• Episode 42 - The Real Islam w/ Dr. Bill Warner

    Dr. Bill Warner (politicalislam.com) discusses the political nature and goals of Islam. America is a nation at war on multiple fronts. You don't want to miss this in depth interview with the good Dr. He is a brilliant gentleman who has been on this mission for over twenty years now.
    My second guest is Mr. Mac Thompson (https://thompsonforsenate.org). Mac is running for US Senate from Ohio. Learn Mac's views and stances on critical issues in America today.
  • An Open Letter to the SCOTUS

    As you know the world teeters on the brink of a tyrannical "New World Order" that seeks to enslave the people of America and the world.  The November 23rd 2020 election fraud case is one of dwindling opportunities to halt this advance.  We are at war!