The Patriot Review

  • Episode 82 - S*x Cells

    Join Jeff and special guest Shawn McBreairty for an update on his fight to rid the schools of hyper-sexualization of kids in Maine.

    Jeff discusses sexual subcultures in America
  • Episode 78 - The Planned New World Order

    Join Jeff and special guest David Sorensen ( to see and hear the proof of massive crimes aimed at destroying the United States and creating a one-world tyrannical government.
  • Episode 76 - Free Speech for All

    Special guest, CEO and Founder of CloutHub, Jeff Brain joins The Patriot Review to discuss the state of free speech in America. Jeff talks everything CloutHub and gives a peek into what's coming in the near future.

  • Episode 66 - When They Come for Your Kids

    Join Jeff with special guest Diego Rodriguez to discuss the increasing and alarming actions our government is taking to destroy families and more!


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