They're BACK!!!! And this summit is bigger than ever! One year ago today, Dr. Simone Gold and America's Frontline Doctors shook the nation with the TRUTH that there were effective treatments for Covid-19 that the mainstream media, big pharma, the WHO, the FDA and the government were doing everything in their power to cover-up. One year later, we are facing even more nefarious tyrannical measures- but we are more united and ready than we were one year ago. This year, America's Frontline Doctors and a team of the highest caliber lawyers are working to defend our freedoms, liberties, first and fourteenth amendment rights! And they are empowering We the People to stand on the frontlines with them! Vaccine passports, and medical tyranny will NOT happen in our Nation on our watch and we WILL use the power of God, and the Constitution to STOP their plans! Listen here to the first 3 hours of the Summit with Resistance Chicks to these empowering messages from AFLDS!

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