• Building Holywood Podcast: Guest Generation Recovery

    ABOUT: BUILDING HOLYWOOD: IN MEDIA, MUSIC AND TECHNOLOGY WITH HOST CHRISTI GIVEN ( is about spreading the Gospel through the airwaves ("the good news") and helping interview people with a positive impact in media or through their gifts. This podcast is to encourage people to "shine their light," in Hollywood, which Given calls HOLY-WOOD. Christi Given founded the Holywood Scoop blog in 2008, which is now THE HOLYWOOD NETWORK and documents positive music, faith based films and is a platform for the "good news." Go to for more information. @HolywoodNetwork 
  • Generation Z: Not Owned By Anyone

    Generation Z proves one thing, partisanship is not going to win this group over. They don’t care for either party. This is going to be a tough thing for Republicans and Democrats to handle considering they have built their whole identity around us vs. them politics.