreaking and sadly it's all to common.

From Stacy: "On January 3rd 2022 6:05 pm The hospital finally succeeded in murder for profit. It was this day, I lost my best friend of 25 years. We Met at age 15 in a private Christian school. We knew right away our love was special and nothing was coming between us. I was with him 25 years ( over half my life ) married 13 wonderful years, and sadly separated at age 41 by evil greed, as healthcare paychecks were put above human life."

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