• Episode 42 - The Real Islam w/ Dr. Bill Warner

    Dr. Bill Warner ( discusses the political nature and goals of Islam. America is a nation at war on multiple fronts. You don't want to miss this in depth interview with the good Dr. He is a brilliant gentleman who has been on this mission for over twenty years now.
    My second guest is Mr. Mac Thompson ( Mac is running for US Senate from Ohio. Learn Mac's views and stances on critical issues in America today.
  • Episode 39 - Exposing Evil

    Join Jeff and special guest CPT Robert J. Firth (retired) to discuss the evil deeds being perpetrated by our government today. The western civilization is under attack on all fronts. CPT Firth is an accomplished author, Vietnam veteran, former commercial pilot and Patriot.

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  • Episode 44 - Faith, Hope and Freedom (Part 1)

    Join Jeff with special guest Dr. Taufik and Dyana Taufik on Dyana's Life after Life experience! An absolutely amazing journey with a message from Jesus we all need to hear. You will be moved!

    Segment 2: Akiane Kramarik video segment.
  • The January 6th Lie - One Year Later with Nina May

    Join Jeff with special guest Nina May ( to see video of the January 6th, 2021 protests through the lens an American that was there that day. The media and politicians have lied about what actually occurred that day. The so called "domestic terrorists" are in reality everyday American Patriot's who love their country.
  • The Patriot Review TV Show

    Join Jeff Wagner as he brings you a variety of guests and topics that are both timely and interesting. Jeff is a staunch "America First" Constitutional Conservative. Regular segments include The Naked Truth (current news analysis), Real America (the truth about American history), Health Watch With Renee Grace, and Eye on Islam (Dr. Bill Warner and I.Q. al Rassouli).

    The Patriot Review also produces and releases free documentaries on occasion.