george stephanopoulos

  • Ep 115 - Relic on State | Newtown, PA - "Signs" - A Day Of Mispronunciations

    From Newtown, PA, close to the crops of M. Night Shyamalan's movie 'Signs', in spite of another round of Cutter's botched pronunciations, the boys enjoy some of the movie's finer points. They also air out Stacey Abrams' announcement of yet another Governorship bid, Fauci's announcement that Omicron has landed, and ABC's promotion of George Stephanopoulos' one-on-one interview with Alec Baldwin.
  • Ep 132 - Wilson's Secret Sauce | Upper Darby, PA - "Sunday Morning Lies in Ties"

    There's no better way to celebrate the return of Jake than with some outstanding barbeque. So, the boys headed to Wilson's Secret Sauce where they discussed national Sunday morning news programs, and the propaganda that spews out of them. They get a good laugh out of Neil Young's self-inflicted departure from Spotify, Joe Biden's "No explanation" regarding his mental competency, and Jen Psaki's "Proud to be working with Obama" Freudian slip.