• Patricia Rust 11/2/2021

    An unusual California native, Patricia Rust now blogs for the Huffington Post about spiritual lifestyle, health, entertainment, travel, and her entertaining life which takes her into the realm of celebrity and to the four corners of the earth. This Los Angeles native leads a glamorous life among the rich and famous but concentrates on the spiritual life within it. What sets her apart from others is that she covers an enormous range of topics and includes popular personalities and destinations in a unique voice that comes from her unusual background.

    As an award-winning screenwriter and author, she is most proud of her work as a children’s author such as her best selling book The King of Skittledeedoo and her children’s stories for the Los Angeles Times which appear regularly.

    Her Huffington Post pieces so far have included: A story about interviewing actor Gerard Butler, a visit to the world class spa The Golden Door, teaching her writing workshops, the joys of aqua exercise, elevating yourself spiritually, ways to cope with life stressors, her weekend with the new I-Phone, bringing a Beatles song to life, and being mindful and present.

    Patricia Rust’s circle of friends and fans include her treasured fan letters from Charlton Heston, Nancy Reagan, and Laura Bush. Patricia has addressed the governor’s wives and been invited to speak at the governor’s rotundas in conjunction with her children’s literacy organization called Power for Kids,(see, a not-for-profit organization which promotes learning and reading in schools and children’s facilities across the country. Her “Make a Book” program where kids write their own books is particularly popular with children ages 5 to 12. This popular book has also been used in the Screen Actors Guild Book Pals program and the Writers Guild of America Foundation’s literacy program.

    Rust is a UCLA graduate with a PhD in child psychology with numerous books and films in development, “I have the chance to shape the minds and hearts of children. It’s an enormous responsibility and it is one that I don’t take lightly! That’s why my books are entertaining but message driven. In The King of Skittledeedoo, the king has to learn to read, write, and spell in order to save his kingdom – it’s a charming story well told with whimsical illustrations. I can say that because it’s now in its 3rd printing!” She has made a television pilot of the book where she served as a princess with children of the Kamehameha school in Honolulu as the children of the kingdom of Skittledeedoo where they learn to read, write, and spell along with the king.

    Patricia Rust is a frequent speaker about “scripting your own life” and is a popular guest with the media and a teacher of writing workshops. She began her career with her own talk show on PBS and hosted some magazine shows before she sold her first screenplay to Warner Bros. and moved behind the camera where she went on to write for dramatic television, situation comedies, and network specials. She wrote on Emmy-award-winning shows where she thrived and even wrote pilots which are considered the hallmark of success in television.

    Since age two, Patricia has also enjoyed a modeling career from which she has never been able to retire. She is best known as a former Ivory Soap girl and still does beauty shots and is a hand and lifestyle model that she ties in with some of her travel writing. She is currently on tour to Spain, France, and Scotland and speaks the language of each of these countries. "I love language because it is a great doorway to the people and their culture. Robert Burns and his brogue are pure heaven!" she says.

    As a student and editor of the Daily Bruin while at UCLA, she would model and write about her travels. She happened into a ski show at age 16 and was mistaken for a model who was late and Rust was hired on the spot. She ended up traveling the world for skiwear, hair, and fashion industry icons. It was at UCLA while still a student and modeling that she interviewed Arnold Schwarznegger and began a lifelong friendship with him and many others including the current mayor of Los Angeles. And she's been writing ever since.

    When Arianna Huffington brought Rust on board, the publisher/author/entrepreneur's exact words were, "We want to have your voice on board." And boy, what a voice Rust has! "Writing for Ms. Huffington is a dream come true," says Rust. "She is my hero! I absolutely adore the Huffington Post! I read it for hours every day and am completely hooked on the bloggers! I can't believe that I am one of them! And now that we have a French and U.K. version, I read those first!"

    Rust grew up in Brentwood, a suburb of Los Angeles, California, and went to Palisades High School, UCLA, and the American Film Institute. She now splits her time between there and Honolulu, Hawaii. She is the daughter of Jackie and Bill Rust, noted philanthropists, and major inspirations in her life.

    In her free time, she enjoys long-distance swimming and flower photography. She has her own line of jewelry that she makes for a private clientele that can be seen at She is single and has no children except the millions she writes for and reads to!