• Episode 38 - Truth Bomb

    Join Jeff to discuss government overreach.. Topics include the hostile posturing of the Biden "administration" towards conservatives.
  • Don't Be Scared, Be Prepared

    Show #2638 – July 7, 2021 – DON’T BE SCARED, BE PREPARED! – Melody Cedarstrom of Discount Gold and Silver Trading joins Beth Ann (which means that they are “The 2” once again) to discuss how to protect your “paper money” gains in the market.
  • Episode 39 - Exposing Evil

    Join Jeff and special guest CPT Robert J. Firth (retired) to discuss the evil deeds being perpetrated by our government today. The western civilization is under attack on all fronts. CPT Firth is an accomplished author, Vietnam veteran, former commercial pilot and Patriot.

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  • Episode 44 - Faith, Hope and Freedom (Part 1)

    Join Jeff with special guest Dr. Taufik and Dyana Taufik on Dyana's Life after Life experience! An absolutely amazing journey with a message from Jesus we all need to hear. You will be moved!

    Segment 2: Akiane Kramarik video segment.