#cancel culture

  • Episode 48 - So Long 2021!

    Join Jeff for the last show of 2021! Special guests include Gabriel Clark (the first parent to sue over critical race theory), and author I.Q. Al Rassooli (to discuss the origin of Islam)

    TPR Website: https://www.redbloodedpatriots.com
  • Episode 47 - Free Will & the Fork in the Road

    Join Jeff to discuss what America is facing today and the urgent need for American citizens to get off the sidelines and take action to preserve our Constitutional Republic.

    Guests Ronald Boyd, CPT (ret) Robert Firth and Jim Stroud.
  • Episode 47 - Free Will & the Fork in the Road

    Join Jeff to discuss what America is facing today and the urgent need for American citizens to get off the sidelines and take action to preserve our Constitutional Republic. Real America (new segment) - America's founding and Christianity.

    Guests Ronald Boyd, CPT (ret) Robert Firth and Jim Stroud.
  • Episode 41 - Patriot's Rising

    Two special interviews with American Patriot's who are standing up and taking action against our overreaching government. Guest Yael Levin to discuss the battle for our children's minds in our schools.

    Then special guests Robin Ruwe and Rebecca Borne discuss using the Constitutional process of using affidavits to fight tyranny.
  • Episode 39 - Exposing Evil

    Join Jeff and special guest CPT Robert J. Firth (retired) to discuss the evil deeds being perpetrated by our government today. The western civilization is under attack on all fronts. CPT Firth is an accomplished author, Vietnam veteran, former commercial pilot and Patriot.

    TPR Website: https://www.redbloodedpatiots.com

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    Website: https://www.redbloodedpatriots.com

    Links from this episode:

    CPT Firth's Website: https://www.robert-j-firth.com

    Illinois article: https://lists.youmaker.com/links/6WttdKaq5l/jLsm7EC3t/w9qrUsym6/IMVmXDKwoh
  • Episode 38 - Truth Bomb

    Join Jeff to discuss government overreach. Topics include the hostile posturing of the Biden "administration" towards conservatives.
  • The Patriot Review Radio Show

    Join us! Join the millions of Americans who understand the stakes and insist on continuing to abide by the Constitution. Assist us in promoting the spirit of always improving on what has preceded us and protecting the rights of our country's greatest asset - its children.
  • Anna Khait | How to Fight Back Against the Cancel Culture

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  • Are We Winning or Losing the Culture War?

    Could you ever believe you would be seeing the America you are seeing today?
    Gender confusion. Open borders. Cancel culture. Defund police. Socialism. The list could go on!

    In this week’s [email protected] Podcast I provide a 75 year snapshot of the tipping points of how we got to where we are today. Culture isn’t lost in one event, but a series of events over time. We are the proverbial frog in the kettle with the water heating up gradually until we fail to recognize the severity of our condition when it’s too late.

    This is a must presentation for every believer to understand what is needed at this hour to save our nation.