• Relatively Happy Father's Day - #2008-2

    Tragedy is a relative thing.  Some people get grounded, others step on a bomb and lose a leg.  Some people have to wait a whole month to get a Playstation 5, others get sent to concentration camps.  I guess what we're saying is that unless your life is in mortal peril, your problem is fake and you should stop complaining.  That's called "tough love".
  • Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 8 23 21 Taliban orders death to man for keeping his brother safe - FDA fully approves Pfizer vaccine

    Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 8 23 21 - FDA fully approves Pfizer vaccine. Taliban orders death of man who was protecting his brother. Bill Maher goes off on "woke" news rooms. Greece builds border wall. Turkeys Erdogan implores refugees to enter Europe to create southern Europe Islamic caliphate. Pray for TN flood victims. Former UK commander for Afghanistan says Biden should not be impeached but he should be court marshalled. Auburn University decries Christianity and moral values associated with it. Trump got booed for vaccine statements and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson!!