• Ironic Election Doubts

    Questioning our election process is unpatriotic - unless you question Donald Trump. Let's break it down.

    Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco has revealed that federal prosecutors are looking into fake Electoral College certifications that declared former President Donald Trump the winner of states he lost like Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, and New Mexico. She announced this on CNN, of all places, last week.
  • The Patriot Review TV Show

    Join Jeff Wagner as he brings you a variety of guests and topics that are both timely and interesting. Jeff is a staunch "America First" Constitutional Conservative. Regular segments include The Naked Truth (current news analysis), Real America (the truth about American history), Health Watch With Renee Grace, and Eye on Islam (Dr. Bill Warner and I.Q. al Rassouli).

    The Patriot Review also produces and releases free documentaries on occasion.
  • Shoot to Kill Orders on January 6

    Did you know that Secret Commandos were lurking at the Capitol on January 6? Let's break it down

    According to Newsweek, days before the Stop the Steal rally on January 6, 2021 contingency meetings were taking place in Quantico, Virginia to plan for the upcoming Joint Session of Congress.