• Episode 59 - Exposing the Game

    Special Guest Eric Caron on the political climate in desperate need for Patriot’s in America!
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    Dr. Bill Warner continues our educational series on Islam! This episode: Islam & Slavery.
    Dr. Warner's Site:

    Soslan Temanson updates us on Wisconsin election decertification efforts and more!

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  • Episode 51 - Medical Tyranny

    Join Jeff and TPR contributor Renee Grace to discuss the Covid PLANdemic, the bioweapon, depopulation, mandates, and discrimination against those that refuse the jab.

    In our first Viewer Profile interview Mr. Soslan Temanson joins Jeff. Soslan was abandoned by his parents at birth in Russia. He has a very unique story, and at 23 he understands that Communism really is and is fighting to preserve our freedoms in America.
  • Episode 55 - The Wisconsin Conspiracy

    Special guest and Patriot activist Soslan Temanson joins Jeff to discuss the resistance to justice from the REPUBLICANS in the Wisconsin legislature.

    TPR Contributor CPT. Robert Firth joins Jeff to discuss his new book "Extinction". The book is a chilling account of where we've been and where what we may yet have to endure from Covid to the New World Order.