• Episode 52 - MLK Day Special With Alveda King

    Without question we need more Patriot civil rights leadership that are truth tellers instead of race-baiting hate mongers'. Alveda King is a true American Patriot Evangelist who is focused on the rights of the most vulnerable. In true MLK and A.D. King style and determination she diligently soldiers on. Hear what she has to say about the state of things today and what we have to do to save America and the world.
  • Episode 48 - So Long 2021!

    Join Jeff for the last show of 2021! Special guests include Gabriel Clark (the first parent to sue over critical race theory), and author I.Q. Al Rassooli (to discuss the origin of Islam)

    TPR Website: https://www.redbloodedpatriots.com
  • Episode 47 - Free Will & the Fork in the Road

    Join Jeff to discuss what America is facing today and the urgent need for American citizens to get off the sidelines and take action to preserve our Constitutional Republic. Real America (new segment) - America's founding and Christianity.

    Guests Ronald Boyd, CPT (ret) Robert Firth and Jim Stroud.
  • Episode 42 - The Real Islam w/ Dr. Bill Warner

    Dr. Bill Warner (politicalislam.com) discusses the political nature and goals of Islam. America is a nation at war on multiple fronts. You don't want to miss this in depth interview with the good Dr. He is a brilliant gentleman who has been on this mission for over twenty years now.
    My second guest is Mr. Mac Thompson (https://thompsonforsenate.org). Mac is running for US Senate from Ohio. Learn Mac's views and stances on critical issues in America today.
  • An Open Letter to the SCOTUS

    As you know the world teeters on the brink of a tyrannical "New World Order" that seeks to enslave the people of America and the world.  The November 23rd 2020 election fraud case is one of dwindling opportunities to halt this advance.  We are at war!
  • Huge Rittenhouse Update

    Gaige Grosskreutz, the man shot by Kyle Rittenhouse, literally admitted on the stand that he pointed his gun at Kyle. ACQUIT!

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  • Episode 39 - Exposing Evil

    Join Jeff and special guest CPT Robert J. Firth (retired) to discuss the evil deeds being perpetrated by our government today. The western civilization is under attack on all fronts. CPT Firth is an accomplished author, Vietnam veteran, former commercial pilot and Patriot.

    TPR Website: https://www.redbloodedpatiots.com

    ???????? Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thepatriotreview

    Website: https://www.redbloodedpatriots.com

    Links from this episode:

    CPT Firth's Website: https://www.robert-j-firth.com

    Illinois article: https://lists.youmaker.com/links/6WttdKaq5l/jLsm7EC3t/w9qrUsym6/IMVmXDKwoh
  • Episode 38 - Truth Bomb

    Join Jeff to discuss government overreach.. Topics include the hostile posturing of the Biden "administration" towards conservatives.