• A Major Insight Into Brain Health, With David Rivas (

    Join our soul medic, Dr. K, as she hosts retired pharmacist, and author of “Resilient Brain,” David Rivas! Listen as David shares his experience of dealing with a severely autistic child, and his very practical lessons that have led to an amazing turn around, effecting everyone in his family! Kristi and David connect through a collective group that study, and are certified in, brain health. David shares some of nature’s components that moved his son from a state of non-functional to a productive youth after years of traditional therapeutic failures!
  • Dr. Judy Mikovitz on BraveTV

    Dr. Judy Mikovitz joins Dr. Jason Dean on BraveTV to discuss her journey and the lies of Dr. Anthony Fauci. We also discuss the reasons behind Autism, HIV/AIDS and her dealings with health care and the fallout coming from the Covid-19 vaccines.